This is the fossil generation, six Music featuring upgrades and design changes from the previous model. This smartwatch really is something to consider lets. Take a closer look. Dont forget to hit the red button to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up and click the notification bell to get my next video first, so fossil have updated the design with the generation six. We have the black watch with the silicon strap. However, its also available with a leather strap a fabric, velcro strap or a stainless steel clasp. You can also buy a wide selection of straps separately if these particular ones dont float your boat. The case is really well designed and the shape is one of the nicest smart watches out there, its very similar to the generation 5e having the almost serrated trim. But it has the addition of these two programmable buttons that add extra functionality and in turn, i think, make it look better too. The case is 44 millimeters, which personally, for me, is a great size. It fills my wrist nicely without looking ridiculously big or too small. The silicon strap that we have is very simple and easy to put on its also quite comfortable. That means its great for exercise and it feels secure, but you can also forget that its there now the straps are interchangeable, so you can replace and switch between different options. If you choose you do this by pulling away the little tab here and the strap just comes away, the display is a 32 millimeter amoled display.

This is the same technology that youll get in lg, oled tvs, for example. This technology is great for things like smart watches, as it can save power when displaying mainly black screens, as all the individual pixels turn themselves off. This enables the generation 6 to have an always on display that doesnt kill the battery life plus it brings nice bright. Colors with exceptional contrast and having 326 pixels per inch, this provides a super sharp image. The display is nice and big, which makes it very easy to use. There is also a bezel of around three millimeters around the edge of the display. I wouldnt worry too much about the bezel, though, as where os on the fossil has been designed in such a way that it makes it a lot less noticeable. The watch has one gigabyte of ram with the new processor, the snapdragon 4100 plus. This gives a larger than 30 performance boost to app loading processing and also lower power consumption from the previous model, the generation 5.. So what else has changed from the last model? Well, in addition to those performance boosts, we also have a few other spec jumps. The generation 6 now has a slightly larger screen to make things a little clearer and functions easier to use. The bluetooth has been bumped from 4.2 to 5.0 that should give faster speeds, greater range and lower power consumption, which plays a key role in the watchs improved battery performance.

The watch is also now equipped with blood oxygen monitor and can automatically scan and track how this changes. The nfc chip has been upgraded to nfc se, which brings the secure element making payments with google pay even more secure than before. The watch is running. Googles wear os and it runs it well. Everything is responsive and smooth. One of the great things about wear os and wear os on the fossil is how customizable it is. It comes with a great selection of watch faces and also has the facer app pre installed, which you can use to spice up your watch face further. The two dials on the side also make life on wear os easier, as you can assign them to any particular function to quickly summon it. For example, like the google pay app other apps are easily found using this scroll menu that you can either swipe or use. The wheel, or just swipe from the right to pull up a list of tiles with your favorite functions on wear os can link to apps on your phone, so you can pull through calendars and notifications from your mobile. These are also very customizable as to which ones hit your watch. You probably will want notifications like messages coming through, but, like myself, you may have certain ones that you dont want to be bothered by. The only issue at the moment is that the watch doesnt yet have wear os 3., its likely to come out next year, but at the moment it has wear os version 2.

. Wear os 3 will bring a ton of new performance, boosts a ui update and some more features like the new third party. Apps and tiles dont worry about it too much, though, as where os2 still works like a dream, so the fossil generation 6 has improved charging on the back. We have two rings that pair up with these two pins on the charger they allow the watch to fast charge up to 80 percent in as little as just over 30 minutes, and then it will trickle charge after that to preserve battery longevity. The battery is meant to last about a day with normal use, and i found that i got about two days and one overnight with minimal use when testing in more detail one day was more accurate, but with fast charging i dont see it being a huge issue For most people now there are a couple of battery saving features. That might be quite helpful. Firstly, there is extended mode that only turns on key features as and when you actively use them. This mode can normally give you a few days on one single charge and the last mode is a time only mode and, as you can probably guess, this means that youll just see the time. However, the battery life will be huge. Now the fossil 6 has a fairly decent mic and speaker its clear enough to be heard when people are talking on calls and your voice will be clear to them.

Also, this is the speaker on the photo 6. It is perfectly clear and very easy to hear you can hear exactly whats going on and speaking back into it. The other side also works really well. The mic can also pick up simple voice commands via google assistant, and it will also have support for alexa too. If thats your ai of choice, the only thing to bear in mind is that the alexa feature is coming soon and not available at the time of making this video like most smartwatches. This comes with a ton of features to track you from your steps and fitness to how well youre sleeping or your blood oxygen levels, and you can keep track of these measurements on the particular apps or tiles, or on just certain watch faces tracking. Your sleep does work well, and what is good is that you can distinguish between when youre having a light sleep and when youre in a deep restful sleep. You also have tracking for calories and steps that you take, and what is quite nice is that on certain watch faces you can see the progress bars for how close youre getting towards your goals. When, where os 3 does eventually arrive on the fossil 6, it will bring a whole host of new fitness tracking capability, as google have now acquired fitbit. So will this smartwatch be right for you? Well, in my opinion, what you should want from a smart watch is something that is stylish comfortable and makes life simpler, something that not only tells you the time but saves you time and for me i think the fossil 6 definitely does all of these.

It achieves every one of those goals, so if youre in the market for a brand new, smartwatch and youre looking for something which does a really good job and looks really smart too, then the fossil generation 6 may well be for you ill leave. Some links in the description so that you can check it out for yourself and you can check out the latest price in your location, but guys, thank you so much for watching this video. Let me know your thoughts on what you think about this watch.