I got a few things. I want to talk about a few likes a few dislikes and you know we’ll talk about whether if you should buy one or not so first let’s just go ahead and talk about the things that i dislike. So the things that i dislike about this watch 3 is the fact that i, this leather strap pretty hard to get used to at first i struggled with it. It was. It was a struggle to get used to it, but i’m used to it. Now so i mean you, just kinda got ta work that in the other thing that i uh, i definitely dislike about this thing and i had to go in and disable some stuff. So the first thing is every single time. I was not in distance with bluetooth with my phone. This thing would go off. It’D vibrate be like hey we’re, not in we’re, not in in connection with the phone. So now we got to go use the wi fi, not the wi fi, but the uh. The network – i i don’t – need that notification. I don’t care. I don’t care that that’s happening it’s supposed to do that seamlessly. Why are you notifying me? I don’t need the notification that drove me up the wall. I disabled that on day one day, one i disabled that um speaking of notifications um, i don’t need it to vibrate every time. I start doing something. I do a lot of physical activity during the day, and so this damn thing goes off constantly.

So i had to disable that drove me up. The wall just come on now: um battery life, terrible, if you want the screen to stay on, if you want the screen to stay on you’re going to get a day max. But if you shut the screen off, you’ll probably get two. If you are in distance of your bluetooth device, your phone or whatever, then this thing you’ll probably get about three. I got three days out of it, which was pretty impressive and it finally ran out about you know like it made it. It made it like. 75 ish hours on one charge that was pretty sweet but the whole time. I was literally beside my phone. You know the whole time, and so there you go let’s talk about how long it takes for this thing to charge. So it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to charge this thing to charge the watch from zero. To you know: 100 percent it’s, pretty ridiculous. I mean it’s, this big couldn’t, give it just a quick little just a you know, give me a fast charge, just like i don’t want it to always fast charge, but to have the option would be awesome. I don’t think there’s much else i dislike about it. Price, it is too damn pricey 538 dollars ridiculous. It all right like come on samsung, really, alright, so let’s go into some pros of this thing one. I absolutely love the fact that i can just get a message and swoop boom.

I can just quickly read it and it doesn’t matter it. I don’t it doesn’t clear the notification on my phone it’s still there. When i go back to my phone and get it, i love that that’s pretty sweet. It means if there’s something important. I can just go to my phone and send a text message or whatever make a call if i have to that’s awesome getting the phone call on it is cool, but i feel like that’s a gimmick like like. I never answered. The call i just saw. Oh i’m, getting a phone call, but i never once answered that phone call. I went got my phone and answered that call or if it rang for too long, i called that person back i’m, not gon na answer the phone on that damn thing: it’s, just ridiculous. So um another thing that i find super awesome, it’s really cool. It took me a second to figure out kind of you know, get get it get it right was. If i am watching something some media or listening to some music or some, if there’s media playing on my phone at all, then i can control the volume up. The volume down play pause all on this watch right here, pretty awesome. I liked that i thought that was pretty sweet, the the health stuff it you know the integration of samsung health stuff and the watch and my phone it is so seamless like. I i really like love that i love the fact that i can customize almost dropped it.

I love the fact that i can customize this thing pretty well get a different watch face. I could probably go get some a different wrist strap, but i like the leather look, it looks good um, even though i wear it all the time non. Stop i just wear the damn thing. I, like it and there’s a few weird things, a few weird quirks that really uh. I don’t necessarily believe that it is specifically the watch or specifically the phone. I firmly believe it’s 100 percent, the the application that is there, for example, spotify. I wound up deleting spotify off of the watch. My and the reason i did that is because, when i was playing a song – and i could you know, tinker around with it right here, then when i went back to my phone to mess with it to change the song or whatever the screen was stuck on. Whatever song was playing previously and i couldn’t change it and i couldn’t close the app and open it back up to a refresh screen, and so i had to do a restart on the phone, and so after doing that about four or five times, i think on Day five, i finally just was like nope done done. I do not believe that is a samsung watch phone talking problem. I think it’s 100 percent to do with spotify and the reason why i say this is because when i am using my computer behind me with spotify and controlling it with my phone, then sometimes as a matter of fact, almost c almost on a regular basis.

It’S. Not even sometimes i can just basically do it, then there the interaction between my phone and my computer on spotify. They it just is clunky. You know the screen will basically do the same thing on there, so it it’s a spotify problem. It is not a samsung problem, i’m sure, there’s other stuff that i’ve missed. You know. I love the fact that you know i love the back button. I love being able to just do this here and then just hit this button here boom. I love that takes me right back to the watch. Look at look at all that it’s how many steps i walked today. Ridiculous 19. 000 steps insane the fitness stuff is cool, all the apps that it comes with that are basically already built in that’s, pretty cool um. I like that. I can use samsung pay haven’t used it once, but i like that i can do it. I think that’s pretty cool. I like that. I can find my phone with it. I’Ve actually used that comes in handy i’m, trying to think if there’s anything else off the top of my head, but i don’t think that there is. Would i recommend somebody buy this? If you are a fan of samsung and you like the you know, if you’re kind of like in the you know like with apple you’re in the ecosystem, you got an apple phone, you got a mac, computer or laptop. You got a little tablet, you know, or you got any got the watch, it’s kind of the same thing, it’s the same thing: it’s just the galaxy, the samsung galaxy ecosystem and i will say that it really does work basically flawless.

And i, aside from the complaints that i had, i don’t um, if you’re, if you want, if you want the ecosystem smoothness, i say: go for it. It’S pricey. I almost would say why. Don’T you go for the previous version and wait for this one to come down. Um that way it i mean, because that would make more sense. The thing has less ram than the previous version, even though i don’t know how much that really matters it’s whatever. But if you were a person who just wants a watch to do to look like a watch and to have a little bit of the health function, things don’t buy this don’t buy it it’s not worth your time, literally, not worth your time, not worth your money. It’S, just a fancy watch it’s it. My conclusion is: was it worth it for me for me? Yes, i love it it’s, so it integrates really well with my phone. I love my phone. I love the watch. I like being able to wear a watch. I didn’t think i’d actually like wearing a watch after a while it’s it’s, something i haven’t done in a long time. So i felt really good about that. So yeah anyways guys. If you like this content, let me know down in the description or let me know down in the comments like this thing, if you like it dislike it, if you dislike it seriously, your guys’s interaction with this video and with all the videos that i put up Really mean a ton to me, and i i i absolutely need that – to get more people to see this to continue on making more videos for you guys.

I love doing this. This is a lot of fun for me, so yeah, there’s, gon na be a video going up soon. It’S gon na be uh. When i was down at my brother’s house uh and we did a computer transfer type thing, um that’s a lot. That was a lot of fun to make. I haven’t seen my brother in a long time. Human malware, the human malware, is evil.