So you can stay tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly, and so you can help the channel grow. So this is the fitbit versa. 3 in the color grape thistle soft gold and the fitbit versa. 3 does come with two bands: it comes with a large band and a small band, so this can fit a variety of different wrist sizes and it also comes with a magnetic charger here for you to keep your fitbit nice and charged and i’ve already unboxed. This fitbit, so if you guys missed that video and you want to check it out, go the video on the top right when you’re done watching this. So the price of the fitbit versus three right now as of recording is 299.99 canadian or 229.99 american and, as the fifth versus three has been out for a while now it definitely is going on sale a lot more often so you can see maybe like 50 100 off, depending on your area and depending on the sale day, all right guys so i’m going to go over major features highlights for the fitbit versa, 3.. So starting off the fitbit versa. 3 has leap tracking, with the sleep tracking. You have the ability to turn on or off your spo2. It also has a smartweight alarm which will wake you up at the perfect least destructive time in your sleep cycle. It also has heart rate monitoring. It monitors your heart rate 247.. It has built in gps.

So you can use gps phone free, can answer text messages, you have the option to answer or deny phone calls. There is a built in microphone, so you can actually speak directly on your risk when you do answer phone calls and you can use that mic for alexa or google assistant, you have the option to turn on either or i believe those are only working with android Skies it has a water rating up to 5 atm, so you can take it in the shower with you in the rain, in the pool all that stuff and you’ll be good. It has basic clock features like alarms, timers stopwatch and more. It shows your distance. Your steps, it has optional always on display, but be warned when you do have this on. It does bring your battery life down to about two days or less. It also does have music download ability with deezer, so you can download your user playlist. If you do have a deezer subscription for me, i use spotify so with spotify. You can control your music with it, but you cannot actually download any spotify music and you also cannot download your own physical music from your computer and there’s more features as well on this watch. But these are the most important i think so back to the review. Alright guys so now i’m going to show you some close up shots of the fitbit versa. 3. So you can see all around it.

So it does have an infinity band that’s. The watch band here it is completely smooth and in order to kind of change your watch bands you have to like push your nail in and kind of like pull it. At the same time, i personally don’t like the way that you have to change the watch. Bands, i just find it kind of tricky and i feel like if i pull too hard, it will break so that’s. Just something to be mindful of you know be careful. That might just be a me issue, but i don’t really like the changing mechanism of the infinity bands, but the band right here is super comfortable to wear guys. It’S, just smooth and it’s lightweight and i’ve had no issues there. So now i’m, just going to show you guys the heart rate sensor. So, as you can see, it is completely smooth there’s, no bumper edges, so it’s, just like lies flat against your wrist. I haven’t had any irritation from this heart rate sensor, which is fantastic. For me, alright, so now i’m going to try it on. So you can see what it looks like on me and it does also have an amoled display so you’re able to see a bunch of bright, bold, punchy, colors on here, all right. So now i’m going to show you guys the packaging all around. So you can see what that looks like here and i do like the packaging.

They provide enough information to show their consumer. What the watch does or kind of the highlighted functions here anyway, and the color represented on the box is pretty accurate to what it looks like you know, out of the box and now i’m just going to quickly show you guys the difference between the small and The large band, so we could see that the large band has quite a bit more space here. So this can fit. You know a variety of different wrists. I have a seven inch wrist. I could wear either or if i wear the large band. There is more overlap, but this watch is kind of great for everyone, because it can fit a variety of different wrists and, as you can see on the sides here, there’s no physical buttons. On the left side, we do have like an indented kind of button. Here. All right, guys so i’m showing you how to use it now so there’s a button on the side that you can press here, and this is a button to wake up the screen and it also works as a back button as well. So if you hold it, you open up your preset there for me that’s a timer and then press it to go back. If you double tap it, you open up your kind of shortcut menu, which you see. I have here four different apps. This is google assistant for me, google assistant doesn’t work 90 of the time so i’m not happy with that function, but you do have the option to have that there.

As you can see, it says, connection lost all right, so pressing the back button again going back to the main screen here and you can see the mic over here. I did tell you guys that you can use the mic to speak to google assistant. You can also use it to take your phone calls and everything as well. So now, if you swipe down you’re, going to see all your notifications as you can see them all cut up, and if you swipe up you’re going to see all your different course stats. Metrics that you can go through, such as your heart rate, your steps, your sleep all of that stuff, and if you swipe to the left, you can see all the different apps that you do have installed on your versa, three and swiping. The other way gets you back to the home page and from the home page. If you swipe left, you could see kind of like your shortcuts menu for enabling do not disturb mode enabling sleep mode, different things there all right guys so that’s, basically how you use this watch it’s pretty straightforward when you do first get the watch as well. It walks you, through all of the basics, everything i just said, and how to use it so now i’m going to show you some watch faces. So this is one that i do like it has nice bright colors on here, and the time is really big and bold, easy to read and here’s some more and you can have up to seven watch faces stored on your versa.

Three, you can change them and add more on the fitbit app. If you don’t know what watch face i’m using just comment below, and i can let you know and as i tell you guys, it does have a built in gps. In my experience, gps here is not great. It constantly loses connection at least once or twice per walk run, whatever i’m doing outside and i’m finding it’s, not as accurate as it should be and i’m just going to quickly. Show you guys some data here from when i went out on a walk using my vivoactive 4s and using my versa. 3., as you can see, if you’re kind of comparing the two that the versa 3 recorded less distance and less time and steps compared to my vivoactive 4s, as i did say before, alright guys so talking about the battery life, i want to let you know that The battery life is not as good as quoted. I am not getting six days with my uses actually, which you can see on screen i’m, only getting three to four days, guys which isn’t amazing. I also want to mention that fitbit has fantastic sleep tracking and, with that sleep, tracking, you’re able to see your rem, your time awake time and deep and light sleep, which i find really helpful and, in my opinion, fitbits are just the most accurate when it comes To sleep tracking, i don’t know how they do it, but they do it guys.

So, if you’re looking for a quality, accurate sleep tracker, you might want to consider the versa 3, all right guys. So, just considering the price, the quality, the color, the durability, the functionality performance and the battery life of this watch, i would go ahead and give it an 8.3 out of 10 and definitely do give it a thumbs up. And if you guys are looking to get the fitbit versa, 3 i’ve gone ahead and left the link in the description for you below that’s. All i have for today guys, if there’s anything.