I will give you a full in depth review about the fastest gen 5e, but first i would like to say a big thank you to all the subscribers and people who are taking their time off and watching. My videos now in december a couple months ago, i posted a video about the faster gen 5 and you guys watched 11 000 times and had 2 200 likes, and i just want to say thank you now today, we’re going to talk about fast, gen 5e, and I split this video up in a couple of parts, so we’re going to talk about the activity tracking features about the battery life, spotify, the design, technical details and a lot more so without further ado, let’s jump into the top 10 things to know about the fastest Gen 5e, so number one on the list will be the sport modes. With this watch you get to choose between 95 different sport modes, so you cannot only track the usual stuff like walking running swimming and cycling, but you can basically track all team sports. You have strength and hit trainings and variation of winter and extreme sports. If you want to start the workouts, you just give it a quick tap and after a short countdown, it will start once it started. It will give you the time pace, burn calories, heart rate and the mileage, so that will lead us right to the next point, which will be the heart rate sensor and the built in gps.

So let me make this a quick point on all outdoor activities. The foster gen 5 will automatically connect to the gps, and the heart rate sensor will constantly track your heart rate throughout the day passively. In the background now, if you want to check out what your heart rate, is you just open up the cardiogram app which you have to download first or you use the google fit heart rate app, which is already pre installed. Just like the previous models, the foster gen 5e has four four different battery modes, so you got the daily mode, which will only provide you with enough power for about 24 hours, but therefore you have most of your features, enabled the second one will be the extended Mode with this mode, you will only have to charge the watch every couple of days so over here you can schedule the bluetooth to save some more battery life. Mine is turned on between 7 am and 10 pm, but, of course, with this mode, not all of your features are enabled. Third, one is the time only this mode will literally only give you the time and turns off all the features. Personally, i don’t see a use for this mode, since i bought a smartwatch for all the cool features, and not only for the time. If i only want to see the time, i could give me an analog watch instead, if you know a situation where you only want to see the time, let me know in the comments below, since i cannot think of one now let’s get to my favorite mode, Which will be the custom mode now? It is by far my favorite over here.

I can turn off the features that i don’t, like or don’t need and turn only on the features that i like. Of course, i have everything turned on due to my testing and it will drain just as much battery life as a daily mode, but i just have way more options to play around with now. If you’re worrying about the battery life, i can totally understand that, but it only takes about one hour to fully charge your watch again. The foster gen 5e also has a sleep tracker that might sound great, but this watch is so chunky that is no fun sleeping with it. But if you still want to sleep with it, then it will give you a wait time. Your light sleep and the deep sleep they call it the restful sleep and, in addition to it, they give you an analysis on how you sleep last night, last week and last month, number five on my list will be google assistant and some unrest cards. So let’s start with the google assistant. Now, if we swipe to the right, we get right to the google assistant, so let’s give it a quick try. How was the weather in germany? Of course, you can also adjust the volume if it’s not loud enough. You just have to go to the settings, go to sound, adjust media volume and turn all the way to the maximum and let’s give it another. Try how’s the weather in germany right now in berlin, it’s 49 degrees with fog today, it’ll be partly cloudy with a forecast high of 53 and a low of 30.

. Now, as you heard, the voice is pretty clear and it even ignores background noises like music or whatever. Now, with this watch, you can call your friends or receive calls, refuse them or answer them. If you want to call someone just swipe to the phone tile right here, you can dial the number or just pick someone from your contacts. Sidenote. Your phone always has to be closed to you for calls. If you receive calls and don’t want to answer them or refuse them, you can just choose a quick reply like i will call you later or whatever. Now, during the call you can control the volume, mute, hold the call or just end the call. My only problem with this is that probably no one would use it since you look like a total fool. Talking to your wrist let’s head over to some watch faces simply by pressing the screen for two seconds we’ll. Let you choose between a variety of watch faces, so with this watch you get quite a few pre installed watch faces. If that’s not enough for you, you can even download some more in the app store. All of the pre installed watch faces are fully customizable, so mine right now is the weather, heartbeat and google assistant, but i can simply switch that up to another app, like my contacts, google search or whatever up to point number, seven and right here we are going To talk about the notifications, now, if you swipe down you see all your notifications like whatsapp, instagram, missed calls emails or just notifications in general.

The cool thing right here is that you can read the whole message right on your screen or you can reply on messages like whatsapp or sms, so you can do a quick reply, write something on your own or do something like a voice message. Basically, you do a voice message and your watch converts that into words and sends it to your friends now off to the spotify music app connecting to your smartphone spotify is super easy. All you have to do is open up the spotify app on your watch. It will then ask you to pair it to your smartphone and after that you just go to your smartphone settings and look for devices and that’s. It super easy. Now you can choose your playlist and listen to them. Unfortunately, you cannot download any playlists or tracks from spotify to your smartwatch. Now there are tricks out there using the google play music app, but that would take too long to explain and they are just videos out there on youtube. Just for that purpose, so just check them out now. Let’S talk a little bit about the design. The first thing you will notice is the big 44 millimeter screen, which tempers off a little bit towards the stainless steel case at the edge of the steel case. You have these cool little features which give a big boost to the appearance on the side of the smartwatch. You have one physical button which is embedded into the steel case and either takes you to the app menu or back to the home screen.

This watch comes with a 22 millimeter silicon strap, but of course, you can always swap that out to a latter one or whatever one thing to mention about the silicon strap is that it’s super thick, which i don’t like too much on the left side. You have your speakers for your cars and google voice assistant and next to the home button. You have your microphone now. Let’S get the last point point number 10 to some technical details. This watch is water resistant up to 3 atm which really isn’t too much. Now you have 1 gigabyte of ram, so everything on your watch runs very smoothly, as you have probably seen by now on this video, no lagging no stuttering, no whatsoever. Now, in addition to this one gigabyte of ram, you get four gigabytes of memory now for some kind of reason. On my when i look on my smartphone, it only says i have 1.83 gigabytes, so i don’t know what’s up with that, and you have a 1.19 inch amoled display with a resolution of ‘0 by ‘0, and it operates with the qualcomm snapdragon 3100. As for last to the connectivity, it is compatible with android 6 and above with ios, 12 and above and guys that’s, basically it for the video.