Now today we will talk about the fossil hybrid hr, everett, a watch that has both analog hands and an eating display behind them. Now hybrid smartwatches started to pop up about two years ago, and you really didn’t hear a lot about them, since they were always kind of like living in the shadows of the normal smartwatches. Now, since wearing one of these hybrid smartwatches, i’m kind of like falling in love with them and i’m afraid they might become one of my favorite watchers to wear the fossil everett was released about two weeks ago and mike came with a 22 millimeter leather strap out Of the box well it’s a comfortable watch band to wear, but you might want to think about changing into a silicon, strap if you’re planning on doing a lot of sport with it. Now you can get this watch in three different variations: brown, which comes with a brown leather, strap a brown eating display to match the color and a black stainless steel case. You can get this watch as a dark grey stainless steel model with the black ink display or you can get this watch in all black with a silicon strap now the fossil average takes just about any other 22 millimeter silicon, strap or leather strap, so it’s very Easy to customize this watch looks a lot like any other analog watch on the market right now and that’s part of the appeal the outside ring around the watch as well as the hands are physical.

They are part of the ink display, sometimes the hands get in. Your way when you’re trying to reach notifications on the watch or any other data, but if you give them your wrist, a quick flick, the hands will turn one time around. So you have enough time to read your messages to access the menu or to navigate on the watch. You use the three physical buttons on the side which are, by the way, are customizable. By giving the middle button a long press you get to your menu and the hands will spin to the 9 and 3 o’clock position. But here you can check your settings like d d mode turn, the heart rate or front light on or off notifications or vibration. Settings you also have to find my phone feature so let’s give it a quick try. You have the connect challenge with which you can challenge your friends or random people around the world. You also have the commute time and music player. Now i do love music players with this one. You can skip a track or go back a track play and pause and adjust the volume. Since this watch only has 60 megabytes of internal storage, you cannot download any music files to it. So the only thing you can do with this watch is to navigate music on your smartphone. As for next we have the notifications in the app. You can say what notification you want to receive and it works basically with every of your apps.

So, for example, i can see my missed calls, whatsapp messages, snapchat or instagram – just keep in mind that this is not a touch display, so you obviously cannot reply to any messages on your watch for that you still need to pull out your smartphone to text. Your friends back actually both of these functions are tied to my upper and lower button on the watch for the quick access. So i don’t have to go through the settings. If you check out the app right quick, we have the section customization and right here we have a few presets, which we of course can change anytime. We can change the watch face too, so we can either download new watch faces from the store we can create. Our very own watch face, which is so much fun guys you can put in your own text, have some stickers decide what background you want to have and what features should be shown. You can even place them anywhere on the watch. It’S like drag and drop, and the third option is to take a picture from your album or take a new photo and use this one as a background. This is one operator just for you, so don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more smartwatch reviews just say i subscribe down in comment section below, so i can come back at you later on. Also don’t forget to activate the notification bell to always be notified.

Whenever i upload new videos, the fossil everett is not the fastest smartwatch on the market right now, giving that is an e in display and that they have low refresh rates, and sometimes it even takes an extra second to respond. But e ink has a few big advantages over the normal lcd or all that displays that we find on the newer smartwatches on the market right now. One advantage of the ink display is that it draws very little power. In fact, the only time when it draws any power at all is when something changes on the display and that’s. Why the fossil average has about 14 days of battery life, maybe a day or two less, if you’re heavily using it? The watch comes with a magnetic charging cable, which snaps tight to the watch with this one. It only takes about 15 minutes charging to get to 80 battery life. Now that we got all of that out of the way let’s head to the part where we talk about the activity tracking features and how accurate they actually are. Now the foster average has an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor, so you can track your steps, your burn calories, your pace, your mileage and your heart rate. Of course you can also track your workouts as well as your sleep, but let’s start with the workouts. Overall, you have 10 different sport mods to choose from like running and walking as well as strength, training, cycling and a few more since this watch does not have built in gps.

You always have to carry a smartphone with you around. If you want to track your route, one thing i notice about the gps that it’s really not working that well, even though it’s using my phone’s gps. So there has to be some kind of connectivity problem so on one walking workout. I was walking for like 30 minutes and the app told me that i only was working for 0.6 miles, so i was looking at the route and it was way off that’s. Why? The steps for this workout were off too, so, unfortunately, it happened to quite a few of my walking workouts, so the mileage were off and the route was sometimes correct, sometimes not so it’s, not very reliable. So this watch is a bit tricky. As for the workouts, the steps and the mics were far off, but, as i was looking for the overall stats for the day – and i was comparing it to the polar ignite 2, they were spot on. Also the heartbeat accuracy is very, very good. It was only a few beats off, as i was comparing it to the h10 chest band, so it was kind of surprised because i didn’t expect it to be that good, so fossil you did a great job on that one. As for next, we have the sleep tracker and this one’s a very basic one. It tracks you deep in light sleep as well as your wait time. You also get to see your heart rate during the night when you woke up and fell asleep and the duration of your slumber, and all of that seems about right to me now before we get to my opinion, here’s some side specs.

So this watch is water. Resistant up to 3 atm has bluetooth 5.0 and it’s compatible with android 5.0 and above and ios 12, and above as for last, with this watch, we get a 45 millimeter case which jumpers off towards the edges. So what do i think about fossil hybrid everett personally, i’m, a big fan of the fossil brand, all of their watches, mob, watchers or hybrid watches, are high quality and you can feel it and see it. The everett is also not that pricey, as it only costs around 200 euros, and i want to be honest to you guys but i’m loving, hybrid, smart, watches now, and it has a couple of reasons. First off that you can customize the watch face or the display. However, you want to call it to your likings it’s super fun to do and it’s super easy, also, the material, the design and the overall look of this watch is also very fitting for this high quality brand. So in near future, this watch may become one of my favorite ones. The heart rate tracker and the step counter were point, which was a big surprise to me, as i was not expecting that from the hybrid smartwatch. As this one only has like two sensors and that’s, it now there’s one major downside to this watch, which is the gps, and i know you could argument that it was my smartphone’s phone since the watch is using my smartphone’s phone’s gps.

But i tried a bunch of other smart watches in the past and they all were kind of like better than this one, and i don’t want to be that mean, but like on 25 percent of my workouts, this watch was off in the mileage and in the Steps heartbeat wise, it was just fine and that’s. Basically, the only bad thing i can say about this watch so folks that’s it for the video. I hope you like it if you did don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing.