I want to do a quick one for all of you to let all of you watching know that there’s a new cup starting in the game in literally two days time, that’s right guys. The official fortnight competitive page on twitter literally announced this earlier today and well. As you can see, it’s a brand new cup, slash tournament, they say in the tweet, they say it’s time, with a devil emoji. They then state the name of a cup which is the daredevil cup. They then state that it’s going to be a trios cup, which means you yourself will need to get two of a teammates aside from that. They also state the date, as you can see, that’s october, the 14th again that’s two days time on the wednesday and then finally, they state this, which is the daredevil outfit and then it’s sort of next to a cup which i’m assuming that’s going to be the Prize to this whole cup, it’s super exciting guys, let’s, go ahead, jump in and take a look at the big picture, aka the blog okay guys. So, as you can see right here, we are on the blog post and well straight away. You can just see the daredevil skin looking right at us. This guy looks super super mean and he looks awesome. I really want to know how to get him, which we will right now. It starts off guys we’ve seen done the daredevil outfit first marvel.

Knockout super series starts october 14th. They then state that a new marvel hero comes to fortnite, setting off a competition on the island like never before assemble your superhero team to compete in the marvel knockout super series featuring four competitive cops centered around the marvel knockout gearboard. These four cups will build up to a final one million dollar tournament. To conclude, the marvel knockout super series happening on november, the 21st as an added bonus. Any player that participates in the four of these cups will receive an exclusive nexus war, glider, okay, guys so let’s stop right there. This firstly sounds amazing: for starters, this cup right here is one of four, so that means that we’re sort of expecting three more to come out um before the 21st of november, but guys aside from all that, the massive news right here is that one million dollar Tournament, wow i’m, assuming this one, you don’t get any money: um i’m, assuming you probably get the skin if you win, but we’ll find out in a little second, but guys. How exciting is that it’s also pretty exciting too, but anyone can get a free glider? Literally, all you have to do is participate in all four of these cups it’s that easy, in terms of when these cups will be announced, guys we’re, not sure, i’ll scroll down a little bit, and it says the remaining three cups will be scheduled for next month. We’Ll announce them with more information, starting at the beginning of november.

Moving on guys, we’ve actually got information about the cup itself. It says, become a guardian devil of a marvel knockout ltm by competing in the first series, the daredevil cup. It says that it starts on october, the 14th that’s literally in two days time, and it says that the top teams in each region will earn the daredevil outfit early before it does hit the item shop. Now, for those curious of how to get yourselves in this and compete like how to register and all that stuff guys, you actually don’t need to register. All you need to do is open up fortnight on october, the 14th, when this does start and you’ll see that there’ll be a new ltm for you to play that’s all you have to do. You don’t need to register just literally join that ltm and try and do it as well as you can. If you do very well, you’ll earn this game, if not be sure to compete in the guys and then be sure to also compete in the free upcoming ones. After this one, as like i said at the start, you can get your hands on a free glider, but yeah guys, that’s. Really all you need to know about the new daredevil air cup that’s coming to fortnite. As you can see, it’s really really exciting. You can get free skins, we’ve got another free cups to look forward to and then we’ve got that big one that will be coming on november 21st, that’s, where the money’s going to be guys as it’s going to have a prize pool of 1 million dollars.

I can’t wait guys. I hope that you’re all excited for it too. I know it’s a bit iffy because it is an ltm game mode. I know a lot of you, won’t be happy about it, but at least for putting money into it and at least for something for us all to play just as long as you are 13 or all there, and you do have two factor authentication set up on Your account guys, you were good to play in this and yeah that’s all for me today, guys just a quick one to let you all know. As i know some of you may have missed.