If you want this gift, then like and subscribe in the next five seconds and the next time you log into fortnite, this gift will be there. Hey guys welcome back to a brand new fortnite battleground video in this video i’ll be showing you how to get the new marvel. X49 crossover skin, which is the daredevil skin for free in four night season for chapter two. This skin has just been announced and is coming to fortnite in the next update, which, by the way, is also going to include four nightmares skins and items and more exciting features, make sure to keep watching because i’ll be showing everyone watching how to get the daredevil Skin for completely free in fortnite season 4., everyone watching this video we’ll be able to get the daredevil skin for free, as it is available on all platforms, including xbox, pc, ps4 mobile and switch the extremely easy guys, i’m, also going to be hiding v bucks codes In this video, as you guys can see, i have a ton of them so make sure to watch the whole way through. So you can get yourself some v bucks to buy the new skins coming out in this next update, so stay tuned and do not miss anything. But since season 4 has been amazing, so far i’ll be gifting. My subscribers hundreds of free battle, passes skins, emotes, pickaxes, v, bucks and more. If you want to be gifted something make sure to follow.

The steps subscribe to my channel with post notifications turned on drop a like on this video and comment down below where your epic games username. Is that way, i can add you as a friend and give you something anyway. Let’S go ahead and get started with today’s video now i’m, going to show you how to get the daredevil skin so keep watching this video, the daredevil skin is marvel’s new crossover with fortnite, as i covered earlier and it’s coming in two days. As of when this video is posted, so it’s coming on october 14th, 2020, so that’s going to be very soon guys. Florida has just announced this new skin in a blog post on their website saying don the daredevil outfit first marvel. Knockout super series starts october 14th. This means that everyone will be able to get the daredevil skin for completely free. As long as you guys play in this tournament, i’m gon na be showing you all the rules for this tournament so keep watching. Otherwise, you guys might miss the opportunity to get this brand new daredevil outfit for free and fortnite. So this tournament is made based on the ltm called marvel knockout, and this game mode is a modified version of operation knockout, which was an ltm that we saw back in season 2 chapter 2. and now it’s called marvel knockout and obviously it fits the marvel theme That we have here in season 4., if you don’t know already, this game mode is really fun.

It gives you hero superpowers and puts you against other teams which have the same abilities as you to make it completely fair, and the goal of this game mode is get more eliminations than the other team gets. You guys are going to face each other in each round and you’ll move up in a bracket of all the teams playing the game mode. In the same time until you reach the winner and then you guys are going to face off and whoever wins wins. This ltn now going back to the blog post, they announced that you need to assemble your superhero team to compete in the marvel knockout super series featuring four competitive cups centered around the marvel knockout game mode. These four cups will build up to a final 1 million dollar tournament. To conclude, the marvel knockout super series happening on november 21st and, yes, you guys heard that correctly it’s going to lead up to a 1 million dollar tournament and as an added bonus, any player who participates in all four of the cups will receive the exclusive nexus War glider, the first cub celebrates the man without fear himself. Daredevil winners will get ultimate bragging rights, early access to the daredevil outfit before the item shop release. This is what the daredevil outfit looks like in game. Once you have unlocked it, as you guys can see right here now, this cup, the first one is going to be the daredevil cup and the description has become the guardian devil of the marvel knockout ltm by competing in the first cup of the series, the daredevil Cop this wednesday october 14th, top teams in each region will earn the daredevil outfit early before it hits the item shop.

So you guys will be able to get this outfit for completely free before it’s, even in the autumn shop. So you guys will have it before everyone else does. All you need to do is play in this tournament and place well i’m, going to explain to you guys what the rules are for each region so make sure that you keep watching and you guys will be able to earn the daredevil skin for completely free it’s. Really easy guys so let’s go ahead and show you all the regions, rules and adding on to that. The scoring system is going to be trios, as you guys can see. First place gets 100 points. Second place gets 50 points. Third, fourth gets 25 points 5th to 8th, gets 15 points, and nine to 16 gets five points. Now. What this system means is that in the bracket, if you guys play 16th, you’ll get five and obviously, when you keep moving up, you guys will earn more points, and so in each region, there’s gon na be different requirements to earn this outfit. So in europe, it’s gon na be ranked first to eight hundredth and you guys will receive the daredevil in game cosmetic outfit and in any east. It’S gon na be ranked first to 500th, and you guys will also receive the daredevil skin. Now in naws it’s going to be first, the 200th place a lot lower. So maybe you guys could switch regions and try on a different server and brazil is going to be the same with first the 200th getting the outfit now in the next region: asia.

It’S 21st to a hundredth, which is obviously a lot lower than before same as oceania it’s, only gon na be a hundred players and lastly, in the middle east is also gon na, be first to a hundredth place. So maybe, if you guys still get decent ping, i would try switching regions if you live in one of those and it might be easier for you guys, that’s, all the information we have for this cup there’s gon na be three more cups with exclusive skins that Will be scheduled for next month and they are going to announce them at the beginning of november, according to one of the most trusted, leakers it’s gon na be three more cups and i’ll have other marvel characters, including venom, black panther and captain marvel. This is crazy. Guys, i cannot wait for these skins to come to the game. We only have to wait a few more weeks and we are going to see all these new marvel skins coming to the game, and i know black panther has to be coming for sure.