Your smart watch guru for all of your smart watch needs. If you need to know what smart watch when in late smart watch come out, if i should get it or not, you need to check right here so smash that subscribe button hang around okay, so the samsung galaxy watch three let’s talk about let’s get into it. First thing you notice about this smart watch in comparison to the other popular smart watches is its design. This thing looks like a traditional smart watch round face stainless steel body. You can add customizable stainless steel bands we’ll talk about that a little bit later. It doesn’t feel far from what we’re used to seeing when you look at the wrist of someone who’s wearing a watch. This is also built with high premium quality construction. This body is durable and built to last, like for real for real. This thing is tough. You know what i mean you give it a little nick and beat now i don’t say you do it on purpose. So for those of you who may have a more demanding workload and so forth for your day to day might be a little bit rougher. You might be looking at a samsung galaxy watch 3 in comparison to some of the competition out there, rightfully so what makes the samsung galaxy 3 design stick out, amongst others. Besides the look of it being traditional, well there’s, a couple things, this bezel design right here is absolutely phenomenal.

Okay, so the turning bezel on this smart watch is everything it’s, also familiar and traditional, but it’s also extremely functional for navigating this smart watch. I absolutely love that feature that’s, how i love getting through. Look how fast i can go from one thing to the next, all with the turn of a bezel. Now, when you look within this bezel, you see this 1.4 inch amoled display. We all know if you don’t know i’m gon na tell you now. Samsung makes the best displays in the smart phone and smartwatch industry. So if i’m gon na be using a smartwatch, i want the display to come from samsung, because the crispness, the clearness, the amoled beauty, those super deep blacks, the detail, the brightness it’s all there built into the samsung galaxy watch three. So, needless to say, i’ve been enjoying this here, design on the samsung galaxy watch three now another new thing in the design from previous models that we’re getting with the samsung galaxy watch 3 is they did a weight reduction and a slimness reduction. So it got a little bit slimmer and a little bit lighter, which, when you’re in this category of these more bulkier filling watches any type of weight, reduction and size reduction, it’s welcome. I appreciate it, even though still this is on the bigger side of watches right here on my wrist right now. This is the 45 millimeter there’s, also a 41 millimeter available. If you guys haven’t seen, i made a video comparing the two sizes and trying to help you make a decision of which watch size would fit your wrist better.

I have a six inch circumference on my wrist and i had both models put them on my wrist and everything. The 41 millimeter technically looked better sized proportion wise, but also so did the 45 millimeter like it’s, a preference of taste check out that video and you guys can make a decision for yourself. I went with the 45 millimeter and i’m gon na. Tell you guys exactly why, later on in this video, so the great thing about a galaxy watch three for me: design wise when i’m getting you know the drip together and the swag this matches it a lot more than say the popular apple watch, because that thing Is in a rectangle as soon as you see an apple watch, it just screams smart watch, but i mean that’s part of the marketing of it, but this watch kind of fits in it blends in and say when i go to make a samsung pay payment and I hit them with this watch they’re. Looking like wait a minute. You just pay with that watch what watches that that adds to the cool factor and just the sleekness, and just how much the yahtzee watch fits in into traditional everyday. You know you know what i’m trying to say. Basically so that’s one thing, i absolutely love, and over these last six seven months, this thing has held up extremely well. This thing is built like a tank, stainless steel body, gorilla glass. On the front, i added my stainless steel band, but, as you can see over this time, i don’t even think i have any war wounds.

I thought i remember banging it one time um, but yeah. I don’t see anything that goes to show for longevity and for those of you who may have a workload that’s a little more physical and rough uh. The galaxy watch 3 is an ideal smart watch for you than the other say fragile options on the market. Okay, so the next thing that we’re going to talk about is battery battery life stands out on the galaxy watch 3 period. In comparison to you know the said popular smart watch out there you’re guaranteed two days and two days plus, depending on how you use this device. Now the 45 millimeter is packing the 340 milliamp hour battery wow, the 41 millimeter is packing a 274 milliamp hour battery. I believe 247 milliamp hours – excuse me so when it comes to battery life and being able to use this thing and actually sleep in your device without having to charge it before going on into your next day, and things like that, the galaxy watch 3 definitely gives You more versatile use in that situation. It just gives you a longer time before you have to actually hook your watch up to charge now speaking of charging when you have to charge this thing that’s, my only gripe love the battery love the size, love the longevity, but when it comes to charging this Thing it’s on the slow side, let’s just say nevertheless charge this thing, get it to full capacity and you’re good to go for a couple days, plus love it now.

Let’S talk about the straps. This takes any 22 millimeter pin smart watch strap for the most part. You guys can get out there shop on amazon, i’ll link this one that i’m using right here and a couple of others. It originally comes with a leather strap which i think it has like a rubberized bottom on it, which is cool and it’s nice. You know it’s decent, but adding this stainless steel band just adds to the overall likeness of this smartwatch and traditional feel and so forth. Now, adding a stainless steel band, that’s added more weight, you know but that’s what traditional watch wearers are used to already so this isn’t the lightest watch or a faint of heart and so forth, but you can get more comfortable, straps that’s, the beauty of having you Know removable straps and if you get any 22 millimeter for this one and then i think it’s 20 millimeter, if you get the 41 millimeter version, so you guys can swap out straps have fun, which just adds to the overall customization. Now, speaking of customization there’s, something else you guys can do and that’s watch faces you guys can get so many great dope watch faces on this watch matter of fact, i’ll show you a couple of them. I haven’t put a ton of them on here just yet, but i can tell you there’s so many out there. So if you’re looking to customize your samsung galaxy watch 3, like i have mines here, i’ve made a video showing you guys, step by step.

How to get super dope watch faces a bunch of different ones, uh from rolex breitlin and whatever other brands are out there. There’S, a ton of them a lot of people create them for this because they just wan na have dope watch faces. So i still got ta add more on to here, but it’s. So simple it’s, an app that you get it’s watchmaker, so it’s inside this watchmaker app as you can see, i have a handful of watch faces that you guys can get and download there’s. So many more i used to have a ton of them on here. Uh. Let me add this one on here and it’s as simple as this: i just tap right there and now it’s sending to my smart watch, got ta love it and once it’s on the watch it’s on the watch, and you never have to wait again. This is just the sending process from the phone to the watch, but it’s well worth it um, so check out that video of me, showing you guys how to get these here said, watch faces so go check. It out check out that video. You guys alright, so there’s another thing that people get smart, watches for and that’s fitness. Now when it comes to fitness on the samsung galaxy watch. Although i’m, not a super fitness person with a smart watch or let’s just say this wouldn’t be my choice of the smart watch that i want to wear when i’m working out.

There are a lot of reports of the galaxy watch three when it comes to fitness. Being hit or miss, you know, sometimes it not getting this gps and and tracking properly or the heart rate uh sensor and so forth. So you have to test it out for yourself and see how the measurements and results uh work for you um now. One thing that is really dope that you hear people speak about is the run tracking, analytics and data that it gives you from when you’re doing your running. So it is great in that department. I don’t exercise all the time. I do do it. Sometimes you know what i mean but i’m, not always having a smart watch on when i go to work out and hit the little weights that i got downstairs. But there is another area that comes in fitness. That comes extremely well with the galaxy watch 3 and previous models and that’s sleep tracking. Now samsung’s sleep tracking. I absolutely love it and adore it now, like i said earlier, these type of watches for me personally it’s, not the ideal watch to sleep in, but i do take naps, sometimes, if i’m exhausted i was like once in a blue moon. I may have you know overworked myself and i might you know knock out while you know you know you got your clothes on and you knock out with everything on, but it’s really good. It shows you how much like deep sleep.

You got restless sleep and all that stuff it breaks down the amount of time you were sleep and how that sleep cycle was all right. So i spoke briefly about the bezel and how it works really great, with tizen os tizen os is the operating system. That’S running on these samsung galaxy watch threes and i appreciate it, but there is a caveat to it: there’s, not a lot of third party app support for it. If you guys know and let’s just be quite honest and frank uh when it comes into the smart watch, room, there’s gon na be more apps on, say a said: android wear os device, which is it breaks my heart to say, because not many of those devices Are good, in my honest opinion, this is the best smart watch you can get on android and then there’s also like the apple watch, so it just has a ton of apps being created by third third party manufacturers. There is a rumor, though, that the samsung galaxy watch is considering moving to the where os platform and, to be honest in my gut, i don’t feel 100 super dope about that. But this is just a sad rumor where os at least back when i used to use it. That was a while. This has been a long time since i’ve used the wear os device. It was. It was good. It wasn’t like the greatest it’s like when i got tizen.

I i like taizen, better so we’ll, see where that lands in the future, with the galaxy watches, but as far as right now, tyson is on here and it’s phenomenal super fast super snappy, like i said, it’s, just not a lot of third party app support, but When it comes to smart watches, how many third party apps do you really need when it comes to smart watches? I’M, not sure i just need the basic functions of having connectivity to my smartphone without having to pull out my smartphone, the conveniences answering the phone replying to messages and so forth at my wrist. Those are the convenience that i appreciate, along with the added like sleep tracking and things like that, but uh outside of that you know, i don’t know what other crazy things i want to do on this small display other than have the convenience of me not needing To reach to my smartphone every single time, so there’s a lot of positives when it comes to the galaxy watch, three it’s slightly thinner a little bit lighter the beautiful bezel and design the display is beautiful, the battery life and so forth. There’S. A couple caveats you know, like some people, reporting with the health tracking being hit or miss the lack of mst on the samsung galaxy watch. Three that’s gon na be a sore spot for a lot of people, because msd has been available on previous models, especially the gear s3 frontier and there’s.

A lot of people who love mst but it’s, being removed from the devices on the smartphones, it’s, coming out of their smart watches and so forth, but nfc is becoming the new standard. A couple more caveats was there was a nice price hike when this galaxy was three came out. Ah, i go back and forth when it comes to prices. I would like them to stay like ideal and a pretty decent price point. But hey you know, and then there’s also you know the lack of third party apps and so forth. So you got to just come to the conclusion as to where you fall when it comes to smart watches and what you’re looking for over these last six seven months, i have absolutely enjoyed and appreciated my samsung galaxy watch like i like these smart watches. I, like the look of them. I, like the feel i like the vibe. I like the functionality being able to take a phone call at my wrist being able to reply to text messages at my wrist being able to see all of my notifications at my wrist. Without the need to pull out my smartphone that’s, the biggest thing that i find use of in smart watches, it’s limiting me from having to go here with it just to see a uh, a notification. When i can just go here with it, and now i can see my youtube notification is right there things like that.

Those are the things that matter most to me when it comes to using the smart watch. This thing has been absolutely phenomenal. Over the last six. Seven months it’s still running the way it did in the beginning, so i just wanted to give you guys an update just to let you know how i’m appreciating this also check out those other videos. If you need to figure out what size you want to pick, i have a video for that. If you want a video, comparing all models which i compared this watch to the galaxy watch, which was the version before it is the gear s3 frontier i’ve, also done a video comparing it to the apple watch, because this does work on the apple ecosystem. So you can hook this up to ios, but i’ll show you in that video as well. When i compare this to the apple watch, it does come with some limitations as soon as you connect this to an iphone, but i connect it in that video and i show you a lot of those limitations and explain it further, so my name is cj. This is cj unplugged thanks for watching this is your smartwatch guru. I got another video coming up on this thing, uh real soon, so more galaxy watch three content. Coming for all my smart watch lovers out there peace, you can do it like friday, Music. I see the hate they don’t wan na see me win the puzzles.