avec, et nous sommes le point de transition entre deux ans: l’étonnamment différent 2020 et le bientôt être fantastique, 2021 right gang got ta be better. This may be the very last android 7 montre intelligente. I review i don't know we're going to see, but i just wanted to sneak this one in for you before the big wave of android 10 watches arrive primarily for those of you with a bit smaller wrist that might want an android smart watch here's. What i'm talking about let's look at what we have in here. There is not only a watch but a charging dock as well. Now they call this a wireless charging dock, but it's not what they mean is you don't have to have a wire attached to it when you charge it on your watch, but it still is a wired one. Si vous y pensez, you have to have connection here, it's, not one of those magnetic type clear that up right away. Let'S, look at this watch, it is beautiful. Uh it's got a very simplistic bezel it's, as small as it possibly can be, incorporating a little bump for a front facing camera and side facing camera. There it's running basic uh, Android 7.1.1, that we all know and love and i'll, show you that in a minute but to let you decide if you want to jump over and pick it up right now will tell you it is available from gearbest gearbest.

Actuellement. Has it on flash sale uh if i can get a cheaper price to look in the show notes? d'habitude, if i have discounts they'll kick in after the flash sale is over it's only about three more days. They say so by the time this video is up. It could well be a different price, so always check the show, Notes, click on the link down there and head over if you're interested in buying it again. This is um the technology of 2020 on its edge on the way out, as it looks like larger android. 10 watches are coming in, but it does fit an interesting niche in that it is overall a little bit smaller. The screen size it's, still pulling at 1.6 inches now a little bit of history. As you skim all of this, i won't read it to you: it's in the specs and it's, fondamentalement, the same as almost all the 4g android 7 watches the 1.6 pouce 400 par 400 résolution. Full circle, hd screens using ips technology, came out after the smaller 1.29 1.'. Fondamentalement, 1.4 inch amoled screen watches of the past, so all of those watches were a little bit smaller and somehow everybody decided that a little bit bigger watch was better, but it doesn't help teenagers, uh girls, femmes, people with small wrists to have a watch that looks Okay, Tu sais, and not too big, bien sûr, as you've all seen, things are going in the other direction and getting even larger still with two inch.

Diameter watches, like the prime 2.2 pouce 2.1 inch somewhere in there, like the prime 2 from cospet and, bien sûr, big square rectangular watches as well. What we're looking at here is the smallest platform. Empreinte 1.6 inch watch that you can get so we'll look into it. Tout d'abord, there's a lot of things you want to make sure you do like peel off the front cover it's, not the screen protector there's. Réellement, a screen protector under that, but take that cover off check your cameras to see if there's any kind of little plastic on these these don't appear to have it and check this out for the first time ever. This is a watch that shipping, with a cover over the charging pins. Why well, when it ships, as you saw when we unbagged it, this was together with that, so in particular, if you get this cospet power watch you're going to want to pull this thing off completely. I pulled it back earlier and charged it up. So i don't have to go through all that with you, so i have had it back to here and i don't know you might want to just kind of leave it like that when you charge it and when you decide to take it and put it on Your arm cover that back up, so you don't get any sweat corroding the pins, which is a common complaint. Nous avons, avec android, watches pretty slick so i'm going to leave it on there and i'm just going to peel it.

When i need to charge it, you've got a cover over the heart rate sensor that we need to take off like so, and this is where you would unscrew the cover to put in a nano sim in the watch and, comme beaucoup d’entre vous savent, these android Watches do require a separate sim with a separate phone number for calling and texting. They don't connect bluetooth wise to your phone for doing bluetooth. Appel. toutefois, i understand with t mobile. If you go with them as a carrier, you can get on their digits program and even though there's a separate sim and phone number, it can mirror your phone's phone number and, in essence, it'll ring at the same time on your watch in your phone, Peu importe. If you're beside your phone or notand you can answer on whichever one you grab first, this says private design. Moniteur de fréquence cardiaque. I have not seen that before that's interesting we've got two side buttons. We'Ve got removable bands. Those bands can be substituted out for other bands. You got big specialized screws here to take the back cover off, which they don't want you to do. Um and you don't need to do um camera on the side, camera on the front two buttons and a speaker, and let me tell you the speaker's loud on this one. This may be the loudest uh i've, ever heard on an android 7 Watt. So if that's a criteria for you, as well as the clean bezel and the smaller look, that might be a consideration so i'm going to get into the box.

But let me just pull these these friends over here. Let'S start with the oh yeah i'm, going to tell you about this one sometime yeah, mais pas aujourd’hui. This is the s08 for comparison purposes, while they're off just look at the different size, appearance here's this one on uh, hein, ouch here's, the s08 see how it looks a whole lot, bigger same thing: android watch same size screen different size, Emballage, different kind of an Effect now you move into the android 10. These are the new ones that are coming up. Look how much bigger that looks! This is the thor 6 Android 10 smart watch that's starting to look big on my man's arm, qui est 7 pouces de diamètre, yeah and then, and then we've got over here. The lem12 pro another android 10 watch looking like this. Compared to this see the difference. ouais i, like i like this one, a lot. This one really will fit size wise and the loudspeaker makes the cellular calling um pleasant all of that kind of stuff by the way the bands yeah. These are not the original bands they come to us from straps. Co. I'Ll have a link in the show notes. If you want to check out other bands for uh android or any uh smartwatch, that has removable bands – oh bien, they let them sit in the picture. Why not you think, it's time i turn it on yet. Are you ready yet and then the charging dock yeah that charges with usb right there? The light will blink until it's charged up and the charging pins of course connect directly? Is it interchangeable? I don't know.

I haven't checked, it looks like it might be well check the show notes if i don't talk about it in the video and we'll. Let you know time to turn it on make note here, because next time you come in, you can just skip up to that time and be past. Mr tick's awesome unboxing. It starts out with the word cospet and as it boots up, i am going to finish the box. When you take out the box cover and get into the insides. You find a couple of things. It looks like here's, une 4 pin charging connector, which will fit right on the bottom of the watch like they always do. Here is the usb to micro, usb connector that you'll need to charge the dock, so you can charge the watch separately from the dock by plugging this in and attaching it directly to the watch, or you can of course charge the dock and have the watch sitting On the dock to charge it, that gives you flexibility now to take the dock and wire to work and keep this charged at work and use this to charge the watch at home and extend the overall battery life of the watch, which is coming up into its First face which is a face you can download from the server yep i've already hooked this to the internet and brought in some cool faces to show you in addition to the stock faces that we're going to look at.

Dans un instant, you got a screw with some extra, a screwdriver with extra screws for the sim cover, be real, careful in removing and tightening this that you don't over, tighten it and strip the screws, and then we also have a warranty card hospit.com with after sales Email address and we get sometimes some complaints and comments about youknow poor service and uh support and cospet's, making a concerted effort to change that whole thing, so you're able to register your product and uh and get support directly, and this is from amazon too, for Amazon sales support, pretty cool all right and then we've got the cospet power manual paging through this, comme nous le faisons toujours, i did turn it on, but i haven't showed it to you right, m. tiques. You'Re so mean the only thing is there's no other place that you're going to find really these manuals reviewed like this, so i do try to take time to page through them. You can easily just scroll on over to where we start looking at the watch. Si vous voulez, but this has bailed some people out like immensely when they've been able to find something in the manual that they lost wow, every page is going through how you set it up. bien, that's, pretty good because i'm, not showing you all of that. Aujourd'hui, i'm already set up, i chose the language. I chose the english system of metrics. I went through all these screens that you get to to connect to the ywatch app man.

I might just use this and show it on screen when we talk about pairing, because this is great you're going to get a qr code with a circle that you can. You know put over that, and that starts the pairing process. We have a whole separate app on how to pair your watch and what to do with the y watch. 2 app so we're not going to go into detail other than what you're seeing right here in this extensive manual there's two qr codes, the one for downloading the app which we have a link for in the show notes. You can do it directly there and then the second qr code comes up unique to the watch, for when you pair it and now you get into the watch faces, and so when you scroll down you're, going to see stuff like this and stuff like that and We'Ll, look at all of that here on the watch itself. Vos informations sur le nombre de pas. This is all stock android 7.. So if i move too quickly, just look at another review of the watch, that's running, Android, 7.1, 7.1.1 and you'll be able to uh, see it over again, maybe in a little bit more detail than today, although wow we're pretty much covering everything, this is in settings Where you change the language to match, if you didn't do that at the beginning, your date and time, oh a hint for you in date and time uh, you see that button on automatic date, uh automatic time zone, if it's not displaying the right time in your Area turn that off scroll down to the bottom or you'll get a list of all the different countries in their time zone and scroll through it.

Until you find the city that's closest or is in your time zone select that one and it will be accurate for you, some people see their time being an hour off or it's stuck on china, time or whatever, but do that after you have tethered this thing To the internet, you know with wi fi don't mess around with changing that yet, but once you're tethered to wi fi go into your date and time and change that another comment about doing the screen lock stuff, whether you're just doing basic screen, lock or you're going To do face unlock you have to set a pattern. Don'T forget the pattern. Honnêtement, if you forget the pattern, you're really messed up, you're gon na actually have to flash firmware back to the watch. There'S no way to bail out of it. You can't even get to doing a factory restore to try to just kind of wipe the whole watch out and start over, because you need to enter your password just to get to that. So really really really memorize the pattern that you put in write it down and put it in a drawer tape it to your forehead. Whatever you got to do, don't forget your pattern or you're in real trouble: okay and a little bit more about third party apps and stuff um app freeze. These are all special features to try to help you get better battery life. Here you do application downloads from google uh the google play store.

You can do them directly on the watch. You can do them uh through side loading through from transfer from a computer, toutes sortes de choses, and some of the watch faces that you'll be seeing on here as well, including a place where you can actually add your own picture, set up time and create your Own uh watch face if you want to and then way at the very end, you'll hit a plus sign and you get a whole directory of watch faces, of which the one we put on here is from that grouping. You can see it right here, it's not terribly bright, so i'm going to brighten this up a little bit level, three level, four level: cinq, there we go full brightness on it and so that's how you get to that or all of these watch faces will be Available in the y watch 2 app that you can just scroll through and select which ones you want to add to your watch, you can add as many as you want. This is not like one of those where you have 500 regarder les visages, but you can only add one at a time. You can add all 500. If you want to this is how you change from a circle to a square for your apps in case they're too. Big and you have menu items like google play store, is a classic example. You can't touch the menu item, so you have to change that.

We talk about that in other reviews. Uh here yeah there you go see you can get to the corners now youtube too. If you need to otherwise they're, not visible nice, that they've added all those special tips here in the manual and here you have instructions in other languages. You can scan that qr code right here from youtube. If you're watching in a language other than english we're, Prêt, let's, clear things out and start so first thing you do is go to a different video on how you set up your android. Smart watch get yourself through that video, which may involve doing some rebooting. Some factory uh data, restore uh options and checking for um any additional updates to the firmware and get all that settled down before you begin i'm gon na presume you've done that already you've got this watch in your hand, you're ready to go when you scroll down To the left you're going to open with this screen, that shows you basically a circle about your power level, the date whether you're tethered in bluetooth and whether you have a sim card and if you do it'll, probably have a 2, 3 ou 4 g symbol on There swiping to the right gives you all these different little commands and controls. This is silent mode. I had it on silent when we uh booted it up, so you didn't hear the startup sound but it's there, and you can silence it with uh with that.

You have the brightness we already played with. This is the twist your wrist to see the time. This is airplane mode, données cellulaires, communications and gps, Bluetooth, bien sûr, and wi fi, which i'm on over here you have it. I don't even know what it really does, but it just sort of cleans things up for you and uh. Then you've got the music player with volume control that lets. You play music uh that's on the watch out of the speaker, one more slide and you get into the weather in your area with its uh, les prévisions météorologiques, basically centigrade and fahrenheit highs and lows, and all of that stuff, so scrolling back or anytime. You want to scroll up you're back to the watch face in the other direction. You get the overall summary of your step count information for the week here. You can go back in and change your your units and your height and your weight and those kind of things to set it up for you. I haven't done anything with it, but this would be my daily skip step count notice. It switched to miles from kilometers, it showed initially and calories burned, and those are all that little dots you see in the tabs. You find at this bottom level swipe to the right you'll get into one more tab, which is notifications pushed to you from your phone and once more over here. Now we get into what we call the app drawer, which is all of your different apps, and i just want to show you quickly if i change the list style to round and come back out of here, there's all your apps that are displayed in a different Way in one page at a time circled around the clock, so once you memorize what the icons look like, that's a good thing to do.

We know that system and i'm going to change it back to arc for our use, because we'll have the words there to go along with it. Now you notice, if i slide over one more time i get into a section that is a fitness and you can select any of these fitness activities which are standard in stock and haven't changed for years on all the android watches. The only question is whether or not this fitness stuff, especially for runs and walks and um cycling ties in with the gps inside the watch so that you can do um your tracking. You know you monitor your track against google maps and the good news is uh. This one being fairly advanced and, at the end of the run of all the different android watches 7.1, that we've reviewed the cospit power does indeed do that. Contacts phone and messaging again apply to the sim card that you put in the back at t. T mobile cricket, any network that uses a gsm network same thing globally, make sure the network runs on gsm and it should work. You got your overall settings which includes sound display that lip style we just saw. This is how you connect to the internet. This is the twist you risk to see the time or turning on and off a pedometer, the measuring units. Again that you see at the very beginning, when you're first setting the watch up some power savings hints i'm, just showing them to you because, like i said in other reviews, we go into each and every one of those in detail.

Uninstalling applications third party apps, and you can do much more than just uninstall them. You can like delete the cache or the data that are in those apps. Si vous voulez, you can force quit them. If you need to just like you, do on your phone and then more, and i want to call your attention to this thing called background cleaner with its battery saver turned on and you tap that button. If you have any third party apps in here that need to run in the background, this is where you go to make sure that they will stay active. So when the screen goes off, they don't disappear. You'Ll know what i'm talking about when you run into it and that's how you get to it. Okay and overall about the watch, will show you things like the brand. The model number, the ram, the rom and ram that's, the actual storage, um or rom. Je veux dire 32 Gigaoctets, it's, not really read only memory but it's storage and your build number, which is what you're going to look for when you come in here to do a wireless update. You come in here check that it if you're on the internet. You should be able to get it to come back and tell you if you have an update, and if you do, you can do it and if you don't like this, then you're good to go and again watch the setup video.

It goes through those details for you, a basic browser downloads. This is your lame calendar you can on this install the google calendar. If you want to and use it instead. Dans le cas contraire, you just got a basic one clock with stop watching countdown, timers and stuff your cameras, which are going to come to in a minute all right, we'll go there right now i just selected the gallery, which is the same basic for the camera. I shot a couple of pictures uh using both cameras of my uh hand, towels in the kitchen, just to show you a couple of things: the details you see that flipped away after a second there i'm going to show you details. La taille est 1088 par 1920 pixels for the front facing camera and i can double tap the zoom, a little double tap to zoom, more double tap to zoom back at any point, Je peux, if i get it right, i can pinch and zoom. Incredibly close. You know like practically down to the grouping of pixels, and you can do that from any zoom range to really really nice from right there and, of course you can scroll around live with it as well, so that's the result of a front facing camera. C’est le côté face caméra. Its details are your standard 28 2448 par 3264, which calculates out to 8 Mégapixels. So the site camera is an 8 Megapixel, the front cameras less and they both have the zooming capability and, bien sûr, the pinch and zoom, and you can see how these are a little bit clearer, a little bit sharper because of the higher resolution of the side.

Camera just to show you we can go into the camera here and there's the side camera and it stays nice and bright on the screen. You can also record video, so let me hit that we're recording a little video segment now of me, just wiggling my hands and showing you um a watch i'm going to be reviewing here soon. Does that look familiar to anybody? It should all right. That'S enough. You heard how how loud that was: let's uh play it back. We'Re recording a little video segment now of me, just wiggling my hands and showing you um a watch i'm going to be reviewing here soon. Does that look familiar to anybody? It should all right that's enough, that is the loudest. I have heard practically from any watching definitely from any android smart watch, so perfect watch for doing youtube. Video chatting um regular phone calling. Sometimes the weakness is the loudness of the speaker. This case it's great. We got a music player, we got a basic, Magnétophone. We just heard the sounds file. Manager is where you can go in there and handle all your side loaded, apps and install them your music when you get it in here, the clock skin is the folder that you'll be putting in custom designed watch faces. If you want to add those to your watch, all that's there, the basic heart rate monitor nothing to really write home about it's the single green diode like it always has been.

You cover it. You wait a little while it gives you a heart rate. We haven't verified on each of these if it's accurate, that's nowhere near right. I probably about 85 is my guess: having done these videos before and getting all hyped up and worked up about it it's, starting to inch its way up, so my recommendation don't believe the first reading. You get wait for quite a while until it finally appears to settle down and uh take that reading, because it's got to work with your heart rate, variability and average all of that stuff out to give you a decent reading. Malheureusement, it takes the first reading. It gets and locks that in as the reference dumb but it's been doing that for years. Fitness is the same thing as what we saw when we scroll over here, with the exception that you have a lot more capability here in setting things up, see the three dots at the top. I can come over here if i've done anything in any sport. The records will show up here and i can take a look at them, including the track not against the google map, but just the basically the track. And if i go over here, this is where i can turn on using gps with the fitness app and you basically have all the same things you saw over there, but with pretty colored pictures as well. That'S in fitness weather is your basic weather.

App uh voice search is, is the same as you're you're saying the word: d'accord, with the company name, google and activating um, and you can do that and do all kinds of things suggest that one of the first things you want to do with the google play Store, Probablement, is to get in there and download the google assistant and run through assistant and let assistant take over doing all of your stuff because you can set it up for in context stuff. You know like find a certain restaurant and if the phone number is on the screen, you can say call them and it'll figure that outand i mean you, you know if you've got a phone and you're using google assistant, you know how powerful it is. Google maps is in here this assistant is the one we saw in the manual about how to set your watch up and connect to the phone using the qr code. Once you are, you have remote capture capabilities, so you can take a picture. Touching your watch from your phone. You have music control of the music on your phone, which is different than the music app in here to control the music that's you've installed in your watch. Au fait. Oui, you can connect bluetooth earbuds to the watch, just like you could to a phone, install your music and play your music in your earbuds and control it from the watch not coming out of the speaker, but through your earbuds same with the phone calls from the Sim card you got in here, you can do all that too.

This is like a tiny little phone, really um and and that's. That capability is there in bluetooth, just as it is in a phone bluetooth tethering. The two together allows a connection to an app, but unfortunately you can't bluetooth in a way that lets calls coming into your phone transfer over to the watch and talk to the person from your watch. Just isn't supported not an android 7, not in android 10.. You can send files back and forth to the app you can find your device when you're tethered all of that's available and discussed in our app of the in our review of the y watch 2 app. The app store, unlike the play store, is a place where they've set you up with a few stock apps that you can download without having to log into google. For those of you who don't want to do that, you got to be on the internet. For that you got a basic calculator system. Optimization is a place where you can do a lot of these things that you see deeper in the system. Their basic system, stuff and here's face unlock. Si vous l’avez mis en place, you can toggle it on and off, but remember for face unlock. You have to have a pattern unlock first and if you forget your pattern, you're really up the creek. You will not be able to get into your watch if, for some reason you lose the face unlock capability uh.

Espérons, if you forgot your pattern, the face unlock will work and get you in, but guess what? If you go over and try to factory, restore your your watch and go, thank goodness now i can get around that you can't you can get into the watch with the face unlock, but you stuck, you cannot do a factory restore unless you put your pattern in Don'T lose your pattern: gang okay, we've covered i'm, Sûr. Now everything in the app drawer we covered everything in the fitness stuff over here, we've covered all the other swipes and and burps and leans we've. Looked at the camera. We'Ve looked at the settings, let's uh finish up looking at the watch faces. So all the way over to the far left face number one is a colorful circle, one analog with a few things on here: um and some moving dots press and hold to shift. You get another one that looks like this it's. Fondamentalement, a circle that's digital, so you got a really minimalist analog and digital. Then you got a a swirly one like that: here's an analog one with some color background to it. I don't believe the colors change at all. Although the android watch this one and all of the android 7 ones will support animated faces and even faces that have touch buttons oftentimes. We display some of al rod and other folks custom designs and how they work. We'Re not doing that on this one.

This is just your basic watches. Watch faces right out of the box, plus a couple that i added from the server. These are pretty minimalist. Some of the other watches have more sophisticated faces, but the fact that you can basically install faces at your wish and whim, i wouldn't let the stock face collection, be a show stopper, for you definitely look around and pick up some other faces. If you want to they're really easy to find, we have reviews of the different ones on this channel and links to sources that you can go to download different watch faces. d'accord, few more faces here's a colorful one with some fine detail in it and you can see. The watch has some good view angle on all sides: it's a ips screen, so it's not super high, in contrast like the amoled screens, sont, but it gets by and it's a little bit brighter overall to work with outdoors here's a face. Now that you can download to put onto the watch, i usually add this one, because it shows the edge to edgeness of the screen, which is great on this one and the minimal bezel. It really does make this one look small, so yeah it's going to be a better watch overall for somebody who wants to get into android but has a small wrist i'll just leave it at that they all pretty much work the same as we've talked about it, But they do look totally different, here's a nice one for night time when you dim it down and uh very kind of dressy elegant watch face, and then we have that one that we were showing earlier and all of these last three or four.

Oh. This is the custom one you can make your own by adding your own picture. You can get to these once you're on wi fi by hitting that little plus sign and scrolling through the list of faces that they present to you. When you find one you want, you hit the little down arrow, you see it uh downloading it right here and now it's there as simple as that, all right uh feature wise it's, a basic android, montre intelligente, so you've got all of the things that you can Do on a smartwatch like this, including installing just about any android app if you're used to android phones, you can put your apps on here. You can have gps trackers! You can do astronomy on it. Vous pouvez faire. I don't know everything. It'S really really an amazing platform overall and we're ending up 2020 with kind of the phase out of these android 7 montres, avec le 1.6 inch screens and moving into the whole new technology of the uh android 10 um type watches, with bigger ram, bigger memory and Of course, bigger cost. Personnellement, i i don't know there's not that big of a difference in the of the the versions of android battery life. bien, that needs to be really assessed. Supposedly then, Android 10 is going to give you better battery life, but we haven't seen it yet um thickness wise they're pretty much the same. This is using a 900 milliamp hour battery inside and it comes packed with the dock.

That gives you another 900 heure milliamp. So if you take this with you and charge it during the day, you are basically getting 1800 milliamp hours should give you plenty of power to get through the day into the next day. En toute honnêteté, i would suggest charging it every night in this as well, but you might be able to do it every other day, but you're not looking at a five day, 30 journée, six month, long watch. This is something that has to be charged frequently, as does your phone right same technology same situation, you can pick it up from gearbest uh gearbest has proudly sent this out to us to show you again. This may be the last android 7 watch i'm reviewing for you, so we'll see what 2021 has to hold, but for now this is probably the best android watch for a smaller wristed person and it's. The loudest android watch in terms of the speaker for doing calls. Listening to music or watching youtube, you've been watching smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at smartwatchticks.com, and we really appreciate you being here your subscription and sharing this with your friends.