The start of our placement points going through razon ends up getting a knock on the letwick thomas. It gets the conversion and while not getting any siphon or points through they’ll get some much needed, builds and also space on the front end of the zone, as the moving circles start happening, every zone will now be outside the next. We transition into the late game and up on the high ground, where our previous game, victors, reeson, noah, reilly and aqua, again walking away from doom’s domain. Can they convert it into a victory? Royale and teams like right unless sammy and dennis are now in the mid ground, and they have to be careful because noah, riley and squad are going to be able to thrain down so much firepower with doom’s mystical bomb but that’s not going to stop sammy and Dennis tsukuji, you could kind of put those edits down below to looking for those beams and yes, they pick up some nice loot, pickup it’s gon na be a strong opportunity, though the only thing that’s missing is like a shock wave to be able to take height, But they have to be careful being on the mid ground. You have to watch out of above, as you see in the beams, coming up above unbelievable pressure from that height and that may it’s going to push you down low and we’ve been seeing squads like matso and that train hard being so deadly down there.

So you got to work together. Stay hip to hip, communicate, find the layers and watch your backside as kami goes down, the six was protected, but they do lose a member so now it’s up to sammy to kind of clutch this by themselves. This is what we’ve been seeing in solos 3 – oh, my goodness. The castle’s curse is real, but mona making the first time appearance here in a kind of round three stage is still cooking and vibing yeah. I got plenty of experience yesterday, but now you can see the lobby catching up a little bit. You still have 40 zr. There. Paco is playing the role of spoiler here catching mongrel. There was also the one who took out the number one team, so the team doing the scavenger route over by sentinels now all of a sudden ends up with a bunch of loot from the mythic with the six shockwaves. The question is, though, they’re going to need to basically close two shock waves worth of distance to even get up to contest high ground if he’s, the only one holding that’s gon na be near impossible as we swing back on board thomas hd on the low ground. With a crash back, can he find the room? He has plenty of bullets, but no shield, no hp and next to no builds. However, it doesn’t matter he finds rotary gets a huge refresher now up to 40 builds also finds a slurred fish also finds some minis.

Everything he needs to go on a potential run and don’t. Forget thomas yesterday was the one who came up with the absolutely absurd clutch to steal away a victory royale in a seven point swing. Can he do it again using the bouncer to get ahead of the zone? This is a master class and why he is one of the best players in the region, a fantastic signing from gama doing everything he can. He catches curiosity that’s. Another two point swing as he pushes into the top 10 sancho. The heroic plays are happening for thomas hd as he’s trying to hold on tight for the trio right now, but he has to overcome the deadly villains of a height height. He got aqua and rizon doing the thing right now lying down, so many bombs down below, but it is thomas who’s laying down haymaker bombs knocking out so many trios and you know, flicking hanas are cheering them on they’re saying you got this, you clutch for us Once but his bills are limited, so he’s gon na have to put some major, accurate shots here, considering that he only has a blue pump and taking a look at the chaos that’s happening. The fight for height as clement is challenging. Noah, aqua and now is thomas right now who’s going to go for another fight down below, but he has to be careful. He has no builds, ladies and gentlemen completely out, but he does pick up another one, and that was a big time.

Elim and another one deuce leo go down thomas, he got shocked. He’S got shock waves sundown, it is an opportunity, but he can’t find the hike. Oh, my thomas, can you do it you’re trying to drop the players down? One player ends up falling in front of him. He gets no siphon going through there. Didn’T get the knock, but now he is outlived as a solo. He’S pushed all the way through into a top three, and not only is the top three there’s a winnable top three. He finds the 100. Can he find the second? He needs the siphon switches to the bandage cannon and the siphon comes through all of a sudden gamma’s thomas hd on the low down 90 hp. No one dies. The lead goes to him thomas hd, clutches up. That was absurd, don’t care. If my mic is peaking. I’M gon na scream, because that was the nastiest solo clutch. I have ever seen period that was gross and sancho. You got ta be feeling good right now. Man holy thomas hd with the big time performance right now: shio zeke reese, good luck! Breaking that down brother bro, thomas hd, this. This is just something i you know. I always like to joke. If i speak something out of the universe and just ask for the region to do some incredible stuff, this happens but thomas hd just said hold my slurp juice. You have that gun. You have that gun there’s, a guy behind you rotation, scroll with it.

I got everything nice Music. Thank you, Music, still, bro. I knew this was a stucco. I just could. I can tell bro, i know i’m, not dumb. I can tell when the game’s going to be stacked. Oh, my god, you need to look what i just did to that kid. If he doesn’t betray us, i will be like the most surprised, human being ever for real dude. All right. This is pretty sick. I hit let’s, go dude let’s go let’s, go, i think. There’S, a guy in this house, okay, i’ve got a lot. I’Ve got 400 yeah. Three kids are low, one guy in height no that’s droppers, three droppers. You can really take height. With this make sure you use your bandsaw that one flop need to go for a second that’s cool. Okay gets me gets me. Let me go middle i’m. Kidding i’m chilling watch me watch it. Let me i got that gun. Oh first try.