com and we are back we're back with the omate 06l pro smartwatch, and this is the official unboxing of the product exactly how you'll get it when you order it. I'Ve never had one like this. This is amazing. We have taken a look at a prototype of this watch, just basically the watch, but this is exactly what you get when you buy one from the company. It comes in a can and inside here on, a plastic sleeve we've got to shake this. Just right, get all these little chicklets off of here you get the watch and and they're kind of tight. There we go. An extra special band called the nano band goes along with the nano sim. I imagine that goes in the watch. We un strap it from here with a very nice silicone, uh, strap on here and there's. The actual unit itself got the imei number up on top. Here and the proximity sensor here, two buttons on the side, a cover on the screen and the extra band that you can install now, as you can see, this is being marketed as a a smart watch for kids. However, as you know, it's way more than that we uh we did the full review that shows this thing could be used for seniors. It can be used for what they call lone workers, workers that are out in the field by themselves, doing dangerous things and need to have a watch that or some sort of a system that they could communicate emergencies with.

But this one this in particular this design is coming. You know basically for parents to have for their kids uh and in that vein, we'll be reviewing it that way, but it's actually a watch for parents not for kids, although the kids will be the ones wearing it, the parents will be the ones controlling it. Choking hazard everybody, if you got young children in the house, um yeah – i you might want to put this away and not even use it as such, or you could play with the band, but be careful with the chiclets make sure your kids are of an age That they're not going to swallow those things if you end up using this watch with this band, for this purpose, let's take a look at it. This is the omate 06l pro. This is an overview of how it works. What it looks like we're, going to review this and again i'm going to refer you to the video we did of the watch itself and all the details of how it worked. If you want to go deep as a surface overview, you've got a camera for a video call. A 1.3 inch display a really loud speaker very impressed with the speaker, it's kind of like a watch, a phone in speakerphone mode uh, the volume that comes out of that. Not often do we see that removable 20 millimeter bands and you can put any band on it. You know this is one option, but any 20 millimeter band i'll have some links in the show notes for um bands that you can use, including the thumb band.

I think you saw that video that goes around your thumb. We had this particular watch mounted on that perfect position for doing video, calling it's got 4g uh, wi, fi and gps, sensors and and communication systems in it, the proximity sensor. If the band is removed from whoever's wearing it, it can be set up to send a an alarm to the phone of the administrator, and that person can be then aware that the band was removed and take appropriate action. You got a sos button, which is really really valuable and very effective, and a noise cancellation microphone all built into it. When you order the product it comes in either a purple color or black, and you just saw it comes in a can with all these little um chiclets inside and a special nano band that you can mount them on. Nano block is what it's called. So. Why would you want this thing? What does it do that really makes this thing special here you go it's we're gon na get right to it now it's this little comment down here. The watch itself comes with something called the software sim built into it. That gives unlimited 4g lte for specific things and it's got a data plan included with it free for three years. So out of the box, you can use this thing for making video calls for making regular calls similar to telephone calls. But it's going to be watched to an app rather than phone to phone or phone to watch and you'll, be able to locate the device and receive emergency.

Sos calls coming in now the obvious, obvious choice of how to use this would be for a parent on their phone to be able to communicate with a child wearing the watch. But as we go forward i'm going to throw out some more ideas and i'd. Like you to take a look at your life situation to see if any of these scenarios might fit as well – and you may be looking at something with your child, but also something uh, possibly together with your spouse or with your boss, or lots of different options. Here we go i'm going to take the device it's fresh out of the box. I just covered up the imei i've charged it up, but it has never been turned on when i turn it on it's going to activate this software sim inside. This watch has two completely different communication systems. Let'S get it started because it's going to take a while on its first launch, to do what it's going to do. It should tell you in a moment on the side you have a sim slot, just like you have on your phone. You can push something here pop it out put in an att or t mobile sim with a phone number texting plan data plan, all that stuff, probably 25 bucks a month, something like that see. It says: it's uh powered by oma and it's, beginning to uh boot. Up you put in a regular, sim and it's going to work as a regular phone in a watch format for receiving phone calls text messaging back and forth, and all of that, however, that's secondary to what its primary purpose is it's trying to detect right now.

The sim card inside, which is the software sim and after it does that it's going to go out and start looking at the cell towers. All around me to see what uh carriers are. There is t mobile on one nice. Is there another one with a t and t within reach? I focus on those because verizon and sprint right now, which is migrating over to t mobile, eventually they'll be part of it, but the other ones verizon they're not compatible. It has to be a gsm network, but anyway, t mobile and at t are pretty much everywhere and you see it detected and found the sim card, and now it is testing all the towers in the neighborhood that are close to me to see which ones got. The strongest signal – and then it runs a speed test to see which ones got the fastest performance. All this technology is happening in the background and i'm sitting indoors, so it really it'll smoke out the strongest signal. Uh it'll work faster and easier outdoors, but we got time to talk right, so i'll give it a little while it's doing its connecting thing. Just fresh out of the box it's establishing the connection with the separate software sim and the imei number that identifies this watch. Registering it on those carriers so that when a call comes in it'll ring on the watch, just as if you'd put a sim card in here, the difference is ah, the call is coming from an app on the phone not coming from just placing a phone call.

Okay, you see it went away, let's press the button. Ah it just timed out there we go connected now, it's getting me ready to go it's going to give me a qr code, and that code is unique to this watch very specialized and it's that qr code. That with the tethering app, i will scan it and be able to register this watch on the network. I can't show you all of that stuff because it's proprietary to you know the watch and the app, and that stuff is what you keep separate and secret, because because what you're doing is creating a completely separate second network, the sim card is like a universal phone Network with you can call anybody, or anybody can call in this doesn't really call out it's not for children, to learn to call out or elderly to do that, it's easier for them to use the voice and video connectivity in the second network we're talking about, but It certainly can receive calls coming in from anywhere unless, as a parent or a guardian of a senior, you block that and restrict the calls to only people that you approve of, but they can call from their phone to the sim inside here. If you put one in and ring up the phone and and talk to whoever answers on the watch, your child or whatever, but the second network, this other one that's based on the software sim capability, that's buried in here – will be all handled from the app itself.

So i'm, going to get this all set up and i'll be right back check this out guys, while going through the process of trying to get it set up and connected to the app and the phone. I got an emergency uh alert pushed directly to the watch. Now there's no sim card in here you saw we just turned it on out of the box and i've got the software sim, but it is keyed in to the national network in the united states here, where you can uh opt into or out of the emergency Notification system, which is great because, if there's any kind of amber alert or flooding alert or tornado alert whatever they need to push, it will automatically go here to that secondary system without even putting in a regular, sim and you'll, be able to get it and know. What'S going on very very nice feature, so i already have the prototype watch named turtle signed up and assigned to this same administrator, app and now i'm, getting ready to add the second one. I have to tap scan here and it gives me the uh the window that i will put the qr code into off camera hit start and select the qr and it's done back to a watch face on this one i have to put in a picture. You have to put in a picture nickname that kind of stuff let's fix this. Okay, we got turtle, so this will be the hair made it a nine year old gave it a little picture and we saved this, and now we have two separate watches listed here: got more kids got more watches, just add them.

You'Ll get a separate page for each one. You select them and automatically will bring up the page appropriately designated to that particular watch and speaking of that particular watch. Where did it go? Well, it turns out these watches have removable bands, and these are kid sized bands. That'S how they're selling it, but if you are an adult you might want to use a different band whoa check this out. I have re banded. Both of them here is turtle. Turtle is on an ergon band. We showed you that already, but as a reminder, if you haven't seen that video it's a thumb band, which is absolutely perfect for placing the camera directly at you, if you want to do a video chat or take a selfie picture or whatever uh it wears around Your thumb it's pretty much made for adults. So if you're a senior or a a worker who's going to be out in the field, doing dangerous stuff and wants instant communication with sos or walkie talkie back and forth. Uh communication with another worker, whatever you like free cellular yep right here this this is an adult sized strap from straps co, hey i'm going to have links for birth, both ergon band and straps co in the show notes down below you can check out their inventory And decide if any of their bands would be something you'd like they're, different colors for this one and all kinds of different designs and colors for this one.

This one of course, is uh. Hair we've got turtle and hair and they're both right now in the back and forth communication of the walkie talkie mode, which i'm going to show you in just a moment as we move into a deeper analysis of the app okay. So keep these in mind and just to show you independently here's how you'd use it with the ergon band and here's the configuration with a straps co band now let's take a deeper look at that app sorry, i got to cover up the map, but it's going To show you, when you're on this opening page on the watch that you're on exactly where it's located, and i wanted to show you enough of the map that you can see, it also shows you a battery icon and the power level that is in the watch. Right now, so you have video calling and voice calling those are going through the cellular or the wi fi, depending on, if you're connected uh to wi fi but uh, they will go voice over internet protocol or video over internet protocol digitally so it's. The data plan through att or t mobile or whoever your carrier is of the closest tower that's the strongest signal that will carry that this one is the voice messages it's the same as the center tab down at the bottom and i'll show you all about that. In a minute, an activity tracking now is going to give you a readout of the step count of the watch.

That'S, the only thing it measures, no heart rate, no blood oxygen, it's, not a health watch per se or a fitness watch to that extent, but it will track step count. So if you know your child is supposed to be walking from school to grandma's and you got a geo, fencing thing and you see that that person has arrived, you could check the step, counts and know if they also went to the candy store before going there. If you figured out how many little baby steps it should take to get there, i know you're not that much of a micromanager for your children or your parents, but the potential is there to monitor activity tracking through step count. You can add family members to this watches of account so that those family members can communicate back and forth, but not control the who, who else can come on or not, for example, the administrator does that and then you can add, watches as well. So if you get another watch like you've seen that we have two watches here, turtle and hair, you can add a watch there or add it through that clip as well. So overall that's the layout of the opening screen and again you just simply switch to the other watch just by touching that, and it brings up all the information for that watch. We'Re going to look at the voice messaging, which is voice and pictures and sos and emojis and everything i got some canned stuff to show you and then we'll test something turtle and hair gon na go in with turtle.

This is the one i did. The review on earlier – and it shows you some uh some stuff now, these ones that are 30 second messages. They were part of the sos process and i have deleted the uh entry that showed the name of the exact location where the watch was when the sos went out and if you touched on it, it would bring up the map and show you exactly. Those coordinates. Can'T, do that because it's just too darn accurate, exactly where i am, but what i can do is play back for you. What it sounds like this clip was the one that we actually did live in the earlier review of this okay. So you get that and that's what you saw, and that was when i pressed and held the button and it went into that emergency mode live on video. This was a picture of me looking at the watch doing that video recording it from here now a thing about the pictures. You can see them. If you have a button, push thing to make a screenshot, you probably can capture my phone is. I have to swipe with three fingers to take a a screenshot and as soon as i touch it the moment, i touch it anywhere on the screen. It disappears so it's, not archived. The pictures are thumbnails or big, and if you want a copy, you have to figure out how to screenshot it that's a safety precaution they've built in by intent, as this is not going to be allowed for children to be making pictures that are going out anywhere.

There has to be a physical effort to actually capture that thing, a hard copy to uh memory on a phone. Otherwise it just lives here in the um, the app itself. So you got picture, you got emojis and i thought this was fun. This is me trying to train uh grandma uh, give her an introduction to what the sos feature would be like if she were to be willing to wear this it's in an emergency mode, it's, giving a countdown 27 seconds that just made an alarm sound. So whoever is the master you know one on this, one would get an alarm and you just went into emergencies. So if you fell and hurt yourself or or have a problem, you get busy, it would uh flash this sos. It goes for 30 seconds, see the count down there and then we ran out of 30 seconds, but i continued to explain and then played back what we just encountered together. So she got a feel for what could happen if she wanted to wear this when she's out working outside and if she fell or something she could press and hold and initiate that emergency call. So really nice feature now the other things that you can do when you're on the phone is, you can send a text message boom and that's being transmitted out and then should be received right here. It just vibrated, so i turn it on and there's. The app sms, of course, is if you actually are using the sim card.

You have two different messaging systems here and there's the text. It just came in right and of course we can send emojis and we can do a voice call all of that. Okay, oh here we go. Voices here. Emojis are here a small selection of emojis that you can send not the robust bunch of them, but there they are meant really for a quick connection. How are you what's going on and of course you have the walkie talkie voice feature here that you can come in here, press and hold, and now i've got up to 30 seconds voice that i can send when i let go it transmits it over here. I can play it and it sends that i can reply now i'm, giving the answer back from the watch to the phone in a walkie talkie kind of mode. Let it go for an extra second. That way. I know i captured everything looked like it cut it off there. A moment ago here you go now i'm, giving the answer back from the watch to the phone in a walkie, talkie kind of mode. Let it go for an extra second okay see. So you got those forms of communication in here, including pictures speaking of pictures when you go way out there with no wi fi let's hop on to the hair stream and uh i've got some audio and i've got some video or some pictures, not any video. But pictures Applause, so you get the picture there.

I actually with this phone, was playing the news activated in sos. It didn't shut down the news, but it it leaped in on top of it, so really good design that it can interrupt other apps that are using the audio and grab the audio and take it to give you that emergency notification so i'm down here by the Pond cutting some vines trying to take some pictures and uh sending this message: okay way out of wi fi zone, way down in a valley, pretty much in a dead zone or first cellular and nonetheless, i'm able to send audio, send an emoji and there's a little Over my shoulder picture that i took and sent all of this from down where i'm cutting vines of the adjacent neighborhood, so that came through really clear as well. When the watch started to run out, i got ta notice that it's getting less than twenty percent when it got down to about three percent. I got that same message back in bright red, so it's letting the administrator know when the watch is running out of power. That they either need to get it charged quickly, contact the child, the adult or themselves whoever's wearing the watch, get it charged. Otherwise you might lose everything okay, and so we are on hair, which is this one here and just to show you. It goes to a different watch i'm, going to make a little voice recording right now. Now it doesn't light it up, but there it vibrated turn it on come over here go into messages.

I really would an improvement, i think, would be to have it vibrate uh and be able to ring the phone optionally turn on a ringer. So when you give it an incoming call of a video call or a message like this you'd be able to hear a ring, so you'd know about it right now and there's that so these are the features you've got in that second tab. You can switch. You can add, watches and you have all those different communication capabilities, all of it by the way, absolutely free free over wi fi free over cellular for three years, wi fi forever, but the cellular connections already paid for for three years in advance now let's take a Look at settings that's this last tab down here, because there's a few different things between the watches. I want to point out. First of all go into our selection. We have turtle and hair now turtle. I have set up on wi fi and if you look carefully at both of them, you'll see the wi fi symbol here here, you'll see it says 4g. This has not been set up on wi, fi and notice. The time it's set considerably different time wise. This is the correct time, so it's picking the time up from wi fi, but for some reason we haven't picked up the correct time from cellular. It may be how it's routed and actually connecting into the networks that it's doing it in a completely different time zone.

That all thing is nebulous to me anyway. We are on turtle right now. If i tap on wi fi you'll, see that i have my a router by that name already set up, you can set up to three different wi. Fi connections push them through the phone to the watch and when you're in your wi fi zone, you'll be operating on wi, fi and it'll mean your video calls will be a lot sharper and less delay. And of course it looks like it sets the time correctly. As well now contrast that with hair hair on wifi has no setup at all yet so, if i were to set it up in the house here or in the office there or at starbucks over there, wherever i guess, i would set up the wi fi up To three of them it would immediately trigger into that now a couple of other things. Class mode is um. You know uh that, though you can set up a time frame when the watch will be completely disabled, except for sos calls. So if you want your senior your child, your your loan worker to um be incapacitated, so they're paying attention to whatever they're doing like class work or i don't know what seniors would pay attention to bingo then i'm. Sorry seniors, i know i know um then, when this is enabled by the administrator on the phone um, the watch is unusable, except for sos and and telling time.

Of course, safe zones is, of course, where you can put a geo fence around a geographical area and if the person enters or leaves that area you should be notified about it. I haven't tested uh that history is what it implies. Uh your your route, history. Over time, if you set that up, admin is which uh email address is set up as the administrator on that particular uh watch and then other options here, you literally can disable from either of these watches. All of these things, you can stop it from making video calls if you'd, like or voice calls or messaging the alarm. When you remove your wrist the proximity alarm, you can turn that on to send a notification. Some of these are disable, and some of these are turned on. You can activate that one and then there's power settings so that you can't even turn the watch off from the watch. The watch has to be turned off by the administrator from here, and you can remotely reboot it if it's not working. For some reason, you can send a trigger signal to completely reboot. It really really great features. Okay! Well, if you're still with me at this point, you must be interested in this watch, so let's go deeper. I'Ve got 4g on here, and i got wi fi on turtle seems it seems like they're backwards, considering the animals i wanted to avoid video call uh over wi fi and i select smartwatch ticks and it begins to call okay, so turtle is now coming in with A call i may get audio feedback, but i tried to adjust it, so the volume is down i'm going to answer it, and here we go.

Okay, now watch the jitteriness, the responsiveness, the delay and sorry about the feedback, and here we are on this one. So we are seeing what it looks like for a video call in wi fi. Now, of course, i can hold that a little bit better up to my face and you can see how the quality of the video is. The picture you're looking at here is the from the camera on the watch, and the picture here, of course, is from the camera up here on the phone so that's that phone call we're gon na end that you get up to three minutes. Remember three minutes in a phone call. Then you have to wait 10 minutes before you can make another video call it's, partly so they can manage the data plan that they're giving you three years for free and also make sure that their succinct and important calls not to worry. If the call ends – and you aren't done just switch over to your voice chat and continue, walkie, talkie back and forth or simply place a voice call, and you can continue to make voice calls. But after 10 minutes, if you still have things you need to look at, you can do another. Video call so that's that one now i'm going to come over here and we're on the 4g okay, so i'm collect selecting uh a video call not connected to wi fi. So this is going to have to go out over the 4g, the strongest 4g network in the area uh to the watch and or to the phone that's from hair.

And now, when we answer, i want you to notice the same type of characteristics. So here we go um that's me looking into the watch and moving my hand over it and that's the delay a little bit more pixelated a little bit more delay. This is going to be standard folks, it's just the way it is, but you are getting the strongest sell signal that you can get and, of course, if i hold this up to my face and the watch over here now you're looking at the delay of the Signal coming back to the watch from the phone, the phone is on wi fi, so the delay is much lower but it's still having to transmit via cellular to the watch and that's the connection and communication. Here. If i try to make another video call tap the button you see, it gives you the countdown of how much time you have left before you can make another video call, but not a problem. I can come back here. I can switch over to audio call and simply make an audio call, looks very much the same, except when it goes into the call. Now we have it ringing and it should start vibrating and ringing over here. It would be making a sound ringing, but i have the volume turned completely off on here. Answer it basically the same way now. The addition here is, you can mute and you can uh turn off the micro, the speaker, so you have muting speaker and microphone on the audio call, not so on the video call.

That would be a nice enhancement if they did that. The only thing it shows you here is the countdown timer for another three minute call: you can make a three minute audio call or video call, but so far i haven't had to wait to make another audio call. I can immediately call back so if you're, really in a discussion and something you got to continue and it's live, you could rely on making the phone call connectivity, okay, videos, only three minutes and it'll work the same way here and i can't really show you much Because i'll just get feedback, but that was basically a phone call and we hang it up over there and that's that tab. So you have your voice chat with walkie talkie video calling phone calling there's your activity, and when you come in here you see, i got 70 steps so far. Of course, it's designed for kids and then um your overall settings on the watch, which is going to give you your uh operating information. The version number that's in here and if i scroll down a whole bunch of stuff, you don't, want to see like my imei numbers. By the way you have two imeis in this. You have one dedicated to the sim card which you could put in here and all those other things the video call and the audio call and the texting would work over the sim right. And then you have a separate imei number for the watch.

That ties into the data network for our special isolated, separate network, um that you have in here too. So it really is a two system calling watch and that's what you get out of your overall settings from there and then you're back to your watch faces, and you have a few. You have that one um, which is more professional than the rest of them, are pretty much kid type watches oh here's, a nice analog one and another analog one, a little bit more subtle and then one more here. Okay, so we have a few of those. You have this funky little one with eyeballs that tell you the time and then a lot of pictures pictures with the time on display. Unfortunately, i haven't seen where you could make your own watch face, which would be great if parents could take a picture from their phone and push it to the watch. Not so the other way back, because they're trying to be real protective about whatever pictures or videos are shot from the watch, but uh, certainly going from phone to watch. Parents could send interesting pictures to their kids, make them into watch faces. They open their watch. To look at the time and there it would be nice huh that's, not there. Yet this is the one i've just been running on both of them. So a few feature enhancements possibly be able to come with uh firmware pushes um but they're minor compared to everything else that the watch can do all right.

You'Re still here great, then let's get down to business. Let'S talk about what it's going to take to get you into one of these uh let's get them back over here to the watch face there we go again: wi fi cellular. This is also on cellular, but it defaults to wi fi whenever possible, better stronger network. So again, you can replace the bands they're easily removable, quick, disconnect you've got the charging port. The imei number is here and i've taped over it, and that is of course, your proximity sensor that, when you have it set up, will notify that the person took the watch off and let's take this one off as well. So you see how that works. I go to this one, not the thumb. Take it off from here, okay and see. The back is see through like that. So you have the proximity center uh sensor right there in the arm area as well. So we are looking at the omate 06l pro again. The key thing to this is: it uses a software sim for unlimited 4g lte for video voice, texting and walkie talkie kind of work with an included data plan for three years on that or you can insert a sim and use it that way as well. They have both capabilities in this watch. This is from the manual and it talks a little bit about what the virtual sim or v sim is and i'm going to.

Let you look at that. Freeze frame it. If you want to to take a glance at it and it talks about how it goes through rebooting itself and reconnecting if it does a disconnect for too long of a period, so you want to make sure if you can that you're in a strong cellular connection. If you're going to be using it over cellular and then we've got this general notes and it talks about the admin account which is set up as the main user of the account admin can approve another admin and that admin can have capabilities to make changes. But only the admin can add, like family members who basically can communicate with the child, but don't have control of the of the changes, and here you go talks a little bit more about some of the technical background on it as well. So if you buy one of these puppies – and this is what uh it looked like when you put it in your cart it's a two hundred and fifty dollar watt, now remember there's a thirty six month data plan in there at ten dollars a month which is About what the cheapest, you could get from your carrier for an extra sim just for a data sim right if you want voice and texting and everything else, it's, probably um, around 20 25, maybe 30 dollars a month at 10, a month 36 months is 360 dollars. Just for the data plan alone to give you that voice and video capability that's in bundled in here so 250 is less than what it would cost for the network alone and, of course, you're getting the watch to go along with it.

But that's not what we're going to be paying if you use ticks 40, is the coupon code and put it in here. You'Ll see they'll knock a hundred dollars off of it and drop it down to 150. Bucks divide that out by 36 and that's what your monthly data cost would be with a free watch included different way of looking at it. You can check out with paypal or credit card whatever, and it was really fast shipping to the house. I got a prototype that was this one to play with, and then i got the uh official full one. You saw the beginning of the unboxing today through using this process and buying it right through the checkout delivered directly to me. No special configuration a consumer product and it matches perfectly. They are the same watch now if you don't need video and voice, but you really want to be able to keep in touch with the texting, and you want that voice, walkie talkie thing and the ability to send pictures back from the watch. You can save even more money. They'Ve got a light version of it for 189. Again, if you do the forty percent off coupon ticks forty they'll take off. Seventy six dollars, drop it to a hundred and thirteen. So a little over a hundred shipping included. You can get this watch that does everything, except for video calls and again they're limited to three minutes at a clip or or voice calls if you're happy and can work with the walkie talkie.

You know press and say something up to 30 seconds and let go and wait for the reply to come back if that's enough communications, that you need to get your job done, to check on grandpa to call and make sure your kids got home safe. Then, for 113 dollars for each kid you got yourself a bunch of nice, little watches and a great way to communicate and in both versions the full version and the light that location services ping with the gps. Is there that's? Where you know you touch the button and it will update the location of the watch it'll, do it by cell tower, if necessary, wi fi, if it's on wi fi and can connect into it and get the location of the wi fi or hyper accurate through the Onboard gps, but it takes it a while to turn that on and go through the process of getting it connected, but nonetheless, even this one, you can locate the watch anytime. You want to from the app very, very impressive, so it's the ohmate06l pro. Thank you guys for sticking with it as long as you have i'm really happy with this one that's, why i've gone into a lot of depth? You know when there's something worthy there uh. I tend to really really spend some time with it, and now i got two of them when uh boy we're going to have fun and grandma, i think she's going to come around and wear one of these, especially since she can video chat to her 10 year Old granddaughter who lives miles and miles away and yeah with covid hasn't, been able to see her for well over a year now, at least they can keep in touch on the watch.

Welcome grandma to the new technology, you're gon na learn. I'Ll tell you it's worth it thanks for watching gang. If you got any questions, put them in the show notes: we'll try to route them over to uh olmate, so they can handle them for you, and we will see you again soon wait a minute. Okay, who noticed, who noticed huh, who noticed while we were doing that you saw me, take them off. Yeah turtle has been removed. Please note it and you know what boom there we go or on hair hair watch has been removed too. Please note it.