So here it is here, obviously Music. Now one of the things one of the cool features is it’s waterproof which i’ve never really tested, but apparently people say it works so tonight so it’s, pretty much water resistant at the moment, exercise it’s an exercise, swim, click on swim touch, disabled and the really um. You can’t see a bit sealed up inside and if you press the side button, while you are swimming it’ll, just it’ll just go back Applause, Music. I have no idea how to use this feature, but it sounds pretty cool. No music loaded use the fifa deck desktop. App to transfer music to your fitbit device, which i honestly think is really Music a lot of things like you can do fitbit pay, which is really clean, but i can also do alexa hi. How are you alexa i’m? All about sharing positive the positivity just ask for a calmness as a noun um android um it’s, like it requires ios, 12.5, Music, so that’s, something to keep in mind um. To do this. Music let’s play this game together. Um orange is the winner and the fitbit versa, 2 packs packed with. Is it packed with an oled display which is really good, so let’s say you’re in really harsh lighting conditions? I don’t know if this will work on it. Um i put on okay that’s a bad example, but yes, um Music Music, which is fine, but you can um put some hot faces: five clock traces.

I have this one, which i really like. I have this puppy one. I have this clock one and that’s it. I only have four, i should probably like another one, just so Music, you see swipe from the top down and then there’s these like there’s, like those your notifications, so nothing top again and you may see like a little control and then there they are always. Oh. I have to show you all of them. It is so good. There is music there’s wallet there’s a couple of other things up there. Look at that look at look at always on display. Look how cool! I look um interchangeable fans. Basically, you have to put this little pin out. I’Ll show you i’ll, show you just now: um it’s, a really cool feature. Trust me get the versa, it’s, really good um. Obviously you can so the cradle like it’s, a cradle when you charge it, which is really cool and um, and then all this writing on the back stuff like that – and this is aluminium if you can hear that but that’s aluminium for you, it’s really good. It tells you um this clock face in particular. Tells me it tells me the time. What do you think it’s a clock face? What should a clock face do tell the time, and you can also um check your heart rate – well, it’s, not on my wrist right now. So if i check it – and it tells me how my calories burn one day – i have a lot and and um one day i did so many steps.

It was just like just almost like. I can’t take this anymore. I’Ve done nine steps today well done, and if this wait, let me show you that again, you swipe up. You can find your little. How many steps you’ve done, how many steps per hour bpm? What that’s, not my heartbeat, um it’s on my heart right and then i don’t know what it has all these weird things like how many times you sleep daily steps, badge that i wan na i wan na complete that you can get like little badges, which is Pretty cool because i love getting little badges from fitbit, you do get a lot of emails from fitbit. Let me tell you my inbox is free from them, but they tell you a lot of things. They even tell you if your battery’s low, this is like if you don’t, if you don’t know your battery look on the fitbit app and if it sent you an email. Well then maybe you should charge it and the fitbit setup is pretty much easy. This is definitely not what it’s setting up for the fitbit stuff, so i’ll, just um and it’s really cool, because the setup process is almost like it’s it’s it’s, like almost like you’re eating people, Music search it up it won’t that’s, great Music, oh that’s, crazy that You can’t use definitely Music one of Music, so that’s nice um. How do you stupid pops credit asks me this every single day, like always notice, you have the timer countdown stopwatch and relax so nice? Okay, i think i lost your back Music.

You can convert so i wonder how united states dollars, that is. Let me tell you i’m filming on my phone i’m, just using this one, because it’s the only phone in this room, what okay, um Music, especially the uh in the back aor space grade aluminium. I don’t know how to say that, because let me tell you that’s definitely so it says your number pure pulse heart rate fitbit pay, w uh meters designed by fitbit always on display. So it has some pretty neat little features and it even tells you them on the back, which is kind of cool and there’s, even more so, as you can see that little light that’s for your heart.