Are there it’s slightly heavy, but otherwise every other feature is so good. It’S, very sleeky. To handle very easy to learn usage everything is very good and extremely real time in performance. The best thing that i could tell about this watch is the werewolves. It comes with google wear os and that’s the best thing about it in indian money. It costs you somewhere close to 19000 rupees and you have various offers that you can look into if you are planning to buy and amazon is selling it at 18.5 k. Almost this watch is so good. What are the features that you must learn about? This watch? The first one is the power of wear os: it works fine with iphone and android phones, and the battery life also is so good, so it takes about eighty percent or it takes about one hour time for it to be charged with eighty percent. So, on the whole, if you charge it for about one hour and fifteen minutes or one hour and twenty minutes, i think it’s, all okay for you, it gets 100 charge and one full day it works fine one full day with all the functionalities being used. It works fine heart rate and activity tracking is there? Google fit is integrated built in gps for distance tracking and swim proof design is there and responses for google assistant i’ll show you that as well, we can get the google assistant used on the go and it’s really very good the size.

The case size is 44 millimeter, the band size is 22 millimeter interchangeable with fossil 22 millimeter bands and the screen size is too good, as well. 1.19 inches display with ‘0 cross ‘0 resolution. The touch screen is so good, so so good and the connectivity comes with a bluetooth and wi fi and it’s syncing very nicely with the wi fi. When you connect it. The warranty comes for two years and it’s, an international warranty that you get for this and the charger is magnetic and it’s very sleeky, too it’s it’s, very good overall it’s. A good buy is what i could say and we can use even nfc and wi fi. Gps, bluetooth, all these are supported. There are three or four types of models that are available. The one comes with the stainless steel like this. The second one is with different colors of scrap with leather. Stabs are also available, let’s go ahead into the functionalities, and if you could see that the design is too good and you can see that it’s very sleek in the design and they have taken extreme care for it. The only thing that you need to do for this to be used is you need to install wear os before that before i go and open up the wear. Os i’ll show you the features of this the moment. You click this and hold this. You get multiple times available for you, you can use any of this and it comes with beautiful, available options for you to use, and this one.

If i select this becomes your screen, so you can select anything and there are multiple options. Real cool options are available and it’s really very nice, and when you click it like this, you get all the options for usage of the phone in different aspects. It has got a cardiogram, you can click, it i’m, not wearing it right now. I wore it before three minutes and you could see that it was 85 bpm. So when you click it back, it comes back and when you click it again, it’s just like touch screen and it’s so easy for somebody to use the agenda. The alarms, the cardiogram the context everything is available here, phaser find my phone fit, breathe, fit goals, fit heart rate, fit workout and you could see that here a hand wash timer, nike, run club noon, light phone play, store access, reminders, settings, spotify, stopwatch timer touch and When i click the task, you could see it immediately and all these are i mean i have picked something else it returned to translator. I need to click it right, so that starts when i click it. It gets you the tars, light mode, and you could see that this is sufficient light for somebody to use it in the night and translate. I have already shown you the weather reports, all these are available, and this comes just just so beautifully and it is easily usable for anybody and i need to sign into google fit for for me to do that.

I need to tap it and i need to authenticate properly for me to get it connected to my google fit, and the next thing that we need to learn is the usage of the assistant. Yes, you can do that. Can we see a small demo out here? Yes, what’s the date today. If i ask it, it will be able to say what’s the date today, that’s it you’re using it it’s, fantastic isn’t. It will it rain today today that’s it. So you could see that this is all phenomenal, isn’t it and the in the watch they have brought in the features of the phone, every feature that the phone must have has all come in the watch and there are two other keys here. Let me press this when you press this, it takes you to the default screen, which is nothing but shows puzzle, and when you press this, you know this key. This is the center key and you’ve got another option where this is for fitness before tracking your first workout take a minute to finish, setting up the fit i made to set it up, and once you do it, i think it’s going to be phenomenal. It’S time for us to see how exactly the app looks like on the app is designed – and this is overall, a very nice watch isn’t it. Let me open the app right now for you and the app is called the wear os.

You can download it from the play store or if you have apple, you need to download it appropriately, and you could see that here. The app is all available here and multiple faces are available and you can even set the faces out from here which can get you connected to the phone. So, for example, if i said this i’m selecting this defender so that’s what i had earlier i’m going with the digital mode right now, and you could see that immediately, it will get reflected here when i press it for the next time. So if you see that carefully it’s all very easily doable – and this app is very simple to use the app is no complex. The app is very, very simple to use and it’s well designed other than watch faces. There are multiple other features which are available, which we are going to see right now, notifications agenda settings, the google assistant, the advanced settings are there, which can help you again connecting with your google accounts. Uh the screen wake up till to wake the screen. All those options are there which are connected to power, save power, saving options, watch battery watch storage watch app data usage, for example. When i click the watch battery, it gives me the complete stats about the watch battery and the app is pretty good. As i told you, they have designed the app very nicely the storage. What are the options for the storage? How much is the storage that we are using it’s 4.

5 gb available totally and the total space free right now is 4.5 gb and it comes with 5.43 gb total, which is sufficient for us to use the smartwatch. So you can see that all the apps that i have installed, which have come by default, are all displayed here. And here the watch has gone to the sleep mode already, which you can see that the time is alone displayed and it is not using much of the resources. So, overall, if i need to give a rating for this for 10, i would give easily 9 or 8.5. So this is such a nice watch and try it out. If you have time – and if you have any questions on this watch, ask me i’ll be able to clarify i’m using it for past almost 10 15 days and it’s really really very cool, and i hope you like this session. If you have any questions suggestions, please go ahead and type in the comment box. I’Ll be happy to answer. If you like the channel please subscribe.