com i'm, taking you into the fitbit app into account into synths and into apps, because today, we're going to talk about mr tick's favorite, free apps, yep going to go to all apps And show you a variety of them that you could download and install into your fitbit sense. Now we've reviewed a lot about this watch so far and i'd like to let you know you can get to the full folder of reviews at, fitbit reviews, and please share that with your show social media friends. If you find this information helpful, if you don't have a sense yet we've got a link for you in the show notes that you can pick it up from amazon and please use the link. We'Ve got there if you want to buy one of these it'll help us out here at the channel, but let's get started when you get in here, there's all kinds of apps in all kinds of categories, and everybody likes different stuff i'm, going to show you the Ones i really like, starting with my absolute favorite. I love it so much. I made it my default app when i press and hold the button here on the side. It takes me into gps speed. Now i can't really demo it properly for you, because uh i'm not moving, but if i were you'd get your gps speed right here. You get an arrow right here that shows you the direction you're going your current altitude.

Your current heading you've got all of that. You'Ve got the detail down to really really fine detail and you've got some settings where you can leave the screen on all the time enable the phone's assistant – and let me tell you about that – you can set what kind of units you want to uh meters feet. You name it maximum speed, uh for it to actually start registering and so forth, and so on now this business about enabling phone assist. I wish they did this on all devices. What that means is when you first turn this thing on in that mode and it attempts to connect with gps. It will immediately connect with your phone if it's tethered to your phone and pull the gps from the phone, while it's waiting to get the gps from inside the watch, which might take 30 seconds a minute. But you get instant speed. You get instant direction, you get it now, really really cool that's. My top top recommendation of all of the apps that i've seen is that particular gps one so that one's called gps speed, free app, downloaded directly onto your device and the next one we may as well stay up in the sky. A little bit is the international space station iss. When i bring this up, i get the iss tracker again. Another free app it's going to show you your location, latitude and longitude and the next pass, and of course, ratings are just starting to come in on these, because these are all relatively new.

First apps on this store a whole brand new category, starting for mine, it's. Actually set up here – and you can see down here, the location of when it's going to be passing over and what i'm covering is my exact location in latitude and longitude, and so that's the iss tracker app the next one i want to show you is called Rain rain is a really interesting one. It ties you into your location and it's going to show you when the predicted rainfall is going to happen on an hourly basis, and here it is this one's a free, app as well. You have your settings and your permissions that you have to set up for it and it's working great. You can get more features by paying for some upgrades, but you get a really nice use of it. Just as it is another fun free weather app is called kelton sv3 you install this one in centigrade or fahrenheit. You can get pretty much a quick and easy forecast on your wrist looks like this, and you saw it went into its sleep ambient mode, which is just the time down in the corner. So if you want to kind of carry the weather with you and just look at the time when it times out and just have the time and twist your wrist to see the forecast, this is a really good one. Very simple: constantly updated, kelton sv3. Now the last one – and i really like this one – is called fair tides and it's really fun if you live near an ocean, even if you don't it's, going to use your gps location as well to to show you the tides in the location nearest you right On your watch when it goes into ambient mode like it is right now you see the curve and where you are in the 24 hour period, but when it activates, you actually see a bunch of information like your temperature and weather forecasts and so forth.

The actual height for high tide and low tide and it's just really really fun time date. I use this as my actual watch, because when it times out, it goes into an ambient uh display, which is pretty neat, and you have all these other screens too, that you can slide between. That will show you other information, including your weather, forecast in the area. As well check that one out fair tides, it's, a free, app and uh yeah it's only been put up since november. This is just the beginning of january, so lots of uh additional apps will be coming, but wait there's more how about maps yep more one? More gps coordinate when you can have your regular maps or a street type of a map in this particular app maps um and it it's working uh right now. I don't have it set up, but otherwise you'd be seeing either the street map, like that or a uh like the google um satellite map directly on the watch, and when i do have it working, it shows up great. You can see landmarks and everything and it's free and it's called maps there you go. I had to activate it there's the satellite map of where mr ticks is sitting in the middle of the rain forest right now, it's a little bit off because i'm, not sitting outside. Oh look at that. You can scroll it around too awesome very, very fun. Yep maps it's, not navigation now, but wherever you're at we'll show you the map and as you're moving the map will move along with you from what i've seen if you tap that button.

So it locks in on your current location, there's, a bunch of flashlight apps on here and most all of them are free. This one in particular color flash. I really like, because you can actually change the color if you want to, and you can change the speed and to do that. You activate in the corner and you can run through a variety of different colors and if you go back, you could do that 63. Different colors, you also can change it so that it will be flashing there we go as well, so you could change the color. You can change the flash rate and i don't want to mess with any of you that might be sensitive to that uh or turn that off go back to your colors. All that is capable here with color flash and that's a free app as well and that's. Only been up since september, the next app i'm hoping to pull off of my list in about six months, covet 19 and it's accurate. It seems to be when i check it against other other data is showing you statistics related to covet 19 and here on new year's eve globally. These are the numbers that we're seeing for the coveted 19 in the united states you're. Looking at these numbers new year's eve, so this is how we in 2020, the state of california itself, is looking like that yeah, not a happy note, but it's an important app if you're trying to track that information and find it valuable covet 19 put up back In november and uh will be pulled down this time next year by golly and the last one i like to show you is everybody's favorite, if you're a workout, buff and that's strava.

Yes, you can integrate strava, you don't get a lot of details on it, but you do get your activities. You can also get a chart of where you went a track and just basic information when you go into them. Distance elevation gain moving time. One page worth of information and, of course all your different activities are listed as well, no matter what device you're using that you are syncing to strava that data will show up now. These are not data points that i've done with this watch, as you saw it's coming in back in november from a different, app, so i'm, not too sure about the overall integration with strava for using the fitbit since to put the data into strava. But if you have a strava account – and you want to see your data on the watch, you can set that all up and it's available for you there and that pretty much wraps up our list of overall apps that you can get on your fitbit since they Again are all listed in here. If you hit view all you can see at the specific category and run through all of these, some of them are already on your watch like starbucks and some of the audio ones like pandora, but you got yelp. Of course, you have find my phone uh yeah, just just tons and tons of apps some of them you do need to pay, for you got to set up an account to do that.

I haven't done that yet, but a lot of them are free and every one of them i showed you so far. Um are free, so have at it, enjoy your uh brand new fitbit since just coming on the market and remember if you don't have one yet you'd like to pick one up. Please use the link we have here in the show notes. We get credit for that and helps us bring you more watches and, of course, all these detailed uh reviews and if you'd like to share with your social media, fitbit reviews you can head over there it. This link will take you to a playlist that lists all of the reviews. We'Ve done so far on this amazing watch and any future fitbit watches yet to come out in 2021.