You’Ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video to know our final verdict. If this fitness tracker is worth it fitbit sense overview, the fitbit sense comes with a new set of sensors. In addition to the amazing fitness features that the fitbit line is famous for doubling as a smart watch and fitness tracker, the fitbit sense can track stress and skin temperature, in addition to sleep and blood oxygen levels. It also uses the electrocardiogram ecg to monitor your heart rhythm for any irregularities in addition to the sensors. The fitbit sense also comes with about 20 goal based exercise modes to choose from just choose your activity and let the smart track record your real time stats. For you, the fitbit app lets, you keep a record of all your stats and trends in one place, so you can easily see your progress with the fitbit sense. You can enjoy six months. Free trial of the premium features that the fitbit app has to offer as well in terms of the smart features, the sense has both alexa and google assistant built to make your user experience more enjoyable. You can use either of the virtual assistants to plan your day by setting reminders, alarms and checking the weather ahead of time. You can also receive calls and reply to text quickly using voice commands like most of the fitbit models.

The sense also has fitbit pay that allows you to make purchases without your wallet or credit card and debit cards. The fitbit sense’s edgy design fits perfectly into your everyday look and the changeable clock faces. Allow you to customize the watch. Look according to your preference. What we liked gives a detailed sleep analysis easy to use. Ecg application comes with a built in gps. The long battery life lasts up to six days. What we didn’t, like the stress and skin temperature sensor, don’t, offer detailed information. Only variations there’s, no on board music storage, fitbit sense specifications from the features you could tell that fitbit sense puts a lot of effort into bettering the accuracy of your health and fitness tracking things you should know before buying the fitbit sense in as much as the Fitbit sense battery life can last up to six days. It largely depends on your use and other various factors. For example, you only get 12 hours of charge if you use the gps feature continuously. Additionally, the ecg app is only available in some countries. Ensure your country is one of them if you’re mainly buying the sense for the ecg app fitbit sends features eda scan app. The census eda scan app, helps you with stress management. It detects electrodermal activities that help. You understand how your body responds to stress combined with the fitbit app you can track trends and reflect on your mood over time as well as decide.

The best mindfulness tools to use skin temperature monitor, get to learn more about your body thanks to the fitbit senses. Skin temperature monitor the sensor, monitors nightly variations, so you could identify trend, changes over time, spo2 levels, the spo2 on fitbit sense, monitors the level of oxygen in your body, notifying you of any significant changes. The nightly average is usually displayed on the clock face and you can view last week’s trends on the fitbit app six month: free fitbit, app trial with the fitbit sense. You get six months free trial of the premium package on the fitbit app. This allows optimizing. Your well being in the health metrics dashboard, you also unlock advanced features like mindfulness and stress management tools, personalized insights and so much more final verdict. Should you get the fitbit sense? The fitbit sense is a step up when you consider other fitbit models like the verse. 2., like most fitbit models, however, sense concentrates more on fitness and not so much on the smart features, so you should buy the fitbit sense. If you want helpful statistics to help you reach your fitness goals and that fitness is the main reason you want. A smart wearable who is the fitbit sense best suited for the fitbit sense, is suitable for anyone, mostly interested in fitness tracking features. The sense also works with google assist and alexa, so it’s suitable for individuals who want the choice of working with either one. Are there any alternatives to fitbit sense? The best alternatives for fitbit sense is coros apex and garmin vivoactive.

The two models are both packaged with great fitness features, similar to fitbit sense all under 400. If you found this video helpful, then click the like button and subscribe to our channel.