. Today we have with us one more smartwatch from Noise and its the Noise Colorfit Vision 2., Et dans cette vidéo, nous allons faire le déballage et vous montrer ses fonctionnalités.. Alors, en commençant par le déballage à l’avant de la boîte, we have the picture of the smartwatch, along with the model name, Colorfit Vision, 2. Et c’est une smartwatch de fitness. À l’arrière. We have the key features such as you get the 1.78 pouces écran AMOLED, Surveillance Spo2, Rappels 368 par 448 Résolution px. Calls SMS Quick Reply, 24 heures, surveillance de la fréquence cardiaque, Toujours sur l’écran 30 Modes de sport. You get customised watch faces.. The companion App noisefit for this watch is available for both android and ios platform.. Le MRP sur la boîte est Rs. 6999. toutefois, the launch price is Just Rs. 2999, and this is an introductory price. Après cela,, the price will increase to 4499.. Maintenant, ouvrons la boîte et vous montrons le contenu., So on the top we get this mini box, and here we have the documentation which includes a user guide, Rapide, start guide and the noise stickers.. Then we have the smartwatch itself. Donc les gars. This is the Olive Green variant, and here we have the Jet black variant.. Both these colours look good, et en dehors de cela, this smartwatch is available in a few different colours.. Nous allons regarder la montre intelligente dans un instant. Permet, see what else we have in the box.. So we get the Charging cable and its magnetic, and here is how it connects at the back of the watch.

So thats all we have in the box now lets. Look at the smartwatch closely. Bruit, Colorfit Vision. 2 is a budget Fitness Smartwatch with AMOLED Display., Regarder la qualité de la conception et de la construction, I find the metallic finish case pretty good and even though its made up of plastic, you still get a very good look and feel.. Looking at the straps, we have the push button style strap in this watch and the material used in the strap is very good and it feels very comfortable on the hand. And also guys. I really like this texture on the strap, and this gives the watch overall. A nice look and feel. In terms of the overview we have the 1.78 inch Large AMOLED Display and you also get the curved display and, comme vous pouvez le voir, we have very minimum bezels on both top and the bottom of the display.. At the side we have the function button and at the back we have the sensors, along with the charging points. Maintenant, allumons-le et associons-le à notre téléphone.. So here it is on and asking us to download the app Noisefit., And here we have the app installed and for pairing, just go to the add device and select the watch from the list and thats it. The smartwatch is ready to use.. Now let me show you the watch features., So here we are on the watch face and first about the display.. The output looks very good and I find the AMOLED Display crisp and clear.

Now coming back to the features.. So upon long pressing, vous pouvez basculer entre différents cadrans de montre., And here we have the default watch. Visages. Glisser vers le bas à partir du haut vous montre, la notification, history and swiping up from the bottom will show you the quick settings., And here we have the battery saver mode. Brightness DND torch and the settings.. If you swipe right or left you get access to the quick apps, and here we have the fitness data, fréquence cardiaque, spo2 et ainsi de suite. Pour accéder au menu principal. You would need to press the function, bouton. Et les gars. One thing i must tell you here that the touch response is good and in the main menu you will see very minimal lag. But when we were on the watch face, we noticed some lag here and there. Now about the menu. Premier, we have the Noise Health, which has the Activity, and here you can see your current days, données sur la condition physique. And Then we have the sleep which shows you the details of last nights, sommeil. After that we have the SPo2 monitoring, et puis nous avons la fréquence cardiaque. And guys the data seems quite accurate in this watch.. Après ça, we have the Breathe by which you can do some breathing exercises, et puis nous avons la surveillance du stress. After that in the main menu we have the Clock, and here you have the alarm timer with some preset timer and the stopwatch. Then in the menu We have the workouts, and here you have the neatly categorised workouts.

After that we have the sport records, and here you can see the history of your workouts.. Après ça, nous avons la météo, and here you can see the current weather along with the weather forecast., Then in the menu we have the reminders which you can set from the app., And then we have the music, and with this you can control the music on Your phone and also increase or decrease the volume. After that we have the flashlight, ce qui est assez pratique, fonctionnalité. Et puis enfin, nous avons les paramètres. Dans les paramètres. Premier, we have the brightness and then we have the vibration strength setting.. Après ça, we have the DND Wrist awake, which is the raise to wake feature and about this. The raise to wake works pretty good on this watch and also when you cover the screen with your palm, il éteint l’écran.. Then in the settings we have the Auto sports detection, which detects the workout session automatically, and then we have the Always on display settings., And here you can choose between the analog and the digital, always on display., And I wish there were more options for the Always On display for this watch., Then in the menu we have the usual Reset power off and the restart option., So thats all the features we have on this smartwatch. Et en termes de fonctionnalités. It looks good and you get all the necessary features. Now about the companion app guys.

We have covered the Noisefit app in our previous videos, so i will be showing you just the main and new features.. Nous voici donc sur la page d’accueil, and here you can see your current days, fitness data.. After that we have the watch faces, and here you can customise a watch face and also choose from the available cloud based watch faces. On the Settings page. We have the connected device on the top and in the settings you have the notification and alerts, and here you can choose the app for which you want the notification on your watch. And talking about it here is how you get the call alert and guys you Can reject the call or silent it. And in this watch you can also send a quick reply which works perfectly with the android phones., And here is how you get the message alert and here as well, you get the quick replies and also you do get the Emoji support., Then in the settings we have the reminders, such as idle alert, boire de l’eau, Rappel, meal reminder and also you get the medicine reminder which is a pretty good feature.. And then we have the camera shutter by which you can control the camera of your phone. And then in the setting. We have the hand wash reminder my reminders, which you can sync with the watch. Et enfin, the quick reply featureand here you can edit or add your own quick reply, Message.

. Donc, dans l’ensemble, the Noise Colorfit Vision 2 is a good looking smartwatch with well built quality.. I find the watch very comfortable on the hand, and you can easily use this watch, while sleeping without any issue.. The battery backup is also good and it can last easily upto a week.. The Display performance is very good, and the AMOLED Display in this watch is bright and crisp.. The touch response in this watch is also very good. toutefois, you will notice some lag here and there.. The launch price of this watch is 2999, which is a decent pricing for this smartwatch. But after the launch price, it is going to be 4500 Roupies, which is a bit too much for this smartwatch. So if you like this watch and want to buy one, then hurry up and buy it on the launch date and at this price, its for sure value for money. Et comme d’habitude, si vous l’aimez et que vous voulez acheter, one then do check the buy link In the description below., So thats it guys this was our Review of the Noise colorfit Vision, 2 Smartwatch.. Faites-nous savoir si vous l’aimez et dites-nous également si vous avez des questions ou des questions sur cette smartwatch dans la section commentaires ci-dessous. Donc, c’est tout pour l’instant. Si vous aimez cette vidéo, alors s’il vous plaît appuyez sur le bouton J’aime et abonnez-vous à notre chaîne gadget gig pour plus de vidéos comme celle-ci.