Cette montre intelligente ici et permet de jeter un coup d’œil à certaines des spécifications à l’arrière. Ici. Vous pouvez voir que c’est le modèle S2. Je crois qu’ils appellent cela le char, mais il passe par un couple: différents noms, 128 Megs de bélier 450 Batterie milliampère-heure Version Bluetooth 5.1, which is great lets pop it open and see what weve got now. Bien sûr, you guys know how we do these reviews uh. The companies send this out. So thank you to them for sending this out free for review. We then unbox it here in this first segment, then I wear it for a week or two and then I come back and I splice it into this video. So you guys are going to see the full review in this video, but for me today, filming Im. Just going to film The unboxing and then I will cut the rest into this video so sit back, relax and enjoy. So this is a pretty cool unboxing experience. Already we got a user manual which we may need, but hopefully not feels a little bit more substantial than I was expecting lets go ahead and peel this off. This is actually probably one of the best unboxing experiences for one of these watches that I have seen so far. This is metal on the outside very cold, to the touch very nice faux carbon fiber on the back with a very nice feeling. Actually so yeah lets see if it has any juice there it goes.

Oui, it does have juice so well, set that to the side here lets see what else is in the Box in here and lets check in here we have just a power cable. So very nice lets put this off to the side and lets take a look at the power cable see what it is its USB a to Magnetic proprietary thingy. So this would be nice if it was USBC, so hopefully they will upgrade that in the future. But no big deal for now. Here is the manual so quite a bit here its pretty long, but it looks like its got a lot of different features, so yeah lets go ahead and try it out. So what Im going to do here is Im just going to quickly go over the hardware here. Show you guys what it looks like then Im going to slap it on my wrist and were going to give it a go first. Impressions are, this is pretty Snappy compared to a lot of the other watches that we have reviewed much snappier. I really like that see if we hold down. If we can change the face. Oui, we can nice all right. So Ive got a lot of learning to do with this watch over the next week or two. So Im gon na go ahead and put it on lets, just see what it looks like and I will be wearing it in conjunction with my Garmin Phoenix 6s Pro solar, and we will see how it does now.

Bien sûr, you know comparing an 800 watch to a you know, 80 ou 120 watch its obviously not a fair fight, but it is cool to see how accurate this will be in comparison. This thing is pretty chunky. You guys can already see kind of how that sits on the wrist. I guess they dont call it a tank for no reason. Ive seen people supposedly Drive these over with their car Im, not going to do that in this video, but Im going to put it through its Paces for sure we will go through all of that and you guys will see that in the next portion of the Video so lets go ahead. You guys are going to see that right now, tous les gars droit, we are back at it its been about a week and I have been wearing this watch on my wrist as well as my usual Garmin Fenix success Pro solar Edition. So we will compare the two and I will let you guys know my final verdict on this watch right off the bat you guys can see how it wears its got two of these little straps here I left one out, so you guys could see it, and I recommend using both if you flick your wrist up like this, its about a 50 50 tir, if its going to show up there, it goes got it this time, not the most sensitive, mais il le fera, Tu sais, save on battery if its, not always lighting up Here is the app that you guys are going to need its called Duff.

It Ive actually reviewed other watches uh from I guess China that use the same application but theyre all you know different uh producers. I think they all just kind of share the same fitness. Apps, so if you want to see more of that, you guys can go. Watch those videos but Im going to go ahead and take this off and show you guys kind of what it looks like and were going to run through some of the features. So here is a quick look at the watch itself. Power back up here there it is, there are the sensors on the back as well as the magnetic plate for charging. I will say there is some fake carbon fiber down here, and that is a nice attention to detail. A nice touch that they didnt have to do, but it is nice and smooth. Didnt really have too many issues with it pulling my hair or anything as you guys can see, Im pretty hairy. It didnt really do anything like that. My Garmin Fenix does a lot more than that. So here is the watch and right here you guys can see it says 50 battery remaining. If I swipe down you guys, can see it right there. C’est de la folie. I have not charged this thing one time except right. When I got it, I charge it up to 100 and just started wearing it. That is ridiculous. I charged this thing up while Im in the shower every day for about 10 15 minutes, and that keeps it topped up Id never really have to do more than that, but this thing can last probably about a week without any charge.

I just like to keep it topped up a little bit, but this one I havent even plugged it in one time now it does have that magnetic induction charger right here, so just kind of align it to the back and it charges up super easy to do. Réellement, I want to show you guys that animation so Im going to pull that back into view. So here it goes. Look at that attention to detail that looks awesome, so anyways Ive never seen another Smart Watch. Do it like that. It looks good next up lets talk about the display and the quality of the display. So Ive been super happy with this display. It looks really good its crisp. The colors look vibrant. I think it looks really good now, if I swipe down from the bottom Im going to see my messages so Im not going to go there, but it is what it is to the right here. Youve got your activity, so you can see your steps and your calories and everything like that. So obviously Im not in the very active today here is heart rate Max and min and then of course you can add your favorite. So I already added the heart rate as a favorite and it just loads up in this string. So I can just add another one lets just do blood pressure and there it is now to be honest, this blood pressure doesnt really mean anything. À mon avis, euh.

Just because it doesnt have one of those things that puffs up on your wrist, we did do a review of a watch. That has that. So if you want to watch it go watch the True Blood pressure watch uh review, even that one was a little iffy on how accurate this one. I have no idea how it gets blood pressure. It should be beats per minute. That makes sense, but blood pressure does not make any sense, et, bien sûr, if I swipe down, I can see these things I can see if its connected to Bluetooth, I can change the brightness. If I want its very responsive Im going to turn it all the way up for this video we, qu’avons-nous d’autre? We have Do Not Disturb mode battery saver mode, music mode. Now this thing can play music. I actually accidentally started playing music from my phone through this now the speaker doesnt sound, very good compared to the phone. The phone sounds way better. À présent, if we swipe to the left here, we can go into the settings and youve got a couple options for display. Uh you got brightness sleep stuff like that vibrate youve got vibrate ring. You can change the intensity. I find its actually very soft with this default soft intensity right here. So I might actually change that to intense youve also got a calculator here got find my phone, ce qui est assez cool, youve got cycle tracking for the ladies and then a bunch of other stuff.

You got a flashlight, you even have games on here. Oui, there are games on this watch, Heres, floopy, bird or floopy. I guess they call it all. You do is tap the screen and it makes the bird go up pretty funny, definitely a rip off, mais bon. If you want a little game on your watch here, Tu vas. Oh, that was a close one. Im actually doing pretty well, oh bien, so thats how that works! Theres a couple games on there, not a ton but hey at least you get some games. You got a AI voice assistant right here. Vous avez des réveils. Of course you got a timer. Of course you got camera shutter, all the basic things that you would expect music player. So realistically, this comes with pretty much everything you need now lets quickly talk about the comparison between this and this and were going to look at the app for that. So lets pop open the app right hereDuff it let it load up here all right that wasnt too long its back. Il dit 2058 steps and uh sleep. Why does it say no data? Oh oui, C'est. The other thing I have to mention this thing is not the most comfortable to sleep with uh. En réalité, I had to take this off for the past. Like three nights in a row, you can see just how big it is and how thick it is when it was on this wrist.

I put my arm under my pillow and it was like cutting off my circulation. Like I dont know it wasnt comfy this ones not comfy either, but this one was just so bad. I had to take it off. I think its just due to its sheer size now. That could be why this was just not working for me at night, but just keep that in mind if youre gon na get something like a tank like this, that is very durable. I smashed this thing into the wall, many a Time on accident, but I dont see any damage on it. It looks perfect, so this is metal its very well made. So sleep youre not going to see too much here. I did wear it a little bit. So let me see there we go. We got a couple nights sleep right here, its funny that it actually says I slept two hours and 15 minutes uh, because I took it off so thats a little weird but anyways. If I go back to the week view, you can see a little bit of the sleep stuff here. Lets click lets see if I can narrow down into some of that here, D'accord. So this is on January 3rd, so we will pull up the Connect app. So here is January 3rd from the Garmin Connect app. This thing is pretty accurate, Ive tested it in the past kind of tested and proven. Donc, c’est 628.

Cela dit 610, that is pretty close. You can see restful light and REM. Uh lets see how close they are there not very close on that, but this is their own. You know algorithm, but heres what I get from Garmin and heres. What I get from this sleep, app pretty cool uh. You guys can see 26 Beyond 26 people sleep early again. This is very confusing, because the English translation is not the best, but I think its saying that uh 26 of people sleep later than me, so I went to bed pretty late. I think thats what its sayingand I guess I get up around the same time as most people and I dont know I guess I sleep about the same amount of hours as most people very interesting data. J'aime ça, you can kind of swipe through here its kind of a interesting little animation. There I dont know looks cool and it just breaks it down by week month and then you can click on this one here and see the dates so thats kind of cool thats, le sommeil, its relatively accurate, but its not as perfect as garments. But again this is, like I dont know, 100 dollars. C'est 800 dollars, so you got ta got ta pick which one you want. The prices of these should be dropping just because they got the Phoenix 7s out, but regardless were talking about this. One here now lets scroll down full day heartbeat.

We can check that out here, heres what it looks like so its in the light range, because I dont really do much these days because Ive been inside because its been so cold blood pressure, which again I dont know how its getting blood pressure data from something That doesnt have one of those puffy things doesnt make any sense to me. Spo2 didnt get any. I wish that was on all the time. Stress levels lets go to the graph. I guess stress, doesnt measure, either thats kind of disappointing. It should be doing that automatically. I think outdoor running didnt do any of that. Now here is the watch itself. Now you can change. The watch faces right from the app so there we go its super, quick and responsive. J'aime ça, and these are pretty cool, looking watch faces and theres even more in the face gallery, uh its going to take a minute to load here because its a Chinese server, I think but yeah there. We go Bunch that you can choose from and you can enjoy going through that notifications, you can choose which ones you want to receive and which ones you dont we can back out of that. We got alarms again, like I already mentioned, shutter ecard, which is like a contact card favorite contacts which you can add right here and I do not allow contact access to any app others. Now you guys can see right here. I set the full day heart rate to 30 minutes, but you can change that to like five minutes.

Your battery is going to get worse. Si vous faites cela, so keep that in mind mine, never actually time to stress which is weird battery saving mode is off and auto lock after five seconds. You can change that to 15 ou 20 secondes, C'est, probably a little bit better. Actually lets do 10., vue rapide, drink water reminder if youre into that heart rate alert. I like that on this one, you can change the weather format from Fahrenheit to Celsius, so that is cool to see. You can set it to your own right there and then theres uh cycle reminders right there and lastly, we have the profile card here, where you can add your goals and stuff like that, but Im not going to get too into that. So overall whats my verdict on this smart watch, weve reviewed tons of theseand this one is a little higher priced than some of the others. I think youre getting a better build quality product, but for me honestly, for over 100 dollars. I dont know that Id pick this one over some of the others. I mean we reviewed like 20 Ceux, weve reviewed 30 Ceux, fifty dollars seventy dollars, and this ones like around 120 sure its more durable if thats something youre into I like that, they use the dot fit app. I like this app a lot. Its got a clean interface, its relatively accurate, qui est grande. I think the price point should be somewhere between 80 85 dollars.

120 is kind of pushing it, but hey you never know what the sales are going to be so links to everything down below.