and if youre looking for a smartwatch that is compatible with all devices, get any notifications spotify without your phone and so much more then get ready for some tips, tricks and hidden features on that bad boy, hey. My name is leonard youre, watching a product, reviewer and thats me, so the first pretty cool feature on the fossil gen 6. Are the gesture controls now if we swipe down and go to the settings scroll down just a little bit more until we find gestures now over here we have tilt awake and touch two way features of which i definitely prefer the tilt awake one but thats, not What were here for were here for the navigations. Now we can toggle on with caches over here, which allows us to have two more different gestures and the first one is that if we flick our wrist away from us, we can scroll down and that works on our messages, but also on our app. And it does not have to be a hard flick its enough if you gently flick your wrist and that also works the other way around. Of course now we also have a second gesture, which is that if we flick the wrist towards us, it scrolls up uh that doesnt work as good, but it still works, and the very last one that i didnt tell you about is that if we shake our Wrist just a little bit, we get back to the home screen pretty cool right.

I love the google voice assistant, since you can do so many different things with that one. You can either scroll left and press the mic to activate it. Press the middle button for a second or just hide google, but be sure to toggle on the ok, google detection first. Otherwise that wont work with the google voice assistant. You cannot only search for stuff on the internet, but you can also set a timer start. A workout call. Your friends. Do some similar math, like what is 16 of 1 786 easy stuff right. So let me show you some examples: right, quick set, timer, 10 minutes. What is 7.5 percent of 1786? The answer is 133.95. You get the whole list. What you can do with your voice assistant in the wear os app. If you go to the settings over here, we can even change the sound of the voice assistant from a female to a male ausville voice, activate the voice match and many many more cool features just go and check them out. If you have a spare few minutes, usually with most mob watches, when you want to control your music from your watch, you always have to have your smartphone connected to it at all times, but with the foster gen 6. You can just leave that one at home. Since you can download all of your favorite playlists tracks and podcasts right to your watch, so what you need to do over here on spotify on your watch, select the track or list you want to download and then scroll down just a little bit and right over Here you can toggle on download to watch and straight away.

It will start downloading the whole playlist and just like that, you will never need your smartphone again. If you want to listen to some music while youre running you just have to pop in your earbuds or put on your headphones and youre ready to go, and you can listen to your favorite tracks, you can also just use the speaker and i guess, thats, pretty Cool, in my opinion, just keep in mind that you need a spotify premier account to do so. Otherwise that wont work now before we continue smash the like button. If these tricks are helpful, also subscribe to my channel less than one percent of all of my viewers are actually subscribed to my channel so lets change that also click the notification bell to never miss out on any new content and with that being said, lets get Back to the video, the gen 6 has three different battery modes to save some battery daily, one that turns on most of your features, but therefore you have to charge the watch daily over here. You can also do a little bit of customization like turn on or off the always on screen mode to save some extra battery life. The extender mode only turns on the essential features when you need them, and therefore you only have to charge the watch every few days and the third mode is the time only mode which really turns off all the fun features of your smartwatch.

And you can only see the time now. One new thing that the gen 6 brings to the table is that you can automatically change to the extended mode or you can tell the watch that it should switch to the extended mode. When you drop below 10, which is pretty cool my eyes, we can find the next awesome feature in the accessibility bracket. When we turn on the magnification gaseous, we can zoom in to read the letters just a little bit better, just triple tap to zoom in and if you want to zoom out just triple tap again over here, we can also adjust the voice speed of your google Voice assistant or end course by pressing the middle button on the side. All of these features are great features if you are having problems on reading the small letters on your watch or if the voicing system talks a little bit too fast and you want it to slow down the foster. Gen 6 is perfect for receiving all of your notifications, so you can just about receive any notifications that you can think of, and the great thing about it is that you can actually respond to all of them right from your watch now, if you head back to The watch and tap on any message we get a few different options to reply. We can either use one of the quick respawn answers, write our own text and if you click the little mic icon, you can just speak to your watch and it will automatically dictate your message and you can click send now off to some quick tips.

So what else can we do with the fastest gen 6 smartwatch once more, but pretty cool feature is that we can take screenshots of our current watch face just head to the wearers, app click, the three little buttons on the top right corner and press. Take a screenshot of watch then select any app to open up the screenshot, and there you have it pretty cool right now, with the foster gen 6. You also have some customizable watch faces just give the screen a two second press, and you get to your watch – faces now, just press the little settings icon on the bottom and you can start customizing depending on what watch face you are on. You have different options to customize on some. You can change the font of the number on some other. You can change the display metrics like the battery life or the heart rate. As for last, you have nfc for contactless payment, and you have two physical buttons on your watch, which you can customize and connect into any of the apps for fast access. Now, just swipe down go to your settings once again and scroll down until you find your personalization over here, just find customized hardware buttons and if we tap either one of the top right or the bottom right bottom, we can select any app of your smartwatch to Connect to this button and folks thats it for the video.