This is the first giveaway video of this channel, so keep watching to know the rules to participate in this giveaway. This is fk99 pro smart watch with wireless charging let’s see what’s in the box Music. This is the user manual scan the qr code to install the app as it’s not available on the play store. Yet this is the silicon band and the quality is not as good as other watches. This is nylon. Loop, strap and quality of this trap is much better than silicon one. This is the wireless charger. I’Ll show how the charging works later in the video. This is the watch itself, but hold on you guys must be thinking. This watch has got wireless charger, then why it has got these two pins for charging. This is because the watch can support both charging methods. Now let’s go through all the rules to enter this giveaway results will be announced. As the video hits thousand comments. A random winner will be selected upon verification. If winner fails to fulfill any of the rules, the new winner will be chosen now, let’s see how the charging works on this watch just keep. The watch on charging cradle and blue light will flash indicating that charging has started. Charging status can also be checked from notification area Music now let’s go through all the watch faces: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music now, let’s see how the user interface of this watch looks like Music, Music, Music, Music.

Now let’s go through the settings: menu, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. This watch does not have green or red led lights at the back. The secondary button is used only to open the dialer w56 smartwatch is still the best copy of apple, as it has got. Both the buttons working just like original link to that window is in the i button now let’s see how to pair this watch with smartphone disable media audio, to avoid music playing on watch instead of phone download app called ti band using the qr code, Music i’ll, Not be doing a dead end, video of this watch as it’s for giveaway.