. This particular model is called carlisle. As you know, um i’ve been wearing my cheaper smart watch and uh since i reviewed um i’ve been wearing it and uh this uh fossil. Recently went on sale for black friday, it went down as much as 170 and after that for certain models they had after christmas sale uh. I think this particular one was about 135 uh, which i believe was a really good price. I couldn’t uh resist so i ended up buying it um. What makes this smartwatch special is that uh one it uses google’s wayros um operating system, it’s, basically uh like a lighter version of android designed for smart watches, and it is flexible. You can add apps from google store, you can change the face. You can connect with the google fit app. You know you can measure your heart rate or sleep. You know all the health tracking stuff, but you can track that with the google fit app. Unlike the other watch uh or cheaper watchers or watches around where you have to use a specific app to track those features, but this one you have that flexibility, you can even use you know different apps for the watch faces. For example, these options came with the watch and, if i wanted to have a let’s say an app, the spacer app allows me to actually choose and install different faces through the app facer app. So i can just go online. Look at phaser website choose a face.

If it’s free, you know, i just send it to my watch. If it’s not free, i can just pay it with my google credit, which i have notifications are also more interactive. With the other watches, you can see the notifications on your watch, but you can’t really interact with them, while some watches you do with the expensive ones, this particular one you can. Actually you know open something on your map or you can look at the preview. You can take calls. The watch has a microphone and the speaker, so you can actually talk through your watch. If you like, you can control media let’s say you have you’re playing a video on your phone and then you’ll see the controls. Here. You can actually pause fast forward, etc. From your watch, you can, you know quick reply and an email. Let’S say you received an email, it shows us a notification and you can easily quick reply to that notification and it gives you to type through a microphone. You can actually talk your response and then the speech to text engine will convert into text and then it will. You know, allow you to reply to that email really quickly. In order to have all these functions, your phone has to be within the range this watch. Does not have its own sim card, meaning it needs the necessary data access in order to function. Okay, the battery option, so in the settings you have do not disturb airplane.

There is a cinema mode, multitude mode where all the lights will go off. You know the screen and then the heart rate measurement green lights, but here there’s battery modes daily extended custom time only so if you do daily, it will turn on every feature. So you have always on, as you can see it dims, and then it goes into this mode, always on mode. So when you’re not looking at the screen, this is what’s going to look like this is how people are going to see it and, if you’re looking at your watch – and it will turn on so this depends on the face some faces, make it darker some faces. Still show some of the information, but obviously this uses less battery and the heart rate monitor can be also set to take you the measurement either constantly every five minutes, every 10 minutes, but let’s try the google assistant again. How is the weather something went wrong? Please try again, how is the weather Music something went wrong. Please try again when this happens, it’s, usually the data connection problem. Since the watch cannot connect to wi fi by itself, it has to use the phone’s wi fi. So if your phone is on a network uh with firewall that can block certain google services, this could happen. How is the weather currently in san diego it’s 60 degrees and clear today, it’ll be partly cloudy with a forecasted high of 65 and a low of 46.

other than the google assistant? It has many other uses, you can maintain your shopping list and google keep set a timer or set up google pay for touchless payment Music. Not a fan charging is pretty easy. The circular contacts behind the watch can align with the prongs on the charger. Any way you put it, you can even print a watch holder. If you have a 3d printer at home. It holds the charger like this Music or it’s a fantastic watch. It looks good.