This is definitely attention to detail a premium box with a premium watch, but, as always, people make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always post sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts, as always make sure you subscribe and also Hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So a lot of people wanted to see this watcher. I’Ve actually just had a quick glimpse of inside and i’ve got to say, uh the attention to detail when it comes to packaging and the watch is spot on it’s really really good, so that’s. Why? I want to show you guys make sure you? Let me know in the comment section below what other videos you want to see so let’s get straight into it. So this is the latest fk 75 smartwatch. It says clear and dead: delicate, shocking vision, 320 x, 385 hd resolution, ai personality, dials, smart sports, health monitoring. You got your heart rate, multi sport mode, magic, crown message, reminder blood pressure, sleep monitor, and here is what the watch looks like uh. I don’t know what watchband it comes in we’re gon na see why uh what it comes in later in the video. So here we have on the side: fk 75 smartwatch here are some of the other specifications with the with the watch, but i’ll give you a quick montage video once we’ve unboxed it to show you what the features are on this fk 75 – and here is another Look at the watch made in china with a few trademarks, so let’s open this up to see what we get inside.

Just look at that look at this package: it’s really nice, as it says here, move beautifully. So, just before we take a look at the watch itself, let’s see what we get inside the box. So here is the charge it’s a magnetic two pin charger, as you can see right there and look at that. We get two watch bands, a really nice, a silicon watch band and a silicon strap, and that is really good. I might put this on my original see if it fits. If you want to see a reverse this week, do let me know so. This is the magnetic two pin charger there. We go rip the box and it’s a usb one, so put that in the box. Let’S take a look at the watch. Then i’ll give you a bit more information about the watch features itself. Look at that does real small watch come with packaging like this. Let me know in the comment section below so here is what the watch looks. Like you’ve got the crown the mic cutout and if you think this is a button, then you’re wrong, it’s, not actually a button it’s, a fake button that mimics the real one. So that does not work everything you have to do with this crown button right here. Uh, the screen to a body ratio is not bad. To be honest, is pushed a little bit higher. You have got a little bit of a big bezel at the bottom, but i’ll show you that later in the video when we switch on uh the speaker grill, the right one is the real one.

The left, one is the fake, as you can tell, with the right one being a little bit bigger the left, one being a little bit smaller and at the back you’ve got the two pin charger right there. It’S magnetic goes over it it’s an old styles sensor. Look and you’ve got text around it, saying siri, six smartwatch, android ios, bluetooth, watch ip67, waterproof, but yeah there we have it. You’Ve got no buttons at the top and the bottom to take the watch. Bands on and off you just slide them straight in, but overall it’s a really nice a lot of gloss black color. As you can see, it looks really much like the original i’m not going to lie so there we have the body of the smartwatch and the looks. Let me just tell you a bit more about the watch itself: Music, Music, Music. Now let’s switch this on to show you what the features are like. So what you need to do is hold the crown button. You get a little vibration and a startup animation uh on the fk 75, pretty similar to the previous ones. So, as you can see here, we’ve got mickey mouse watch face the the hands move as well and goes around like the time. You also got your heart rate at the bottom, which will come to the that later on. So if you want to change the watch faces, you can’t hold it in the screen and no idea why they’ve stopped that version.

Well, they stopped that feature. You’Ve got to use the crown ball, so let’s see what uh different watch faces. We have and also how many so we have one two three four: five: six: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. And yes, so you got 20 watch faces now. The good thing about these watch faces some are dynamic. They will actually change um when you are hit onto it. So, as you can see this one changes into different colors the 11, as you can see right there, some dough and some don’t, so you just got to go through and check which one does and which one does this one change, colors and also into arabic as Well, so you can change different watch times, which is really good. This one doesn’t that one doesn’t this one doesn’t as well. I don’t think that one does this one does it goes into two different styles of cities, which is really good. This one does as well. You can change between different icons, which is really good. Let’S uh. Do that one, this one changes color, so you get my uh idea of what you can actually do now with some of these watch faces as well. You can actually use the icons that are on here, so, if you’re going to this one, it doesn’t actually work nothing works. I have no idea what this is so don’t comment below no idea why it’s showing a heart rate, because it’s probably fake, so these don’t actually work.

You know the icons on the watch face some actually do. Let me just show you the ones that do like this one here when you click the heart rate, it goes to heart rate when you click, when you click that one it goes to your sports record, and that is about it. That one is calendar. Does that work no same again with the the black version that one actually is the same as well, so some do some doll, so i just wanted to show you that when it comes to the watch faces now, we’re going to connect it later on to the App to see what other features we have, but just before that let’s see what features are on the watch already swiping it down. It comes to your call, so you can make a call once you’ve connected it to your phone and let’s. Take that back off swiping. It to the right, you got your menus now. You can have three different menus but i’m going to show you later well, if you go into here, it actually only shows you the smart style, which we have right here and also uh. If we scroll it up, you can actually change it from there, and that goes back to later 9 app view. If you want the list menu, which i personally like all you’ve got to do – is hold on to the menu and, as you can see here, you can change it to the list menu.

You can’t do that in the settings, but you only can do it when you’re on the menu itself. So if you want to change it back, you just change it back to smart, hold it in and you can change it back to the list which i actually like so swipe. Your note comes to your shortcuts. You’Ve got your bluetooth. It just looks like the wi fi icon: you’ve got your smart menu or your list menu. You got your loud or silent as you can see right there, your torch, which does absolutely nothing the brightness. You can write it even more as well, which will kill your battery and your power power. Saving mode. You’Ve got three different modes, but this one just is like an extra the extra brightness. If you swipe it to the left, it will bring your pedometer. If i pick into the left again, we’ll start your sports exercise, um again, it’s, bluetooth, music, your notifications and it goes back to menu. So that is the showcase on the front when you swipe it let’s go into menu and see what we have so you’ve got phone book, remote, notifier, dialer, and that is we’ve checked that out anyway, it does have the swipe back uh option as well. Uh bluetooth connection, which we’ll just connect it later to bluetooth messaging. We need to connect it of course, so i open it back remote capture, a qr code to connect it from the phone to the watch alarm.

You can tap to add heart rate blood pressure, blood oxygen call logs, uh calculator is a seduced and calculated swipe back. Calendar it’s got a decent calendar on it display as well. So you can up the brightness and you can do the screen time as well, which is good swiping it back in sport mode. You can choose which kind of sport mode you’re doing outdoor walking, indoor and it’s got a few others and you’ve got your sport record at the bottom as well. To tell you what you’ve been doing as well, which is good. So your settings you’ve got your bluetooth settings the visibility on and off clock. You can change the time from there or you can connect it to your phone and automatically change the time, which is good, alert, type, ringtone and tone volume. You’Ve got your multimedia. Render notification display is your brightness and your screen? Timeout international is the language, so it has got a few languages. You can use your crown as well. The crown does work but it’s just easy enough doing it on the uh twitch screen and reset born and about so. You got the fk 75 and it’s the version, as you can see right there, and also it was made on the 12th of the 12th 2020 at uh. 4. 35. Well. 434. Should i be precise, so that is the settings going back, find my device power saving. So you’ve got a general power saving and you got your super power savings.

So it’s got two mods uh bluetooth, music. Once it’s connected to your phone, uh pedometer same again, sleep you can track your sleep pattern. Sport record and we’ve already seen that main menu style. This is what i mean, so you can check between the list and the smart style and the screen effect. That is different. Let me just show you that, after this weather, uh stopwatch see research power off and about so. This is new on this. So you’ve got your two screen effects, so your two screen transitions, so you can switch between cubes as you can see, let’s go there as you can see. Just switch between screw cubes and let’s go back into there and you can either do it slide. Let’S go back see as you can see it slides, which is good. You can do it either way, it’s up to you, so that is the menu now you’re. Probably thinking does the health apps actually work. Let’S go back into helps apps uh with all these clones. I’M, not gon na lie i’ve not found the one that works 100. So this is just measuring the heart rate and, as you can see, it’s got the same layout as the original. If you, if you don’t, know it, this is the same layer as the original. Just a little bit smaller and i’ve not actually connected, put it onto an object and it’s showing 65 beats per minute. This also has raised to weight, which means total to wake as well, and so, as you can see, it’s already on it’s got a little delay.

It’S gone off and it’s on a little bit delay, but you just show you so that is showing a heart rate same again with the previous one, the blood pressure it just measures and after less what less than a minute, it gives you a reading, which you Know just goes to show that these health, apps or health features they’re, not 100 accurate and so there’s no point pointing out my wrist and showing it because it’s just going to give me the same reading as it does with fresh air. As you can see right there, so what we’re going to do now is connect it to my phone to see what other features we get when it comes to the app already downloaded the app. As you know, it’s fit fly if you watched it earlier so it’s pretty easy. To be honest, make sure your bluetooth is on um, which is the wi fi icon right there. So all you need to do is go into search as you can see just press it there, and hopefully you should get it right here, fk 75 connected and what you need to do. It will pair requests uh. Allow notifications, yes, we’ll, do that if you want to connect it to calls as well, what you need to do is you need to go into settings and you need to connect it twice and that will actually allow you to make calls and receive calls and notifications From your messages onto the watch as well, so you need to have both of them connected, so let’s go back into the watch, so you can actually toggle on and off the uh raise to wake um your languages.

You can change it from there and that is all the languages that it has on the s. Fk 75, a long cut you can change as well um. Also your sleep settings, your gold. You can change everything on here. The watch face uh. It has got 20 watch faces already on it, and these are only the only ones that you can actually put on. After that. You can also have your custom, one which we’ll check out uh right here. We’Ll use this one and put it right there, digital location, top left. We can just change it. How you want it press, send the message succeed and, as you can see right there, it has changed the watch face and put the text at the top left. You can change it as well to how you want it so going back and find device. It gives you a tone and also vibrates as well, so you can actually find it if you lost anywhere in the house. If you lost it out, good luck, finding it. So the app is okay as well, not too bad i’ve uh i’ve used different apps, which are actually better. It does sync all of your calories, your steps and everything to the app itself as well. So you can actually change everything check your heart rate on the uh, app and they’ll go straight to your phone as well, and you can put your own details in um about yourself as well.

So that is the app right. The thing i want to show you is the calls and you can receive calls and text messages i’m, just calling the phone and, as you can see it says the name on the phone, but you just said the number on the watch face as well on the Watch so which is not really going to be good, if you said the name, because you don’t know who’s called it, it does give you a tone and it vibrates as well same again when it comes to messages let’s see if it gives you the name. I’M. Just sending a message on my on the phone and it should be heading towards the phone now, as you can see, it says, from all sorts and subscribe to all sources as the message as well and that’s the message same again with the instagram youtube notifications messages. It will actually be the same as this anyways that is it people. This is the fk 75 smartwatch i’ve done previous fk smartwatches, the fk 78 fk8 i’ve also got the fk 98 as well, so stay tuned. For that make sure you subscribe. If you want to see in the other videos check out the fake playlist watch this playlist and they all are on there, if you want to see other videos with this smart watch real versus fake, do, let me know in the comment section below anyways. Thank you for watching this.