This is the fossil hybrid smartwatch hr. Now the reason we’re reviewing this is because it is an actual smart watch. A lot of e ink smart watches are watches that have very minimal capabilities of being smart. They have step counters, maybe a little bit of a heart rate. This one is a true actual smart watch and it’s a unique one, because it doesn’t use an e ink screen. It uses an e ink backdrop and what i mean by that is, if you look at the thing itself, you’ll see that the hour and minute hand and the bezel is completely real it’s all in front of everything. The e ink operations occur behind. All of that. In the top left right and bottom respectively, in these little circles now we are really excited about this, because it’s it’s, totally a unique item and we’ve never had anything like this. Before the closest thing we came to an actual egg, smart watch was the sony smart band talk, but even then it was a little bit limited. Um we’ve had other things like the epson smartwatch smartwatch, which wasn’t really smart. So that was a little bit of a disappointment, but this is fossil. This is a major brand let’s explore the box first, before we put everything off to the side and look at the main watch itself. We have a really thick warranty information. They really want to make it oh that’s, why look at all those languages? So not only is it lengthy for the sake of being lengthy, they have tons of different languages in here vietnamese traditional chinese simplified indonesian.

So this is a very international brand fossil. So if there is any sort of warranty information you need to, you know, bone up on this tome will set you right step one charge step two download and pair and that’s. Basically it all the operations will be on the watch and the application itself. Your new smart watch combines the classic look of traditional watch with an always on display and that’s. The beauty of e ink is that it basically is low consumption enough to always be on and not have it be a problem. So we have a usb cable. Here. Is it micro, oh it’s? Not it is a proprietary two pin copper contact charger more than likely with a magnetic snap on the inside. We will explore that in the full review. Now they do have this little rip strip, but we don’t like to destroy the retail packaging, because when we do giveaways, we like to keep this all nice and sealed up, and you can just slide it out. Anyways now for yep that’s everything here’s the watch itself. Do we have to undo this, or does this cardboard come apart? It does all right, let’s, take a quick peek at this it’s weighted very well, and it does look like it features an aluminum body, it’s it’s. Quite nice – and i do hear that the bands are replaceable and they come in many different shapes, uh sizes form factors, materials, colors and a whole bunch more.

There are those two pins on the back. You can just remove this little plastic to reveal those. It looks like you do have a sensor with some light sensors as well. This is for heart rate monitoring and all that fun stuff and the front should have a little plastic as well, like so i’m, not sure what the material is on the cover. If it’s sapphire, what scratch grade it is 678, we don’t know we will cover that in the full review, just to show you that it is always on let’s, go ahead and tap some buttons to see what happens. So it looks like it’s sinking and it’s spinning around, and it gives you a little bit of a demo because it says alex i’m running soon, i’m running late. So obviously you can just cycle through these different buttons will do different actions, of course, download the apps telling you the serial number and go ahead and just get that started. So this is the unboxing of this, and this is everything that comes in the box. We will, of course, be doing a full review on this in the days to come. Just wanted to get this going, so we could open it up. So we could do our testing and know what we’re talking about when it comes time to do the full review. For now this is the unboxing of the fossil hybrid smartwatch hr for