Embryo gps is one of the main features one of the most expected features we wanted to see in the next versa. After devoted well, fitbit reaches a point. There is nv gps in device 3.. Now i know most of you will probably be asking this question. The built in gps needs a tree. How good is it as far as tracking your outdoor activities is good sign? Well, i have done a series of tests i’ve compared it um to the galaxy watch. Three and the band 4 pro and in this video we’re, going to be looking at how good the built in gps university is we’ll, be right, back stay tuned right guys in this video we’re gon na be looking at the built in gps of the versa tree. How good is it as far as tracking outdoor activities is concerned, but from my comparisons with the banff pro and the galaxy world 3, the versa 3 is a consistent device as far as outdoor activity tracking is concerned. First of all, let’s go to the investor trade itself and let’s look at tracking your outdoor activities from developer. Three. Now you just need to swipe through, and you go to exercise and then tap on exercise here. There are a total of 20 exercises on the versa tree now, built in gps is for outdoor activities like run work, um biking and um and hike okay. So these are the four exercises that require built in gps.

So, for instance, looking at um the wrong activity. You want to tap on it, you need you can actually set up a goal from here when you tap on sort of a goal here, you can actually set up your active zombies. Okay, your goal. You can actually set the distance you want to achieve the time. The calories that you want to burn and when you reach your goal you will get a boss. Okay, sorry, so, going further down, you can see the hard zone notification i have turned mine on and you can see the laps okay i’ve turned mine to every one. Kilometers and when it comes to showing you stars, you can actually configure this what should be shown at the top at the middle and at the bottom of um, on of the screen when you are working out with this, some smart watch, and one important thing here Is that you have to turn on gps by default? It’S already turned on by default, but just to be sure, you need to always make sure that this is turned on, so that can be able to track your outdoor activities. I also have all to pause on. So if the smart watch does not detect the movement it’s going to pause my activity and um, the versa tree is also able to auto detect. When i start running and um, you can also turn on always on display, but this is going to impact on the battery life, so that is as far as starting.

Your here is consigned from the butter tray. Okay. So so, when you start up an activity, it’s gon na actually set up the goals and all that so let’s look at the tracking accuracy of the versa tree. Now i have done a message of tests, for instance um this muscular sentence. I did against the banff pro the galactic war tree and the vessel tree, as you can see the banff pro year set around for 5.23 kilometers, why the galaxy was tray said i ran for 5.14 kilometers and with the versa 3, it is 5.2 kilometers. Now, if you look at the when you look at the average pace, the banff pro years are um around 6 minutes 30 seconds for every kilometers and with the galaxy watch trade. The average pace is 6 minutes 35 seconds and whatever three it is 6 minutes 32 seconds for every kilometers. So when you also look at the heart rate figures um, the average outreach with the master tray was 157 and the magnum heart rate was 182., with the banff pro. The average heart rate was 160 per minute and with um and the maximum was 184 b per minute, with the galaxy war 3, the average heart rate was 160 per minute and the maximum was 185 b per minute, and also when you look at the the roots, As you can see that the roots tracked look just about the same, so this vasa tree here was consistent as fast outdoor activity tracking is concerned.

Let’S, take a look at another um comparison idea with the banff pro and the galactic world trade. As you can see again, the one for pro here see that run for seven point: five, one kilometers um, the glass of water is at 96.98 kilometers and with the water tray it is um 7.02 kilometers. The average pace where the bonfire pro is 7 minutes. 13 seconds um with the galaxy war 3, it is um seven minutes 13 seconds and with the versa tray, it is um, seven minutes um 17 seconds. So when you also look at the root tract, it looks tracked and look just about the same. So this is just to show you that the versa tree is consistent, it’s actually consistent in tracking outdoor activities like your roots, your pace, your locations and all that. Finally, looking at another test that i did again with the glasgow tray and one for pro again, the buffer pro said, i ran for 5.41 kilometers. It is 5.36 kilometers with the glass wall 3 and it is 5.4 kilometers with the versa tree. If you look at the average pace, the average page for the banff pro is seven minutes 49 seconds with the galaxy watch three. It is seven minutes 53 seconds and with the versa 3, it is 7 minutes 48 seconds. Looking at the root track, you can also see again that this look about the same. Looking at the next um, the next image.

As you can see, i just had to do a small run um around a small circle. I wanted to see um how good the versa tray is as far as tracking it very small circle is concerned, and if you look clearly closely, you can see the band for pro. You can see the galaxy one trick. You can see the versa tree, so the rules for that particular runabout is just about the same as you can see here. This is just how they reverse a tree, fed with the galaxy and bonfire pro so guys. As far as tracking your outdoor activities, like your roots, your pace, your location and all that related metrics is concerned. The fifth of the tree here is consistent, so i always say kudos to facebook. I mean the embryo gps and universal trade is not a disappointment, though i mean um. I have had a lot of experience with it and i can actually say that the versa tree here is consistent in tracking outdoor activities, so guys. This is where i draw the cartoon for this video.