We will find the watch itself, the warranty information, a magnetic charger with usb connection and some instructions. The charger snaps onto the watch very fast, which is a very satisfying feeling now. Laisser’S talk about the design and some specifications excel mimi watch has a 1.’ pouce. Amoled touch display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels. The diameters of this watch are 46 millimètre par 53 millimeter and it weighs in at 32 Gramme. This smartwatch has two physical buttons on the side. The upper one will take you straight to the app menu where you will find all of your apps, whereas the lower one opens up your sport modes. À présent, as for some side specs with the mi watch, you will get about 16 jours d’autonomie, which is quite a lot and you get one gigabyte of memory 16 megabytes of ram and even though you only have 16 megabytes of ram, the watch is still Very responsive, no lagging no stuttering, no whatsoever. Il est résistant à l’eau jusqu’à 5 Atm, which means you can take a shower or go to the pool with it. Il a bluetooth 5.0, a bunch of sensors like heartbeat sensor, capteur d’accélération, gyroscope spo2 ambient light sensor. Geomagnetic sensor and a bear receptor also, the watch screen is very durable, since it has the gorilla glass 3.. En ce qui concerne le dernier, we get gps glonass and get a leo with a me watch now lets talk about the tracking features and first off we have the sport modes.

Through the lower button on your watch. You will get right through all of your sport modes, so you got the usual stuff like outdoor running, marche, tracking cycling, swimming and hiking. The me watch has over 100 sparkles to choose from and to make it easier to find the right one. All of the sport modes are divided in extra categories like outdoor sports, eau, sport, dance or boxing, and we click one of these options out of the sport modes that belongs to that category will show up now. Regarding the gps, it is actually pretty good, ce que j’ai fait’t expect from a cheaper smartwatch. After my test runs and walks, the me was synced up with my smartphone, and the route was very accurate. I also had the feeling that my average stride length was correct and the overall steps are mileage too. Next up the heart rate sensor and the sleep tracker on the watch itself, you only get basic informations, but in the app you get a more detailed analysis. So right here you see your maximum minimum and average heart rate for the day, and you also get to see that for the last week or month on the sleep tracking section, you see the usual stuff like deep sleep, light sleep ram and a wake, and it Will give you score based on your sleep quality now during the last night, i woke up sometimes, and the app didn’t l’enregistrer, so it is not flawless, but regarding the time i went to bed and woke up, it is pretty accurate.

Another thing i really love about this watch is the spo2 tracking, since we are still caught up in a colorado situation. This feature really comes in handy. It can be a good indicator of how well your circulatory system works through the sensors on the back side of the watch. It is able to track your blood oxygen level at all times. A normal reading usually ranges from 90 à 100 percent just to complete the list. The xiaomi watch also have a stress, tracking energy, tracking and breathing exercises by the way, if you want to archive some videos which are strictly for the different tracking features that you have on your smart watch. Par exemple, how does the sp02 or the heartbeat sensor work, or how does the sleep tracker work or how does the smartwatch know when my deep sleep light sleep ram face or whatever just let me know in the comments below what you think about that idea now, Quant à la prochaine laisse’s talk about some watch face that you get with the me watch so on the app you have a bunch of watch faces to choose from. I guess there should be one for everyones taste. You have utility based watch, faces very simple ones: painting photos, sci, fi and a lot more just check them out now that we got all of that out of the way. Let me show you the watch more in detail. So if you swipe down you get to see all of your notifications like instagram facebook, missed cars or snapchat.

Si vous faites glisser vers le haut, you will get to your quick panel now over. Here you have your dnd mode, flashlight display on and off settings and alarms, swiping left and right. You will get through all of your apps tapping. These apps will allow you to see even more detailed stats, for example the heartbeat sensor. When you tap that one, you see your heart rate zones and your 30 day heart rate on your activity, tracking tile, you see your daily steps, Brûler, calories and standing. The me watch also has a music player, so you can control your spotify music or whatever right from your smartwatch lets jump right into the settings with this watch. You have a few options, so you can swap your watch face right from the smartwatch. You can set the brightness to auto adjustment or set the heart rate to continuous heart rate monitoring. You have an auto workout detect feature, so your watch automatically detects when youre working out you can secure your smart watch with a password and, of course you have the always in display mode. Donc les gens, what do i think about this watch now? À mon avis, the xl mi watch is a very good one, considering the price performance ratio. À présent, avec celui-ci, you get a very accurate gps, it is super responsive. You have a big 1.’ pouce, amoled touch display and to top all of that off, it is very nice designed.