2. you’ll find the links to the product in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch to the end of the video to know our final verdict. If this fitness tracker is worth it fitbit versa, 2 overview fitbit is well known as a smartwatch that offers great fitness features. The fitbit versa 2 is no different through the fitbit app you get 20 goal based exercises to choose from like yoga swimming running and more. The app keeps track of all your workout data all day, so you can see how close you’re getting to your fitness goals. If you sync your phone’s gps, the app can give you real time, speed and distance covered. The app can also keep track of your sleeping pattern. This helps you see the sleep quality you get each night with a soft alarm to wake you up at the optimal time with fitbit premium, you can get guided workouts and programs as well as advanced features. You also don’t have to always walk around with a wallet thanks to fitbit pay that allows you to make quick and easy purchases. Additionally, fitbit versa. 2 has a battery life that can last for up to 6 days, even with full use of its features. In the always on display mode, you can check the time as well as your heart rate and other stats with one simple glance. At any time.

The versa 2 comes with amazon’s alexa inbuilt, so you can easily check your weather, set reminders and use voice. To reply to your text, you can also control other applications on your phone as well as download new applications. The versa, 2 storage also lets you store over 300 plus songs that you can play from your wrist with the fitbit versa. 2. You can reach your fitness goals easily and get a clearer picture of your health. What we liked long battery life, good fitness features, allows voice. Replies to respond to text, allows you to store music. What we didn’t like no gps, built in can’t, play back on spotify offline doesn’t, integrate apple health or google, fit fitbit versa. 2 specifications based on the features on the table. The fitbit versa 2 is great for tracking your workouts and providing you with the essential stats to keep you motivated things you should know before buying the fitbit versa 2., although fitbit versa, 2 is compatible with alexa. The smart assistant doesn’t function consistently. Additionally, you need to have an account to use alexa, also inserting the strap pins to the versa. 2 watch may be very difficult because of the angled strap mechanism. On the case. It is, however, easier to remove the straps fitbit versa. 2 features. 24. 7. Heart tracking monitor, through its advanced heart rate, sensors, the fitbit versa, 2 tracks, your calorie burn and heart rate zones. Throughout the day. This gives you a better insight into your health and your progress towards your goals.

Fitbit pay thanks to fitbit pay. You can easily make a purchase with the versa 2, with a simple tap at millions of stores. Globally. The feature allows you to add up to six credit or debit cards, so you no longer need to carry your wallet. Amazon alexa, with alexa using fitbit versa. 2 is simple: you can easily find out the weather, set your goals or reminder through voice commands, simply press the button to speak, and your answers will be displayed on the screen. Sleep tracking, the fitbit versa. 2 is great for improving your sleep pattern and build better sleeping habits. It keeps track of the quality of sleep you get as well as sets an alarm to wake you up at your optimal stage of sleep. This allows you to have better sleep and wake up more energized final verdict. Should you get the fitbit versa? 2 for under 200, the fitbit versa offers a great number of features to help. You reach your fitness goals, granted as a smart watch. It only provides the basic features, but it goes above and beyond with its fitness features, which it’s best known for so. If fitness features are a priority to you, then you should buy the fitbit versa 2.. Who is the fitbit versa 2 best suited for the fitbit versa? 2 is most suitable for individuals interested in fitness and features that can help them easily achieve their goals. Are there any alternatives to fitbit versa? 2.

The best alternatives for fitbit versa, 2 are within steel, hr sport and garmin 4runner 45s. Both models offer similar features to the versa 2 and are under 200. If you own, a fitbit versa, 2 watch. Let us know your experience in the comments. Section click the like button.