You are going to see coming up right now. The amazing fitbit synths, smart fitness health. You name it device, you wear it on your arm and you just go for it later we're going to be talking about something that can actually assess your snore detection, heart rate, uh, lowest and averages your sleep score all of this in a device that you don't Even touch in fact, you can get your information on a phone anywhere in the world, wirelessly from wi fi, with the sleep tracking mat and after that, after that, cospet is going to give us a brand new android smart watch, which might be the one you're. Looking for, if you have a smaller wrist or lady or a teen, and you want something – that's got the loudest speaker, i've ever heard all coming up starting right now, greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at Can you believe this packaging amazon's going nuts? Have you tried this whoa scan that qr code have some fun anyway? We are here launching the very first bit that i've ever reviewed on this channel and it's. The only one so far that's been worthy of a review. In my estimation, because it's just incredible, i mean that we have so long been wanting something in a smart watch platform that is both health focused and fitness focus and not one or the other. We got incredible fitness fans that don't do anything with health.

Maybe your heart rate and we've had some amazing health bands that do sleep, apnea readings and all kinds of things, but didn't do anything really. With regard to fitness. Well, for the very first time we have something called the sense from fitbit that does it both, and does it really really good inside this box we're going to get into this is something really magical and uh it's a first. They have busted through a lot of barriers and they're, bringing us something that well what'll. You see. Usually, i get all of my samples from my sponsors who send them in for review, but this puppy i bought on my own through amazon and, if you're interested in it, please use the link. I got down below it's an affiliate link. I'Ll get some credit for your purchase. If you do that, and it'll help us out here at smart watch, ticks right now running about uh 280 bucks a little under and um the prices change from time to time, but that's a pretty darn good deal. For this thing, in its christmas time, special by way of what this does it's an advanced smart watch that has tools for heart, health, stress management, skin temperature trends, along with a bunch of other things related to fitness, of course, it's a fitbit after all, including gps, Incorporated in it and bluetooth calling tethered to your phone, you can make and receive calls. Did that check all your box.

Oh you want to be able to download apps as well. You got it yeah. This one's worthy. This one's really wordy all right meet the sense and uh a little bit of information about it. You can actually exist. This assess your heart health for afib, atrial fibrillation. Remember all of that stuff. You can do stress management with a whole fun kind of a touch sensor thing that measures the electricity of the moisture, wow it's, really fun, we'll, get into all of that stuff, too. You'Re, going to better understand your sleep quality with it and keep an eye on patterns of your skin temperature to see whether or not you may have an infection coming in or are asymptomatic for something that none of us want to have right. You got blood oxygen and you can get a six month, free trial of their personalized guidance and advanced insights for premium users, hey, hey, it's, the beginning of a brand new year. You know how we make those resolutions we're not going to break it this year. 2021. Is not going to be like 2020 and we've got that covid diet that we have to wear off of our midsection, so yeah that's a good one, a six month free trial to get this whole thing going and get you exercising eating well and, of course, monitoring. Your health supported applications include weather, as well as sleep monitoring reminders, there's a voice assistant, not one, but two you've got alexa and you've got the google assistant available too.

Like i said, phone calling gps heart rate monitor so let's go through the bullet points. Eda scan that's their fancy term for this uh electrodermal activity, which may indicate your body's response to stress, and you got the built in skin temperature system that will log your temperature each night. So you can monitor micro changes that happen, while you're asleep under controlled conditions. It'S really good, really good for, say telling you where you are and if you're an avid athlete you can actually use that to find out whether or not you should like back off the next day or you can hit it hard and hone your performance. You can assess your heart for afib, like we said, it's a irregularity. We all know about that. If you don't you will when you watch this channel and you can send those results to your doctor, so they can do some analysis for you check this out. It'S only available in select countries because it has to go through the rigorous approval process. So when you get the readings on this one, i don't have to give you that disclaimer that it may or may not be accurate and you may or may not be able to use it for any reason, because this is going to be um quality reading. For you, it's got an on wrist skin temperature sensor, that's, going to track your sin, your temperature, or throughout the evening and into the night – and you can see your nightly blood oxygen levels at a glance we're going to play with all of that over the next Few months, the six month free trial to the premium, if you're a new user now of their fitbit program and you get high in low heart rate notification alerts.

If you seem to be above or below your average, which is really cool, you know, if you're at rest, and your heart rate is above where it should be it's good to know that, and those of you who have a heart issue know that it sometimes, depending On the issue may flip into a dangerous zone and then come back out and you don't even know it unless you stand up and get dizzy or something, but this thing could probably detect that and let you know battery great almost a full week six days, if You leave the screen on all the time which you can apparently on this watch. You'Re gon na get a couple of days, but hey still, you know charging is pretty quick. You can get a full day's charge in 12 minutes, so you pop it off. You charge it up and you're good to go. It also has gps, as we mentioned for doing uh your actual track. You can see where you exercise, when you're in an exercise routine like running walking, cycling. Those kind of things gps track is great hiking. All of that stuff, and you can use the built in mic and speaker. They say to take the bluetooth calls hands free with your phone nearby got to have your phone with you, but you don't have to pull it out of your pocket again. You can use google assistant or alexa to get all the things that you can do with those, including controlling home devices and i've, seen some videos on the web already where this fitbit synth is being used to turn on and off lights and other things.

Okay, a little bit more and we're going to move on. I know you want to get into it. These are the current main um fitbit devices that are on the market, and this is an overall check list that shows you what the um capabilities are. In particular, you look at the battery life we'll, give you six days compared to these items, uh waterproof to 50 meters. That means you really can swim with this. All of these are and on and on and on and on, and the main things you want to get, of course, are usually at the bottom of the list. This one has the stress tracking, with eda sensor, only on the sense, the ecg, app and skin temperature. Only on the sense and high and low heart rate alert is only available on the sets, and you add in bluetooth, calling and all gps all that other stuff and like wow wow wow. So how does it stack up yeah? This is. This is right from your amazon, page yeah uh, because it's what we check right, how does it stack up with the other things on the market that are comparable but different? Here we are about 280 bucks and it's compared against the versa 3. And, of course, we just mentioned all the features that this has it's far superior to any of these others, you get into the apple now and you've got the old apple series 3 at about 170 and of course the series 6 is way up at 350.

So we're priced in the middle of that, in fact, we're priced within a buck of the uh, the basic apple watch. Se, what you want to do is decide whether you want your basic apple watch kind of experience, and a lot of folks are saying just go for this one, because it doesn't have um. You know all the expensive things that's in the higher end one, but it has most everything else, but if you don't have an iphone if you're on android like i am, and if you really really want the sophisticated activity that you can get with this one, both In fitness and in health, as opposed to just kind of a run of the mill watch, you know that there's, an apple watch um then that's your that's, your closest comparison right. There is the apple watch, sc versus the sophisticated sense, fitbit and then, of course, they've thrown in the versa 2 over here. Just to give you some added comparisons on it here's the box. I took the little thingy off the bottom, yet that has all of the information we open it up. Whoa, oh now, that's fun. Look at that let's! Do that again! I i love packaging. All right! Perfect gift great look: you've got a thing to pull here. That'S going to open this up, get you a quick start guide. The watch in the middle, the extra bands over here a welcome in variety of languages, is coming with long and short bands.

Uh wow. Can we just like bring this out of here sure easy it's got a quick and nice connection. They really talk up the band on this one as well of um yeah read about the band. It'S got a lot of good capabilities going for it. We can open this up here reveal all the sensors. I felt it vibrate, i don't know if it just turned on or what yeah it did. Look at that starting up with the classic logo. Well, we we have one button on here on this side. We have a whole variety: oh it's, just making its noise okay. So to start the download. Oh, you know what uh i'm getting uh i'm getting a notice on the wall on the on the the phone i'm recording with which isn't, even the one that i'm using to set this up wow. This is interesting. Okay, um i got ta set the watch up. First and then we'll go on here we go, this is the uh, the phone i'm actually going to use to set it up. These are all the different kind of things that uh that will pair with the fitbit app and the synth is up at the top i'm just going to touch that, like it says to set it all up and it's setting it up. I'Ve created an account already on this one and i'm, going to say set up it's as simple as that it gives you your privacy information.

You have to agree to that. Let it charge connect the back with the cable and it'll charge up so that's. Where we go to the next step inside here, we should find the charging unit. Look how tiny that little thing is okay. I guess i got ta. Oh, i hate to do that, but all right here we go we're we're getting into it there we open up the charger we take this out, we've got the device itself and how does it go only one way right, yep like that, wow, nice and strong, not Going to have any trouble with that and definitely i'm going to charge it up now, because a really good rule of thumb, even though you want to play with these things when you first get them, is to charge them up fully. It helps to set the auto sensor, for you know the discharge of the devices, if you do that, first so i'm, going to really treat this one gold, because this may become my daily driver watch, certainly for fitness and health. Okay. In the meantime, we want to show you that you do have in here some other goodies there's, this there's a longer band, and you notice that uh it's a really unique way that this thing fits on here and it can replace this one. To give you a longer band for a bigger arm, so how about mr ticks i'm about seven inches diameter? Does it fit with this band, or do i need the longer one? Oh look, it looks like it's going to fit fine.

You don't want to make it too tight. Well, let's, see if i go on the very very last one press it into the hole there we go and slide it through. Here. I think i am like mr medium average exactly in the sweet spot between the two that feels good it's like i couldn't, go any tighter, but it will fit, and, of course this one, if i put it on you, can see how far it would slide under On here too, so, ladies men's, a small risk large wrist it's, going to cover everybody we've got product information. This is all of your legal mumbo jumbo in multiple languages that fitbit puts out, and last thing. Oh, it doesn't come off. Okay, how about this side? Ah yeah that one does okay, let's just show you we always do this. We show you everything so let's just show you this how to do fitbit you download the app oh. By the way did i mention you can also do payments with this watch. You got to set it up, but you got the ability to do um touchless pay at uh terminals. That will accept that using, i guess, fitbit pay, so really it's it's got about everything download it charge it. Sync it any issues and learn more there. You go quick start and then i guess in other languages too, very simple, i'm gon na. Do it i'm gon na charge it here we go we're ready to go next location permission let's, give it okay, allow it to use this i'm gon na.

Allow it all the time for this one. Usually i only do um it found it already. I only do just uh during the time the app is on okay, it's pairing up, so i got to put in the matching number that's a random number. So i don't mind you guys seeing that and as simple as this it's going to connect, got a check mark says connecting here and we are good to go. I could purchase a protection plan or skip that and we're ready to go with the full setup. We'Re going to use wi fi on this, and we can do that in the next few steps now i'm going to put in my uh my information and connect to wi fi. We got it we're on wi fi start your update all right! Well, it ships in a basic configuration and, of course, over time they have different firmware updates. We are going to do wi fi and if that's touchable, i guess it'll use either one wi fi will be faster, so we're going to start this. Okay, looking for the synths and downloading it, and while it's doing that, these are all the different things that it can do. So we can look at some of the advanced features. Now a lot of this, you aren't able to see unless you have a device and you're attempting to um get access so by showing it to you here, you're able to just kind of freeze frame and take a look at all of this stuff.

If you want to built in voice assistant here's the stressed tracking, how it works or just an overview of it exercises and gps wow all right, it's got smart track with it. Active zones, sleep tracking and sleep scores capable on it as well. Here you go, this is the payment system, add your card, look for that symbol and tap and pay, so i presume it's got nfc in it um that seems to be the nfc symbol and you can take calls from your wrist yep yep it's. Looking more and more like a really worthy watch and you can use your phone during the setup but keep it close so we're about twenty four percent down i'll be back when it's complete well. The next screen tells us uh voice privacy that there's a built in microphone to power the voice features it will only be on when you're, using a voice feature, in other words, they're not going to constantly record everything. You can disable the mic entirely. If you'd like to but then again you won't be able to do voice calling and talking with your uh phone calls or activating alexa voice or google anyway it's a information about voice privacy. You can learn more by tapping that we say got it here. We go set up a voice assistant, choose a voice assistant to do more with your voice, so you can have one or the other. So let's do um amazon, alexa google assistant let's skip it let's.

Let you decide we'll come back to that. Try that later now, we can set up on wrist phone calls using the mike and speaker to take bluetooth phone calls, enable uh and start up following the instructions. Let'S see what they are, keep it nearby connect from available devices in the list and basically pair it. Like you would a regular set of uh bluetooth headphones that you can make calls from and when you're done, you return to the fitbit, app and so forth, so we're going to skip that. But you can set this up so you're pairing two different ways. First, we paired to the app for all of the app support here for making calls you pair to the phone using the normal bluetooth procedures, and now we can monitor uh your blood oxygen saturation. It talks about how to do this, it's not intended for medical purposes, but just to give you an idea of how your well being is. You can change the band there's a little button that you push down on and that releases the band make sure you do that right and don't just yank it out. Obviously, because of this, you can't use any specialized custom bands. Wait a minute, wait a minute! No i'm wrong about that. You can get custom bands. I checked with our friends over at strapsco and they've got a huge selection of bands for all the different fitbits, including the fitbit since which is broken into different categories like here.

The rubber synth bands like what we already have with it, uh metal bands. If you want to leather bands with you, want to and a whole lot more, which i'm going to be showing you in an upcoming video, because i picked out a bunch of them and they picked out a bunch of them and they're sending them all out here. So once again really easy, you just press that button. It releases the band from the top and the bottom, and the new bands will slide right in here by the way, with the bands off, you got a fun little pocket watch you could play with. If you want to too and wearing the watch very simple they're giving you the directions, you slide it through pop that through the hole you saw me when i put that on and slip it right through. I love it very nice. Very clear, okay, swiping down is like this and accessing widgets is like this wow it's, a self guiding uh review. Huh swipe right, get you into all of these controls. Uh huh, swiping, left it's gon na. Take you into your app drawer. We call it and the different things that you can get into and pressing the side button over here press. It once goes back to the clock, face press and hold for two seconds to access a specific feature, shortcut that you'd set up, whether it's going to be payments. Your voice assistant scratching your elbow whatever you want the watch to do for you double press.

The button will quickly reach your four most favorite apps that you can set up on the screen, so there's a lot of customization available with the sense, wear and care tips how to take care of it and we are set. You can learn about since by pressing. Here but we're moving through getting you initially set up with your watch, so we'll say done: okay, we're going to link fitbit with sense and say okay for that, in order to improve the experience, you need to link the tracker to the app giving it an okay. Six common uh, your your sense, comes with six month free trial of fitbit premium, so guys gals get yours on order january, 1st let's activate the six month free trial that's when we're doing those new year's resolutions and everything right now, if it's already past the first Of january 2021, when you're watching this well by all means get yours and activate it right away, so you can catch up with us. Give it six months, see how it's going i mean it's free for six months. Right then decide if you want to continue or not i'm not going to hit start right now, because we do want to do that altogether later on here's all the different kind of things that are going to come with it and, of course they are promoting it. But uh we'll we'll leave that for another day and when i hit back i'm back here, we go joined a smartwatch t.

I could create a family account and synced today set up the device and so forth and uh back to the watch. Now, okay here's our home page we're not going to get into the data because i don't have any, but i want to show you just the overall layout and share something i bet you have not heard from any other channel the account that you're looking at right. Now that's a secondary account i've made for us to play with on screen, but you know what i logged in and set it up. First, under my personal account, then i logged out then, with the exact same watch with this particular account set up as a secondary account like for mrs ticks, i was able to pair it get a different four digit number connect it together, i'm, using one app on This on the same phone or a different phone that i can log out of one account log back in set it up to the same watch. So i don't know if you share toothbrushes at home, you or socks you, but you could share your fitbit, of course, who gets to sleep with it might be a fight, but other than that stress management, tracking, your mindfulness, all of the other kind of things. Your exercises and health metrics are going to be unique to you who happen to be wearing the watch. You happen to be paired to the account when it sinks over there.

You can do at least two, maybe even more. That is way way: cool okay topic, wise we're gon na. Have you know your basic um step, counts and stuff, and this talks about zone minutes a lot of things to learn here, step count floors, climb miles, travel, the calories burned. You got a stress management area uh. We have no baselines. We got to wear this for three nights to get our overall temperature so whoops. Sorry, i touched it. We'Ve got to um, you know, establish a baseline temperature and then see deviations for that tracking. Your mindfulness uh five days left this week before you can get that so you can see, i got ta wear it for a while before we can go into it. Wear your fitbit to bed to get your uh sleeping stuff tracking your overall exercises and averages for that, your health, mate, metrics and trends and then basic stuff, the heart rate um. How many active hours out of nine hours of a week in a day that you get at least 250 steps per hour, great motivational stuff here? I logged in this account as a female, so that i could show you this aspect. You'Ve got menstrual health for ladies tracking their period cycle, that's part of it, and it only appears if you go in as a as a woman, you notice that that just changed it's doing it live right. Now you set your weight goal. Of course, you have to change that measurement manually unless you have a scale that could update it automatically and then some water stuff and logging, your food that's, your main home pad you can edit it we'll, go into a lot more about how the app works in A future video when i've really got some data on here to show you going through the second tab.

You'Ve got a discover area. This is awesome. Look at this look at all the things you have access to there's a featured wellness report overview. You can get here's. Some guided programs that you can do all of this stuff is available right through the app now, if you already have a fitbit, you're, probably familiar with all this stuff. But if you get the fit bit sense like this, one you're going to have lots of different layers of stuff it's kind of like an original fitbit, is something you wore with dorothy in kansas. And the sense is what you wear when you're in oz, in full color with the munchkins and everybody else, assessment reports, heart rhythm assessment, covet 19 study man, all kinds of stuff, then you can get into different workouts that are part of all of this and of Course, there's the whole program you can get into that. You get free six months, access to the premium thing going on, so they are motivated to keep you and me motivated to do what we do and what we want to do for 2021. As we all get vaccinated, we get the herd immunity and we get back to our normal life. Let'S really work on being healthy, together, health, coaching, guided programs on and on and on and that's all in. The second tab community is where you can check it out with others that are doing similar kind of things to what you're into and just like, they say, get inspired, sometimes misery loves company i mean sometimes uh working with a friend is a great way to keep Each other motivated, then you got premium and again, if they're going to try to get you going with this and starting a six month free trial, that's the same page we already saw and finally, a tab on covet 19.

. This is where uh you can go in, and it'll guide you on stuff to do for staying healthy indoors, how to visit a doctor online with something called plush care contributing to science. I want to tell you about that at the very end of this video. Some things that are going on that are way way cool, no matter what you've got whether it's this really fast fancy sophisticated sense or you've just got a basic fitness ban, there's some great news out there and, of course helping to stop the spread guidance from the World health organization, this app, no doubt will be updated regularly. These are the kind of tabs that are on it right now, as we end 2020 vaccinations are happening. Just this week is when it all launched and 2021 is ahead of us. So wow we've got fitness. We'Ve got health, we've got motivation, we got it all and it's in this cute little package, so we are on the first uh watch, page uh, with the time and basic information on step count and heart rate ready to get going, that's it for the unboxing and Basic setup we're going to be doing a course, many more videos on the fitbit since uh. In the meantime, if you don't have yours and you're interested, please check out the show uh the link in the show notes to head over and pick up a fitbit since same pricing. You'Ll pay. If you go directly into amazon or if i can get you a discount, it'll even be lower, but it does help us out here.

If you use the link we provide, then they know that we uh we sent you over there. It helps us out at the channel, so here we go. You ready, ready, 20 21 gon na be an amazing year. We'Ll, see you real soon, thanks for watching now i promised you at the end of this video. I would show you a little bit about how you can get involved in helping a stop. The spread of covid19 remember the covet tab at the bottom of the app. We have these different items, including contribute to science. When we go in here, you can take a few minutes to fill out a survey they're going to ask you these kind of questions whether you've had or may have had the flu or covid19 any symptoms you might be experiencing, and additionally, additional related details and so Forth it's voluntary and you can always withdraw at any time so it's really simple: go into the app just take the survey and see where it goes now, in addition to this for fitbit there's, this okay, now here's how you might be able to help out in Your own little capacity like a whole bunch of other people, if you've already got a fitness device, your smart watch or fitness tracker may actually help spot covet 19 outbreaks, learn how you can help at You get referred over to this script institute document at this address, that'll be in the show notes down below, so you can just click on it if you want to, and when you go there.

This is basically what you're going to see. I hope it's going to show up alright i've tried to give you a synopsis of the article it'll guide you through uh some background information on what a study that's already been conducted is uh, demonstrating in terms of being able to detect from vital signs the onset Of covid19 in what otherwise might be asymptomatic, uh individuals, which is really really valuable, so we got the virus coming we've got an opportunity to help in understanding how we can detect it.