As i always post sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So i have done the previous one, the fk 78, the fk 88. The fk 75 – and here we have the latest fk98 smartwatch uh. If you, if you follow me on social media, i put up a little sneak peek. This has got an hd screen because i’ve actually checked it out and the quality of the screen is much better. It’S, probably the best screen i’ve used on all of the clone series. 6 smart watches and it’s also got some good and latest features. So we’ll check that out later in the video, so let’s get straight into. As you can see, you’ve got the watch. Um picture of the watch here it comes in four different. Colors we’ve got the red one. I thought i’d change it a little bit. Uh fk is 98 smartwatch. You got the small watch logo here. What the smartwatch text – and here is some of the information, so let’s read out uh what it has so. The chipset is mtk2502 chip, uh smartwatch modeling the surface diameter. You can check that out. The way of the watch is 30.8 grams. It’S got aluminium alloy case as well. The watch band is a melon watch band. You can actually change it between the original and the clones as well.

Uh it’s got a wireless charging c as well, so that’s really good. As you can see, it comes in four different colors black silver rose, gold and blue as well. You can get it in blue. It has a 1.78 inch ips display. It is hd. I don’t think you’ll be able to see much difference on camera, but using this front you definitely can tell the difference if you had uh previous smart watches. I definitely can tell anyway. So the stretch screen is a 2.5 d, full capacity twitch screen uh. It supports three and all and 4.0 bluetooth. It supports calls text messages as well and notifications, which i’ll show you later in the video. It has a 200 mah battery um, it is vibrate, it does support vibrating as well. It’S got many different languages and, as you can see, that is the qr code to download the app and it’s got a few trademarks made in china, as is everything else so let’s get straight into it. The box is kind of different compared to previous ones. Here we have it’s just a plain white box once you take that off pushing the box up there, we have the smartwatch, but just before we take a look at the smartwatch let’s see what else we get inside the box. So here is the wireless charger same as the original here is the red watch band, which you can use on the original as well, and also the clone, which i’ll be doing a real versus fake.

So make sure you subscribe for that and, as you can see right here, we’ve got a smart band user guide. This probably just shows you how to use the smart. What you see in a few different languages, as you can see right there, but we never look at uh user manuals. We just go straight into the watch. That is the watch band on the charger, and here we have it. So here is the aluminium case and it’s in red. As you can see right here, taking the plastic off, it has got a bit of a bezel at the bottom. The screen is pushed more higher, but this one actually is a 44 millimeter. The body is a little bit bigger and bigger as well. So take a look at the side. You’Ve got the crown which i’ve been told, actually works. We’Ll check that out in the video later in the video you’ve got the micro towel and also the power button. As well so it’s same as the original, taking a look at the back as you can see, it’s a series, 6, 44 millimeter, aluminium and ceramic case ppg heart rate, bluetooth and smartwatch and also has the pushing buttons to take the band on and off, which is Really good and also it’s got the two cutout speakers. One is fake and one is real. As you can see, one is covered up right there, so overall, not so bad uh with the body wise let’s power this on and see if we’ve got any juice in it.

Hopefully we have so putting this on and you get a vibration. It says smartwatch and you go – should go straight into the watch phase. So let’s start off with the watch face and i’ve been told that at the top you get a real time battery, not percentage. It just gives you a picture of the real time battery level of how much battery you got left so let’s see the watch face so let’s see how many watch faces we get so we’ve got one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten let’s try! The um crown 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, ‘, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 51, watch faces definitely won’t. Get bored there uh, you can actually download different ones from the watch up which we’ll check later in the video and we’ll see if we can actually use a custom one as well, but i don’t know if you can tell the screen resolution is definitely hd. I’Ve used i’ve done, uh reviews on different uh, smartwatch, clones and i’ve got to say the screen. Uh resolution on this one is much better it’s. The best one i’ve used so far. I’M, not gon na lie so because it did stay it’s hd and it definitely is usually this blue chat a lot of crap, but they definitely got it right here.

So, as you can see here, let’s see on uh. Do these actually work these in apps? He has to do on the watch faces and so that’s to connect to the bluetooth music swipe back, actually works and yeah swiping it down. You’Ve got the shortcut. It shows you the three and uh or 4.0 that’s when bluetooth is connected. The one on the right here is for your brightness we’ll turn that all the way up this is for do not disturb on do not disturb off. It has the wake up gesture on wake up gesture off, that is to turn bluetooth on and off, and this one is to switch between smart style, app and nightmare, because it’s only got two uh menu styles as well: smart style and nine app, which, if you’re Going to smart style, i’ll show you now, and that is smart style and you can actually zoom out or use your hand and, as you can see right there, so we’ll go back going to nine up, which is much better for me. So swiping it to the right goes into menu. Swiping, it up goes into menu, so i pin it left goes into menu, so there’s, not a lot of shortcuts on the main screen. Uh let’s you’ve got let’s. Take a look at all of the apps and i’ll show you the new feature: what it’s got on this fk 98, so phone book you’ve, probably seen that you need to connect it same with dialer once this is connected, you can make phone calls from here as Well – and it will obviously once it’s all connected to your phone and let’s go back call log same again, once you’ve actually synced it to your phone, you can all the callers will come on to the watch.

Notifications we’ll check that once we connect it find device alarm, you can tap for new alarm calendar as well: uh, bluetooth, music. Once it’s connected to your phone, you can play music, uh, bluetooth camera as well. Um that’s to switch your bluetooth on and off file manager and it’s got a bit of memory on the watch as well. Once you connect connected to the computer, pedometer we’ve done 23 steps sitting down, which is good. Um sleep monitor heart rate voice memos. You can record voice memos on it as well, which is really really good. Let’S, try and record it hello, welcome to all souls and make sure you subscribe saved it wow that’s. Definitely a new feature on this fk 98 up download that’s the qr code information. So, as you can see fk98 to give you a bit more information and the release time when it was made as well so that’s uh, really really good let’s go back, can it’s right back yes, so going into uh. The next set of menus is clock motion. The only motion it has is: wake up gesture, stopwatch calculator. If you know what all these are like. Uh power, saving it’s got power, saving mode team. Now this is one of the other new features with this. You can actually have three different themes. So one number one is the normal one. Number two is the um bubble, one well it’s the water which gives you water background.

Uh theme three is a colorful one, so you can actually switch between teams on this fk 98, which is definitely a new feature. Let’S go into settings, so you got bluetooth, settings visibility on and off clock sound volume, uh display what we’ve got in display brightness 15 seconds. Let’S change that to 30. So you’ve got a couple of settings there units you can change between metric imperial international. This is your languages. What language english it’s! Not! Let me change that. I think you have to connect it to the app, so you got apps that’s, you that’s. If you install different apps from the um app you’re connected to reset and about so that is the settings brightness drink reminder, you can actually remind yourself when you need to drink water, uh the heart pressure. Well, that is the um, your blood pressure, your sport mode, which actually gives you um information on what sports you’ve been doing body temperature immunity as well um ecg history gives you history and the exercise that you’re doing volume you can switch between volume, uh language main Menu style and that’s between the two main menu styles, which would i’ve, showed you already language it’s. Not actually. Let me change language, no idea why and that’s it there. We have the menu settings so you’re, seeing a couple of new features with this fk98 let’s go into this uh the health app to see if they were. I know why they’re not gon na work, but here we go let’s get the heart rate.

So, as you can see here, it’s actually flashing, and will it give us a reading if it’s off the wrist? I want to show you in real time as well, so i don’t cut it so, as you can see, it’s showing 82 beats per minute with fresh air, which is not so good. To be honest, i i don’t think they’re gon na get uh accurate reading with these uh clone smart watches. It just gives you a reading of whatever and, as you can see, blood pressure is 76 over 116. So there’s no point actually putting out my risk to check the health apps because they don’t work as good. So, as you’ve seen, the menu settings and the new features with this fk98 let’s connect it to my phone and see what all the features we’ve got when it comes to connecting it to the app right. The app you need to download is qd fit, which we have right here, make sure your bluetooth is on. Yes, it is, please connect the device, so let’s go into the watch. Go into um shortcuts, put bluetooth on yeah click. It yes, it’s, come on. Uh now add device, uh fk98 straight away, we’ve got it up and there we have it connection, successful all the yes less pair rate, all the health apps come on there iphone notifications. Yes, so, as you saw earlier, it was uh 23 steps. It’S, come on to the uh app as well, and you’ve got the three and all four no colored, because um it’s connected to the phone.

So, as you can see right here, you’ve got all your health apps right here. If you’re going to heart rate, you actually showed you earlier with 82 beats per minute uh, but yeah that you know you know about the heart rates and everything so let’s go into device. Uh dial push. What does that mean? So you can actually download diff more uh watch faces to your phone as well, and you can actually also do custom dial as well. So you can select a background and from your album and everything, and you can actually put it onto your uh fk in 98, which is really good, so that actually works. If it answers a lot of your question, long see reminder so if you’re sitting down and it detects it, it will actually tell you to get your butt up and start walking along settings remind to drink water, because you need to keep yourself. Hydrated battery is low. On there, so it gives you that um fine watch, heart rate check message, push and yeah that’s about it. So actually it don’t give you a real time. Uh battery percentage, as it says here, eighty percent and the sort of said on the battery is low and it actually shows you there’s no battery left on there. So we’re going to try and be quick on this, so my device is already connected step goals and sleep goals and about yourself. So that is the app right there now i’m going to show you uh the notifications, so let’s go back into the app it don’t.

Actually tell you if you can toggle notifications on and off message push that’s all you get so let’s go into settings and let’s see if another one actually comes up to connect to your user. That you’re supposed to connect to, as you can see right there and the second one, is for your calls and text messages and notifications it’s already connected. Let me just go into um menu and i’ll: go to dialer, as you can see, here’s a four five zero let’s press call and it’s actually calling on the phone and also so that you can make calls from there now. What i’m going to do is actually make a phone call from my other phone to this phone and let’s see if the number or name actually comes up. So no only the number comes up and you’re getting a tone on the smartwatch itself. So just the number comes up on the smartwatch: it doesn’t actually come up as the name, which is not that good, and it gives you a notification that actually says all sorts has tried calling. So that is the calls now let’s go into whatsapp to see. If we get a notification from whatsapp so i’m, just about sending a message now and as you can see, you’ve got this. It says sms, but i sent it on what’s up uh from all sorts. It said hi so same again, you can actually get notifications from any app i’ll actually receive notifications for my youtube notifications also instagram as well on this smartwatch.

So you can get the notification from a lot of um apps that you have downloaded onto your phone. You can make phone calls directly from this uh and it’ll go on to your phone as well, so you can do a lot of things with this fk98 smartwatch. But what do you think about it? Let me know in the comment section below i do like the voice recorder, which is new and also the teams which is new as well, and it also has a uh similar. Look to the original. With the clips on to put the bands on and off as well, but i have got to say this actually looks a little bit bigger than the original i’m, not gon na lie.