So, as you can see right here, this is what he looks like. It says. The man without fear, be the first to get the daredevil outfit by competing in the daredevil trio’s cup, featuring the marvel knockout ltm on 10 14.. So first and foremost, 10 14 is two days away. That’S this wednesday october 14th that’s not much time at all, but let’s get into the details here so, according to an official blog post by epic games. This is what they said. A new marvel hero comes to fortnite, setting off a competition on the island like never before assemble your superhero team to compete in the marvel knockout super series featuring four competitive cups centered around the marvel knockout game mode. These four cups will build up to a final one million dollar tournament. To conclude, the marvel knockout super series happening on november 21st and as an added bonus, any player who participates in all four of these cups will receive the exclusive nexus war glider. The first cup celebrates the man without fear himself. Daredevil winners will get ultimate bragging rights, early access to the daredevil outfit before the item shop release, so let’s just stop right there, so there’s four cups and if you participate in all four of them, you get a free glider called nexus war. Now i don’t think anyone has an image of this. I don’t know what it looks like, but it sounds incredible not to mention there’s a one million dollar tournament as a finale.

I can’t wait: that’s crazy, but we’re, focusing on the first cup cup number one, the daredevil cup that’s, what we’re talking about in this video. So this is what it says, become the guardian devil of the marvel knockout ltm by competing in the first cup of the series, the daredevil cup and that’s. This wednesday, like i said october 14th, top teams in each region will earn the daredevil outfit early before it hits the item shop. The remaining three cups will be scheduled for next month and we’ll begin to announce them with more information starting at the beginning of november. So basically, if you do well and we’ll talk about how well you have to do in just a second, you will get the daredevil skin for free, but it also states that it will be coming to the item shop. So let’s say you do compete in this tournament and you poop the bed. You will still be able to buy it in the item shop, so it’s not exclusive to the winners of this cup. You could get it in the item shop but, of course it will cost v bucks. The only way to get it for free is by competing and doing well in this daredevil cup. So let’s take a look at the official rules. How well do we have to do here so, first of all, it says it will last three hours and you do ten matches now. Of course, this is trios which i’ve never actually done, trios in knockout before it’s always been squads or duos, and the points are as follows.

First place gets 100 points, second, 50, third and fourth 25 5th through 8th 15 and 9th through 16th, 5., so here’s. How well you actually have to do on the european servers? You have to get first through 800th place so top 800 there on na east. You have to get first through 500th, so you got to be in the top 500 there and a west. On the other hand, has to be top 200. that’s, not fair, yikes brazil, as well as top 200. Asia is top 100 oceana and middle east are both top 100 as well. So wow, it looks like your easiest bet is to play on the european servers, which again is top 800, but nae east isn’t that bad top 500 as well. Okay, so of note, if we go down a little bit more in the rules, there’s something specific here, let me read this to you. It says players may only have one entry using one epic account into the event for a given session. Players are prohibited from additional event entries using additional or secondary epic accounts or participating from more than one server region. So i saw a lot of people do this. In the last tournament. They did n a east and then na west, and then europe they did all the servers trying to win. That is not allowed this time. If you do that, you will be disqualified. Do not do that one region only now there’s also one other thing.

You need to note so i hope you’re still watching this video, because this is very important as well. It says for each event match all eligible players must rank in the open league division 2 or higher within arena in their respective region by the start of the event and that’s in order to be able to compete. So you must be open league arena, division two or higher to participate now it’s not hard to get division. Two trust me. I think my seven year old son jack could do it so if you’ve never played arena yet do it right now. You have two days to get to division. Two i mean you could literally just camp in a corner and get division two in two days. Don’T worry it’s not hard, but if you’re not watching this, if you don’t read this you’re, not gon na know, and if you don’t play arena, you’re not gon na be able to participate, so no cheating with multiple regions or multiple accounts, and you must be division. Two in arena to even participate, so i think that’s, all the information you need for this first cup remember in order to get the glider, you have to participate in all four cups, but this is the first one. We don’t know any more specifics about the other. Three, just yet, and in order to win the daredevil skin before it comes to the item shop, you have to do well enough, as i showed you with the scoring and remember, you have to be division two in arena and you can’t do more than one region.

So don’t try to cheat. They will disqualify you now. The best part about this is that it’s a marvel ltn it’s knockout it’s, not playing solos it’s, not playing duos it’s, not playing squads. Even if you’re the best player ever the worst player ever could kill you in marvel knockout. Now it is a bit random because you could get some of the weaker mythic superhero powers, and that would put you at a disadvantage, but trust me, the worst player in the game at fortnite could potentially win this because you don’t really need skill to use these Superhero powers and that’s the best part about this. Normally in these tournaments, you have to sweat really hard and the best players in the world are playing this time. All you need is iron, man’s, unibeam or iron man’s gauntlets, and you can take them out super easy, but a little bit random at the same time. So really anyone has a shot at that million dollars. Come the final cup and remember this is just the first cup the daredevil one, so assemble your trio get your two best friends this wednesday.