The first huawei watch was one of the greatest smart watches available at the time, but with the release of the watch 2 in 2017, the line was virtually forgotten, with no indication of a follow up until now. Music, it had that classic watch, look that seemed to resonate with early adopters and even years later many people hoped it might come back with the watch. Gt huawei opted to go in a new way, with its smart watches, ditching android, wear and wear os in favor of its own light os, putting a larger emphasis on fitness monitoring and attaining improved battery life. The acclaimed wearable has made a triumphant return in 2021. The huawei watch 3 and watch 3 pro are more expensive than the huawei watch gt2 series, with the exception of the watch, gt2 pro and porsche design edition and, more importantly, both devices run on huawei’s new harmony, os platform, which gives us an idea of where the Company plans to go next in terms of software Music. The huawei watch 3 will cost 349 pounds and 99 pence about 495 dollars for 106 euros in the uk, but no official, u.s or european price has been announced, as of yet for the watch. 3 huawei continues to the same rounded design idea of the gt, but adds finer case materials and a better display to set it. Apart from the watch gt2 and watch gt2, the largest watch gt2 option, which comes in active classic and elite versions, has a 46 millimeters chassis to match.

That means you may choose between a watch that is more suited to exercise a more traditional huawei watch, design or even an all metal design. If you like, a more formal watch, stainless steel, casings and ceramic backs are standard on all models. A departure from the plastic used on the gt2 series, a huawei watch 3 pro is also available, which increases the case size to 48 millimeters and replaces the stainless steel with titanium it’s available in two versions classic and elite, both of which lean toward a more traditional Watch appearance i have the more minimalist looking active variant to play with which, with its all black case and floral elastomer strap reminds me of the samsung galaxy watch, active it’s, 12.15 millimeters thick and weighs 54 g and it’s been a pleasant watch to wear throughout the Day during workout and overnight, the watch buckle keeps everything in place and the bands may be easily removed from the case. If you wish to change things up, the active edition may not be the most thrilling of looks, but if you like, a more casual, less dressy vibe, we think you’ll, like it. The lone physical button and a redesigned rotating crown are the only things that break up the otherwise sleek casing design. If the apple watch digital crown sounds familiar it’s because it operates in a similar way, allowing you to twist to scroll across screens and press to open the grid, app launcher. On the other hand, the single button serves as a shortcut to the workout tracking capabilities.

The displays on huawei’s gt, watches have long been a standout and it’s encouraging to see that they’ve only gotten better. The bigger 1.43 inch 466 x, 466 resolution amoled screen on the watch 3 and watch 3 pro, is very sharp and has all the attributes of an excellent amoled display. It has those deep blacks, realistic, colors and everything looks excellent here. Whether it’s, widgets or watch faces visibility has been beneficial in general. It will always struggle a little in bright outdoor light, but not to the point of being a real annoyance, Music, an always on display mode which was available on the watch gt isn’t available. At the time of this review, but it’s one among the things huawei is planning to introduce in the future. The huawei watch 3 is the company’s first smart watch to run on its own harmony os. This software is designed to run a variety of devices, including the huawei matepad pro smart scales, action cameras and more. The goal is to establish a platform that allows devices to communicate and connect with one another in a seamless manner. Harmony os appears to be featured on the watch 3 in the form of ui improvements, a grid launcher that appears to be influenced by apple’s, honeycomb launcher and more animations that are currently unavailable on the watch. Gt2 it’s a smooth experience, though thanks to huawei’s, unidentified dual core processor, 16 gigabytes of storage and 2 gigabytes of ram swiping across displays is a pleasurable experience and there are no slow loading.

Apps it’s also designed to provide a smart watch experience that’s on par with what apple, samsung and google’s platforms have to offer. The watch 3 will function with both android and iphone devices. However, as with the gt series, you’ll get the most out of it. If you combine it with an android phone, you may use the built in music player as well as download and create new animated watch faces. While doing so, you are able to view notifications, but you are unable to reply to them. Huawei is bringing back the isim that was previously available on the huawei watch 2 in china. Vodafone will offer lte support in the uk, although i haven’t got the chance to test it out. Yet huawei is also throwing its app gallery marketplace into the mix trying to entice developers to create apps for yet another wristwatch platform. Although it is currently limited. The experience of using the app store on the watch is far superior to that of using google’s play store on where os watches. This may be a significant benefit for huawei if it can get some big names on board, but that’s a big if some type of monetary assistance is something that does not make the cut here. As things are, there is no support in the united kingdom. Although nfc functionality is present, it is unclear whether huawei will consider making the watch 3 a payment device in the future. Fortunately, you’ll find a microphone and speaker on board which will allow you to make and receive calls as well as use huawei’s celia smart assistant, the appearance of smart assistance on smart watches, hasn’t wowed users across the board, with the notable exceptions of fitbit’s, alexa and apple Siri, you can activate celia by saying, hey, celia and then asking questions with responses.

Read aloud with questions about the weather or testing your heart rate. You must keep it simple. The assistant on the huawei watch 3 is visible. If you ask it to tell you when england’s next game is it will tell you that the question is too difficult for it to answer? It is obvious that it lacks the context and complexity of similar ai technologies, such as alexa sports tracking modes work. Similarly, to similar capabilities on the watch gt2, the addition of a temperature sensor does not appear to be particularly useful at this time. Heart rate accuracy is still lacking for 24 7 monitoring and exercise tracking. The addition of navigational features is on the way when it comes to tracking steps, heart rate or documenting, runs and swims with the huawei watch 3. The experience is essentially comparable to that of the huawei watch. Gt2 series watches this is because the watch 3 offers essentially the same workout options, interfaces and data as the watch too it’s, not a negative thing, because huawei’s approach to sports tracking is generally positive. The activity tracker and spo2 sensor on the huawei watch 3 are visible. An optical heart rate monitor is included. All of the necessary technology is included, including built in gps and huawei’s latest truescene 4.5 optical heart rate, monitor, which is designed to outperform huawei’s other watches in terms of accuracy. Spo2 readings are taken using the same sensor and stress and fitness tracking staples like sleep monitoring, are included.

The watch 3 now features a skin temperature sensor, although it like the other, inbuilt health sensors hasn’t, received any kind of regulatory approval having been created solely for the purpose of improving one’s health and fitness. Huawei, like apple and samsung, has included an emergency sos option as well as fall detection modes. The activity tracker and sp02 sensor on the huawei watch 3 are visible. If you choose the watch, 3 pro you’ll also get huawei’s new dual channel gps, which the company claims can outperform the apple watch 6. In terms of accuracy, huawei has 100 training modes, including 19 professional ones, with more detailed metrics and six automatic exercise. Recognition modes; Music. The running guides from the gt series watches are still available and they provide performance data such as vo2max and aerobic fitness, anaerobic training, loads statistics to help you better manage how much and when you work out from a performance standpoint. The experience is pretty comparable to what you’ll find on any of the huawei watch. Gt2 series watches it performs admirably in terms of gps accuracy during outdoor activities, albeit it fell short by around 0.5 kilometers on the runs i put it through versus the high end. Garmin enduro sports watch. It did nicely in the pool and tracked nearly identical data to the garmin enduro and forms dependable swim, goggles, continuous heart rate, monitoring and heart rate. Monitoring during exercise always looked excessive resting heart rate was about 10 to 15 beats per minute higher than readings from a clinical grade.

Heart rate monitor a pulse oximeter and a fitbit sense smartwatch, which i’ve grown to rely on for solid resting hr data during exercise. The heart rate data seemed to be substantially higher than what i was getting from a garmin hrm pro chest, strap monitor. You get a lovely ring style widget on the watch to keep track of your daily progress as a fitness tracker, as well as animated inactivity, alarms when you haven’t been moving about enough. This information, as well as sleep, can be seen via the huawei health app. However, sleep tracking was hit or miss during testing while it often matched the fitbit census sleep metrics. There were a few nights when it only registered a few hours of sleep. I know i have trouble sleeping at times, but never to that extent, huawei intends to provide new tools to enhance the tracking experience. Pedal maps will be added to huawei’s tool gallery to provide navigation that appears like it will be used by third party apps with popular mapping, app commut being one of the apps going to huawei’s app gallery in the end, if you’ve used a huawei watch, gt2 you’ll See that a lot of the features are the same, you might receive an extra sensor and some additional training options, but that’s about it. For now, just two to three days in full. Smart watch mode feels like a step down, but ultra long battery mode keeps a lot of critical features available and reverse charging with huawei phones is a wonderful bonus when huawei appeared to take a vacation from smart watches after unveiling the huawei watch 2.

. One of the reasons it chose to reconsider was to provide a large battery life with the watch gt you’ll be able to do just that. It provided weeks of battery life rather than days, and the huawei watched three attempts to improve on that. To some extent, with the huawei watch 3, you have two options when it comes to battery life. Huawei claims that when using the watch in full, smart mode with all features turned on, you should get three days with an android phone and only 1.5 days with an iphone. It lasted 2.5 to 3 days with a drop off of over 30 when paired with an android phone. In my experience, in slightly over an hour of running while using its sports tracking functions, the battery dropped by twenty percent compared to only eight percent on an apple watch series, six huawei also has an ultra long battery life option that may last up to 14 days. According to the manufacturer, huawei limits you to a single analog face in this mode and some apps and functionalities such as huawei’s celia, smart assistant and various harmony. Os ui flourishes are disabled. You can still access and use a good portion of it. You can get notifications track your workouts and monitor your temperature and heart rate, for example it’s nearly as if you’re, using light os only on a watch gt2, even with some workout tracking. The battery drop off in this mode was roughly 10 percent equating to about 10 days.

The watch 3 is certainly capable of going further without drastically limiting the number of functions available to you as an added benefit.