We are making a review of this um, our smartwatch, which is fk 88. This is fk it’s it’s, smart watch. Yes, yes, we want to use this opportunity to say very big. Thank you to all our subscribers for reaching 1000 subscribers. Thank you and stay blessed. If you have not subscribed to this channel, you can just click on the subscribe button and you give us like please thank you. So let’s go back to this. This is a um fk, 88 smartwatch that we are making a review on today. This is how the cartoon comes in. Yes, i hold this um very watch for some time now. This is how it is so this color here shows it is pink color that is inside so let’s dive in this is the unboxing. The first thing you see is this design it for building an amazing lifestyle inside is what you will see is the strap, an extra strap that you will see, which is the silicone strap inside this is a silicon strap inside? Why? The second thing here is a manual. This is a manual. The manner comes both in english, language and uh chinese language. This is how the manner is this. Is it so we don’t actually need the manual now. The next thing you say is the watch. This is how the watch comes. This is a gold watch, gold, color watch the watch, the the lylan strap. This is a linoleum strap.

Yes, this is how it is. The second strap – and here comes the charger here. Comes this charger. The charger says: smartwatch model fk 88 input is 5.0 v voltage and equal to 500 amps made in china. This is how it is so for you to charge it. All you need to do is just to remove this plastic line alone and place it. This way, once it is placed this way, you can just insert this where you want to charge. That is it. Why, in certain is i mistakenly switch it on so there’s, nothing inside the carton again, so we are taking this aside. So this is how the watch comes. I think i have to put it off back and we start everything some stuff, okay, so this is it. We are removing the plastic liner. So this is it yeah. This is more edible than the um, the previous types that we’ve we’ve made the reviews. So this screen is sharp and it comes with the gorilla gorilla screen glass. So at the bottom it is written 06 compatible with ios and android 4.0 bluetooth watch and pedometer pedometer attribute sensor. So this very place is the area where you can the other way you can be able to charge it while you place it on it. On the charger, this is a very sensual area. Here comes the button, the menu button and it is scrollable. This place is scrollable. You can switch it on here and you can take it back to menu from here.

So let us go into it by switching switching it on when you switch it on. This is how it comes. So the first thing you see is a watch face and uh we they have. There are different types of watch faces that this watch comes with, which we are going to buy. Okay, this is the first one, let’s count it one. 3, 4, 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16, 17, 18. 19. 20. I think 21. 22. 23 24 24 watch faces. Yes, it comes with 24 different watch traces and you can also customize the watch faces as you like by inserting your own battery. So the next in here is when you click on this row, please it will take you to the dialing area, whereby you will be able to dial any number. You call you can make calls on it and you can receive calls on it on our uh. The next video we’ll be making we’ll be making a review um, not a review again we’ll be showing you how to connect this very smart watch to your smartphone, so let’s go in by okay, so sliding it from the left to the right. You will get the menu from the menu you will see where um you. The first thing you see is the message. Sorry message: this is where your message comes in. If it is connected, it will show here. So the next option is a die.

You can dial any number as you like. The next is your phone book. Once it is connected, the phone book will cycle nice. It will synchronize with your phone book. So the nicest call log this place you can see the mixed calls die, calls receive calls and so on and so forth. This is the area whereby you can. You can connect to your bluetooth to your phone bluetooth from here. This is the bed pedometer for your spots, so this is um step counting, and the next thing here is this pilot for spot too fitness for sport 2, sleep mode. If you click on it, you can time. Your sleep here is the weather. For you to know the actual weather for now so here’s, another sports mode, where you will see outdoor working indoor working outdoor running, so there are different options here. If we click on these there are. These are different sports exercises that you can be doing. It is very good for sports, most, especially if you want to lose weight or you want to keep fit. This is these are the things that you just need to hold on with, so the nurses are your heart rate. This can check your outreach once it is once you place it. This way, this very place will blink. Let us redo it again. Sorry measuring this. Is it now, so it is blinking now trying to measure the attributes so as you’ll see music once we and this phone like this watch, is connected to your phone we’ll be able to go through all of this.

Without it we cannot do anything so the timer. You can actually test your timer from here. You can customize timing, your alarm clock. You can set your alarm. This is stop. Watch too, you can use this very smart watch to find your phone once it is connected, and you can use your smartphone to find your watch once it is connected by clicking on this uh find so once it is paired, it will look for it itself, so Display there are different uh menu styles. This is the smart style. You bring the open menu styles, the listing sorry, i press on another place. Okay, this is the smart style and the list type. This smart style will bring out today the ios interface, whereby you will be able to see it in ios type. Let me just click on it, so when you, this is how it is. This is a smart style. So, for me to go back now to where we are before, we just need to go to the settings. I think um Music i’m trying to get on the settings. I’M. Sorry, my bad okay! This is it sorry. Okay, display click on display change, the smart style to list style. This is what we are used with on this very smartwatch. So the next option now is the settings from here. You will see different options. Your bluetooth settings, clock settings. You can set your clock, your sound settings, you can increase the volume and decrease the volume.

I think my hand is just too big for this, so you’re going, you can put it on ringing. Only the bringing volume running type different, indian options. This is the sound. I think let me change it again. This is very low. I think we need to just increase the volume first education tone. Let me increase the volume by Music, no Music, okay, a notification Music. Okay. So now we can go back, go to the sound click on the sound which is louder now, Music. Okay, so let us go back the next eight days the volume we’ve done that display, which is a smart style, and this list style. You can change the you. Can change the language from here choosing different language and you can choose to say the last name first or first name first, once it is saved, so you can reset if you are having an issue with it with the settings you can just reset from here, and This is the about the about says: device device name: fk88: the device address early address everything. This is it, so this is how it is so from there now. The next option is um the remote capture. You can actually use this very smart watch to make um a photo uh capturing on your phone once it is connected. You use this to snap a selfie on your phone, so the next is about which you’ve seen then, and they reset you’ve, seen it before language.

You’Ve sent it before qr code. If you want to connect it to your phone once you click on it, it will bring out the qr code for you to scan the motion flip to motor incoming call flip to move alarm on. So you can just use this for your motion working, maybe if, if there’s any incoming call once you flip it and you don’t want it to make any uh sound, you flip people to go off. So this is what this says: gesture wake up system; okay on that is, if you look at your phone, it will bring out the screen of the uh of the watch. This is serious search. If it is connected, you can actually use siri on this phone. This is power saving you can reduce the consumption of power by putting off some of the applications in it. This is it and it will last you longer. Actually, the battery of this phone will last you for like a day or two, unlike the t500, wherever you use it for like uh up to like a week or more, sometimes so, power off. If you want to pull it off, you can just um switch it on off from here by clicking on okay, once you click on ok, it will go off, so this is it for this very smart watch generally. I really do like this. Much was because this is an upgrade to the um service, five smartwatch.

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