avec, le premier ensemble pour les spécifications de la Smartwatch, Nouveaux centres. d'accord, nous avons ici, d'accord, l’une des dernières montres Ultra clone abordables sur le marché. Ce que nous avons, c’est la montre intelligente z55 ultra. d'accord, nous allons donc avoir le déballage des Smartwatch permet, Vérifiez-le, design its design and other features as well as specs okay. So if you have any questions regarding the z55 ultra Smart Watch just drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries. d'accord, so we are ready so lets check lets unbox the z55 ultra Smart Watch. d'accord, so lets open the box, but before that lets check first at the back: d'accord, so watch band charging, câble et manuel d’utilisation, so the support app is available in Android and App Store the iOS App Store okay. So why do box packaging here? D’accord, vérifions. We have some deta details here: Ultra titanium case 49 millimeter okay, so we have the smart watch. We have the wipes here for the application of screen protector and we have the the user manual. d'accord, we have the screen protector and of course we have the charging cable here. Okay and we have the strap okay and, bien sûr, our Smart Watch. So they say titanium color, smart watch here. So this is nothing extra Ill watch, bracelet, fermer à clé, d'accord, Jesse and a graphics; okay growing the same with this one, its not a real screw. d'accord, so we have here the smart watch.

d'accord, we have the ground button and, bien sûr, the pull strip button here on the bottom part, and of course also, we add the speaker, although it looks like okay, the same with other speaker Grill here, but as you can see it, they theres only three hole Here: d'accord, we have the orange action button, the same with the mic here: theres no hole except for this one; d'accord, so lets try to attach the strap okay, but before that lets check. Premier, the wait: okay without the strap, alors 36.46, okay with the strap. So its around 56, d'accord, so its just similar to other 49 millimeter Smartwatch, d'accord, its around 50 à 60 in weight. d'accord, so lets check for the thickness here so around 10, d'accord, donc son 35, this ones around its, not exactly 49 Millimètre. je pense, comme vous pouvez le voir ici, okay success lets see it says its 49, but lets compare it with a 49. euh, non, sa, pas un 49. d'accord, as you can see here much smaller, I think its a 45 millimeter okay, comme vous pouvez le voir ici, this Is a 49 millimeter version and what we have here is the 45 d'accord, as you can see its even around 42 ici, d'accord, so its just a its, not a typo, but just a marketing thats, une 49 Millimètre, its not a 14 montre intelligente millimétrique; d'accord, oh As you can see here, some medium size, montre intelligente, d'accord, so beautiful.

Looking smart watch here, theres no watch lap or strap lock here for the wearable wearable. Okay lets turn it on lets see. If we still have a battery left, okay still have anyways. We can charge it later on in the war magnetic uh wireless charging, so we have here the smart watch: d'accord, très mince, black border bezel, ici, d'accord, so similar to other 45 Millimètre, abordable, montres intelligentes, theres no split screen, prise en charge, d'accord, swiping or changing watch faces is By swiping on the screen and the bottom part, we have the quick settings. d'accord, if you want to access the menu just press this one, oh non, thats a sport. Maybe this is the menu okay, so lets see what is this one? The action button here? Oh its also the sports okay, so we have a functional rotary button here: d'accord, so thats it for our z55 Ultra Smart Watch checking off its design as well as the specs here. d'accord, so you can check the specs below okay, we do have the details on specifications of the z55 ultra Smart Watch. So if you have any questions regarding the Smartwatch, just drop a comment below and well try to answer your squares.