Please use this link to explore Freedom Pop and set up your free monthly service: Thank you!
Follow guidance in this video very carefully to insure your account remains free after the initial purchase of your SIM and smartwatch phone number (approx, $20 setup cost). Remember, you must DOWNGRADE your plan to FREE after receiving and setting up your watch, and do it within TWO WEEKS of the day they ship out your SIM or you will be charged for their default paid plan!

Also remember you need to create a special APN for your watch, and you can only do that AFTER you receive and install your SIM. Follow their video or text guide on what to put into the APN entries.

Finally, you need to run everything with a separate app on your Android smartwatch:

FreedomPop Messaging Phone/SIM:

Thanks to Mark Whorley for identifying this resource and testing it on his smartwatches and letting us know about it:

"So I never could get FreedomPop to work on my IQI I4 Air, even after talking with Tech Support multiple times, so I finally gave up. Then over the Holidays I decided to put the FreedomPop nano sim in a couple other android watches, and it worked without any problems (I wish I had tried that several months ago!!!) I now have the chip in my Z80 and I can make and receive video calls through the Duo app for free (as long as I stay under 200mb per month). I can also make and receive 200 calls per month and 500 text messages for free. I am not sure how FreedomPop is staying in business, but I would now recommend them to your subscribers as I can verify it is working on some watches."


From MrAerotrike:
Sorry for the fun experience, but you missed a few tidbits of FreedomPop that is making me consider leaving.
– First there is a new fee ($20 credit added) to downgrade from the initial plan to the free plan.
– Second, the data plan that you are showing pertains to the CDMA phones, the GSM sim chip only has 200MB and phone call and text will consume that data on the free plan.
– Third, they may apply an "Admin fee to defer cost of Fraud and etc" fee of $2.99 on your free account.
I've been a Freedompop user for 3 years or more and will say that the initial concept was free after you purchased your device, but after many policy changes, I am working my way out. I have more than $20 of credit balance for overage than cannot be applied to service fees that I have to burn through first.