All right lets check out these sensors. Look at that wow. So here it is guys the fossil gen 6 in my hands. What a beautifully designed watch so we have a stainless steel watch case and no time markings but an interesting design around the edges. Weve got three buttons to the side and youve got a very smooth rotating home button and you can see we have a full color. Always on display – and if i just tap the screen that will bring it back into full mode now, this watch has upgraded health. Sensors youve got a 24 hour heart rate sensor. It supports sbo2 automatic sleep monitoring, so this is the first smart watch ever to have the legit snapdragon wear 4100 plus. So that means 30 to 40 percent, more powerful than the standard 4100 um. It says amazon alexa coming soon, so thats a little surprise. I was not expecting. Weve also got one gig of ram eight gigs of internal storage, bluetooth version. Five youve got all the usual built in gps, nfc, wi fi um. Now this is actually powered by google wear os version two, so we havent got version three in this. Unfortunately, but i have read that the wear os version three will be coming to this watch in a future firmware update. Now, if we compare this quickly to the gen, five youve got the same 1.28 inch amoled display youve got the same one gig of ram and eight gigs of storage, but the heart rate sensor has been upgraded, so youve got 24 7 heart rate monitoring.

Now, of course, youve got the brand new 4100 plus chipset, which gives you better battery consumption and a faster performance. This watch now supports fast charging, so with the included charger, stick it on the top and in 30 minutes you can get from zero to 80. So thats going to be very handy to quickly top up that battery and you can see from 48 to 49 how quickly it just jumped wireless in my hands. So fast charging feature is most welcomed. I do want to quickly show you some watch faces because im also eager to see what they look like so yeah lots of watch faces and you can press the plus sign to see more and then youve got a whole bunch. More phaser is already there. You can also download thousands of watch faces from the play store and you do have the google play store im just going to change one of the watch faces, so we got the formal watch face now. I actually went for the silicon model. I didnt want these stainless steel bands, so i went for the silicone model, but i think its only 20 or 30 pounds more. If you want the metal version, so youve got silicon, straps 22 millimeter, they are removable um and the watch is very comfortable on the wrist im. Loving that always on display need to test this watch out thoroughly with android and ios need to test out the battery.

I need to see how all the functions work. We also need to check out the health sensors, the sleep tracking and everything else in the watch. So my full detailed review coming very soon im very excited to have this watch in my hands, because the fossil gen 5 was a beautiful looking watch. The fossil gen 6 is no exception and check out that always on display look how nice that display still looks, and then you can flick it up, and then you get the full display now quite an interesting watch, its 44 millimeters in diameter and its only 9.8 Millimeters in size, i havent weighed the watch yet so i cant tell you the weight, but it does feel in line with what the galaxy watch 3 looks like. But the interesting thing i want to point out straight away is its 44 millimeters in diameter, but the screen is only 1.28 inches. That means the watch is more or less the same size as the galaxy watch classic, except you have a much smaller display, um and effectively bigger bezels going around the screen. Now the software has been cleverly designed to mask up those bezels. But if you look carefully, you can see that youve got unnecessarily large bezels um on this small watch, so they did have the option to enlarge the screen. Instead of a 1.28 inch super amoled display, they could have made it a 1.4 or 1.’ quite easily. This is running, googles, wear os, we have faster charging, and this is the first smartwatch to feature the snapdragon where 4100 plus, so that means its 30 to 40, more powerful than the standard 4100 chip and its supposed to be more battery efficient, compatible with iphone and Android – and here is the charger, its a usb magnetic charger, as you can see, and apparently this can charge from zero to 80 in just 30 minutes.

So that is something i am going to be testing out. So i got the watch on charge right now and i am going to set this up with an android phone first of all, so this is the galaxy zed fault 3, so its my current daily driver so im going to be testing the watch out with android And then im going to disconnect and switch to the iphone and were going to compare the features and find out what works and what doesnt. So that was the first look at the fossil gen 6.. So everything you need to know about this smartwatch in full detail.