Câble de charge magnétique à deux broches. Capacité de la batterie 330mAh à propos 15 30 Jours.. L’écran est 1.32 pouce, Écran TFT avec une résolution de 360 360 pixels. Sur le côté. Il y a deux boutons. Et puis le dos est en plastique. Matériel., La sangle est changeable. La taille est 22 mm. À l’avant, its flat design from glass.. So it looks premium.. If I scroll down, there is brightness and then settings. In the settings include power off reset brightness, Cadran, Interrupteur, app, download and about. And then find phone and DND mode.. If i scroll up to see the notification., if I scroll to the left., There are our data activities, fréquence cardiaque, spo2 météo, Sleep data And music controller.. Et puis, if I scroll to the right, there is training status, fréquence cardiaque, spo2 weather Sleep, données, music message find phone stopwatch, timer and settings.. Then in the training there are Running Walking, vélos de route, climbing spinning bike, yoga, skipping gymnastic, badminton, pingpong boating, sit ups and free.. This smartwatch is IP68 certified and uses Bluetooth 5.0. The button above is for screen on off Power on off and back., And the button below to enter the training mode.. This smartwatch uses the gloryfit application. Its bezel looks thick.. I hope this review will be helpful for you..