C’est le gw67 pro max et nous pouvons voir qu’il utilise également le warefit pro et c’est une charge sans fil et permet maintenant d’ouvrir la boîte. Premièrement, nous voyons un menu et dans la montre et deux bracelets un bracelet en silicium et un bracelet en nylon. finalement, there is a wireless charger and when i put on this job, i found that this job is very loose due to this one. You do not have the lock button, so this job is not fixed and it is better with this nylon bend. It is very tight and this side is also very tight and now lets check the watch. We can see this water is also 44 millimeter and the screen size is 1.8 inch and this side we can see that it has two buttons. Both buttons are functional. This one is the power button and here is the microphone and at the back and this side we can see that it is also the series 7 design and now lets power on the watch. La musique. Premièrement, lets check the watch faces. We can rotate this round button to change the watch face totally, Il a 13 watch faces and it can also add extra watch face and can customize watch faces through the app and then lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the brutal score and the brightness and the shared partition, Music and also business card collection, code and repay, which is for the china users, and then it has two pages in this pageis the do not disturb, and the shutdown and the setting and The screen lock and when the screen is locked, we need to press this button for three seconds to unlock and then from the bottom to the top is the messaging notification and then from the left to the right and the right to the left are changing.

The watch faces and we can double click the screen. Then we can see the commonly used applications and we can press this run button to go to the main menu and rotate to zoom in and zoom out. The firmware is also very smooth, and this watch is also using the hs6621 chipset, and then we can double click. This run button to change the menu style, so this watch totally has three menu. Styles. d'accord, then lets test the functions one by one first, modifier, the dmin and the sleep monitor both temperature and then connect the mobile phone. These three functions are installed from the app and they are also same as the hw 37, and this is the position sharing and also blood sugar and also breathe rate, and then the met and the shutdown and the pressure and then the reboot applied pressure breach. Chaining. You can follow the screen to inhale and exhale to practice and outer spots. It has several sports modes and the indoor activities, and also restore factory setting and also research support, the password and in the voice assistant, Ouvert, the camera and heart rate and the stopwatch countdown and the sound and vibration slip, monitor and spo2 data and the recent course You can make an answer called directly from the watch after connecting with the phone and then calculator sos and then stopwatch again pressure and spo2, again weather and the screen of time and then about and the screen of time again.

And we can see that there are also some duplicate icons in this page and music and then the breeze, and then we can check the wear fit pro app first page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, and the second page is the Exercise page, it has several sports mode and you can click go. Then the phone will monitor your movement and then the find and then the device page. Premièrement, we can see that it can add extra watch face, but some which faces are payable. So you need to pay to install them and some are free and also this what you can support to customize watch faces and then the applications you can install these three applications inside the watch and then the wallet business card, health reminder, météo, push notification, alarme, clock Taking picture and then the phone will take in picture and find the bracelet and favorite contact, you can synchronize to the watch and also some other settings, and then this firmware update factory setting and delete current device and also some troubleshooting. The final page is the me page: there are some personal informations and the goals, and those are the datas okay above, is all details.