Today i have another treat for you, another um smartwatch. I wanted to unbox and review for you. This one is the vaso touchscreen smartwatch. As you can see here, this one is the um, the venture hr. 40 mm it comes in the rose gold tone with blush leather, as you can see here. I think this one is super duper cute um. I couldn’t wait to um to get this one for you guys, so i do have it. So let me go ahead and unbox it, so this one’s similar to the one that i unboxed for you last time in the last video the michael kors um, my watch um, i like how it has the you know the um, the embellishments on the top frame, But that was super duper cool guys super duper cute. I love. This watch definitely reminds me of the michael kors. It does have a lot of similar features so which i’ll go over with you in a little bit here’s a little charger here very similar to the one from like. Of course, it doesn’t come with a base either um, just like the one for michael kors but um. Like i said, if you watched my last video, i don’t need a base um. I do have uh the ge power surge, um surge protector. I just plug it right into that into the um usb port and that’s good to go warranty information, how to use a watch so yeah.

Let me go over the um features of the watch, for you just in case you’re not aware include the heart rate tracking um, google weather that’s. Another feature, google pay another feature just that one’s. Actually, the heart rate tracking and the google pay similar to the uh. Michael kors watch as well um you get phone notifications. This watch is compatible with iphone and apple iphones and android uh phone smartphones, so that’s a good thing to know. Um it shows google assistant and apps you can also. It has also has apps. You can add to it as well um, so yeah, one of the main features of the smartwatch um yeah um. This small watch is pretty lightweight similar to the megacorp. I think the microcore one’s a little heavier. Actually, this one is super cute. I really like this one it’s, really simple, i’m gon na feel that if you’re looking for something that’s let’s blank to it, this is definitely for you for sure hands down and there you go uh the heart rate tracking. As you can see very nice and clean. You can see the screen looks like yes, similar to the microcosm as well, okay and try this on see how it fits so shiny i’ve got to actually wear my michael kors watch yet because um, i still got ta get it resized, but this one fits perfectly. This is kind of tight, but not that you can adjust it to fit it and you can wear it like this don’t have to wait.

I think that’s, so freaking awesome but yeah look at it guys, it’s just right so freaking, cute and classy. Yes is just the way it fits. Looks super duper cute. If you didn’t see the last video um, you can go ahead and look at it after this video but yeah you can see the difference um same size, in my opinion, yeah, definitely about the same size. Um yeah, it looked like the same watch honestly it doesn’t look too different. Look at the buttons find a little different um, as you can see in the micro quartz watch it’s just a little clearer as well a little shinier for sure other than that they look like the same exact watch. I think if i had changed the um bands – or this part right here and put a leather band on it, it would look the same like you really wouldn’t be able to tell difference unless you look to the side and you would see the michael kors logo Or whatnot, but let’s look at the back exactly the same looks exactly the same. Of course it says michael kors. This has fossil on it, as you can see other than that it’s the same very similar, i should say very similar, so it depends on what your taste is and what you’re interested in, like i said, i feel one little more bling should definitely go for the Michael kors watch um definitely has a lot of blank for sure, but if you’re looking for less bling and you’re looking for something still classy, you can definitely go with the fossil.

They definitely have the same features. So you wouldn’t be missing much at all, honestly um, but yeah. I think they’re very beautiful, watches very um. This one’s definitely more affordable than the michael kors for sure. Of course um because michael kors does have more features, not more features, but you know it’s more accessorized like i guess i can say um, but they’re best they’re definitely definitely good choices um. So it depends on what your liking is and what your taste is. I guess um but yeah they’re about the same um. If you’d like me to basically step this one up and um do a short tutorial. Um just go ahead and leave a comment in the description below um. If you have any other questions or comments suggestions, what have you please feel free to leave it in the comments below? I hope you guys enjoyed this video and um subscribe. I am doing a giveaway uh once we do hit when this chat. Once my channel hits a thousand subscribers, i will be doing. I will be giving away either a michael kors watch or a gift card. So if you’re interested uh just go ahead and subscribe, um and uh you’ll be automatically entered to um to be selected. Basically, once um we do hit a thousand subscribers, so if you’re interested don’t forget to like this video subscribe, um and yeah, i didn’t want this video too long that’s. Why i didn’t set this um fashionable watch up for you, but if you do again, if you do want me to set it up for you um and do a tutorial go ahead and um just leave a comment.

Uh below um and um i’ll go ahead and do it for you next time all right guys. I hope you enjoyed this video.