This time we got the galaxy watch three. You know i’ve been wanting to cop this for a while. Now you know this: video is gon na, be biased, in my opinion, because first i have never had a smart watch before this is literally my first smart watch. So you know uh it’s, not a review review, but you know my opinion using it. So far, for two weeks now and honestly, we’re – not experts here in this on this geek stuff in youtube channel, but hey we’re gon na try at least bringing some new stuff instead of jordan’s bringing some more content different stuff. This is what neutral is all about neutral stuff, but anyways uh follow my instagram right here and then please, please like and share and click the notification bell on this video. Please guys we appreciate it comment haters anything. We appreciate all the feedback. We love this stuff. You know we do this for the fun of it. You know we do this for the neutral fam. You know, and this is only gon na grow, guys it’s only gon na grow corny yet but we’re gon na go all right, guys, let’s get to the view. Now, Music, so here it is guys the galaxy watch. 3 titanium edition looks really. Nice looks really nice. You know, and i don’t know in the camera if it makes it does it justice, but in my opinion, in person it looks really really really sexy.

In my opinion, you know so this one cost me about 641 us dollars i’m, not really sure for help like uk or anything. But you know expensive. Watch i’m, not even gon na lie that’s like that’s an expensive watch, but you know i’ve been wanting one for a while now, so why not treat myself? You know. So this is my background. Obviously, 10 26 p.m. Right now, but uh literally. This is what i love about: the samsung watches compared to the apple watches. You know, everybody’s familiar with apple watches. You know it looks the square. Everybody knows that you know you wear your rocket nail, that’s an apple watch, but you know for me, it’s kind of rare to see a samsung watch, but you know i love here in the neutral family. You know we rock a lot of samsung phones and everything. So we’re big on the samsung stuff, you know, but this is what i love about it, just that that twist literally, i swear like that that twist, even when you satisfy me, hear it in person, i’ll make you hurt, but i just love twisting this thing: it’s Fun hold up all the stress and everything all right back, so you have your calendar, you have your alarm spotify, you know, ecg, you have your calories. The minutes you’ve been walking the steps i’ve taken so far today. You know not bad so um right here. The notifications obviously snapchat shout out to the homies.

You know they know what’s up and yep right here you have the phone call spotify. Obviously you have more settings here so obviously there’s different uh samsung watches. You know how you have the fitness one i’m, not really sure i’m guessing. That was more aim at fitness people, but this one is is is still good for uh i’m guessing if you’re a fitness person, you know it has your exercising and stuff other workout. The treadmill cycling hiking, you see the gps and right there, the heart rate, when you start using this so it’s good. You know for working out. Obviously this is waterproof, so swimming and really really nice watch chicago right here. The weather Music looks really nice. So honestly, i really love this. This watch not bad, not bad, and also one thing i forgot to mention i forgot to mention, is when you order this, when you order this uh the watch, when you order the watch um, it comes with the galaxy buds, butts life i’m, not sure they stopped. The deal, but i got them, you know for free data for free some sexy, some sexy earphones, the bean shape. Obviously you know so you know if you’re thinking about getting one, you can go with the other one which is the normal wristband. I think, but you know i went with the titanium because you know i fell in love with it, but let’s let’s hit up the homie right now.

Let’S call her so let’s see what’s how she doing over there. So are we gon na call her right now? I think she’s at work right now, but let’s test out the sound Music uh Music, perfect quality, good audio hello. What are you doing? Music, oh anyway, so i’m, just calling right now because you’re on youtube. Obviously, i think you already know i’m gon na do it tomorrow, but you’re gon na work much i’m not going to do it right now. Well, i don’t know i’m, just calling okay shout out to the homie cali, some california vibes. Oh my god! Oh you wait! You know on the watch, but you know say something i don’t know subscribe or something say something: oh, you always buy. Chucky, okay, i’ll text, you, okay, i’ll text, you, okay! Thank you! What i’ll text you? Okay, bye! Thank you! Bye! Oh wow, damn, okay! I’Ll! Thank you, okay. Thank you. Bye love! You bye, bye hi, so we called the homie delicio. You know you know i told her about this, but she works tomorrow. Lame ass, but you know this is really good. Honestly, so let’s let’s hit uh let’s. Send a message. Send a message to uh: okay, listen to my brother, my baby brother, so let’s put and you could put um. I really don’t even use this, but okay with smiley face scent. Okay, i sent that was good, okay. So now the writing. You know i don’t really.

I write on the on the smart watch, it’s kind of a pain in the ass. For me to be honest but um, i guess you can try it so let’s put hi. Oh my yes, okay hi! Here we go let’s put um hola, you know ola. You know we’re bilingual here in the neutral channel, you’re bilingual. You know proud, mexicans, you know, but uh yeah. I think he goes to do the the keyboard yeah there we go. You got the keyboard right there yeah. It is just annoying for me, but i don’t really do it, but but um yeah guys. I really love this watch. You know literally, oh there’s, one cool thing about it too. You can um play some music. You know obviously pretty dope pretty dope. You know i feel like ben 10 in this. If you see ben 10, you know your case, you know what this is means, so we got guava little bubble gum. You know you know: Music, relax, relax, relax, relax, feel high, feel the hype boom that’s it man that’s it man shouts a little bubblegum. You know you know we’re we’re, here supporters lean haters. You know we support this stuff, you know so. Okay, so very low. Okay, Music, but so you can. Obviously you should taste the one okay, so you see the phone okay. So here from the from the phone, you can obviously change the background style. If you want, i don’t know if we can really see that, but you can change the background.

So let’s put the blue one: okay, with uh with little patterns uh. You can see that all, but you can see the little triangles right there. So you know you can change, it obviously change the wallpaper too. You know if you want to change it, so let’s go here. Uh, you know Music. The watch faces right there. You got different ones. You got your classic Music. How does that look pretty cool right? Pretty clean right swag, but you know it looks good. You know, but you know i love this watch, so you know let’s let’s say our goodbyes now you know we have more videos coming up. Hopefully we got uh the new galaxy phone review coming up, because you know your boy already has a drop the phone on accident. So you see that line right there. I dropped on accident, so yeah guys all right so that’s it for the video today guys. Thank you for watching and sorry. This is literally our first smart watch review, who i guess you can say you know we always do the j’s and stuff. So you know thank you guys for watching shout out to the homino for taking your time from work to to answer the call but um you know guys. We appreciate all the love and support you know like always like and subscribe share the video. You know right here, follow my instagram, of course, joseon69 and follow gingerpicture right here. You know and follow the neutral channel, or you already know right here and here so you know i want to end this video on a positive note.

You know last year has been tough for everybody with this pandemic, and you know this year probably has started off bad, for some people are going through stuff. Personally, i am, you, know, personal problems going through some stuff, but you know recently i’ve came across this quote that i cherish and love. This quote, i swear, i love it. The mystery you’re going through through now might be the blessing for for for you later on. You know that’s that’s, a quote that has stuck to me ever since i came across it. The music you’re going through now might be the blessing for you later on and that’s something i guess if you’re going through hard times, you can think remember that quote. Obviously, michael franchezi, former mob boss, i came across this video, so you know subscribe to his youtube channel but anyways. Thank you guys. We love, we love! You guys support you guys.