Well, this one is a little different because two of apples – biggest competitors, samsung and google – are working together on this one. So clearly, expectations are high. So as far as physical design goes not a whole lot has changed here. Youve got that same kind of hybrid mixture of traditional and modern that i am personally not a huge fan of just because it kind of looks like they were trying to go for two looks at the same time and i dont think they really play well together. I am glad that this exists, though, for people who, like this look, and even though im personally not a huge fan of the design, i dont think anybody can argue that this thing isnt well built weve, got the stainless steel metal casing all around buttons, feel nice And clicky and the rotating bezel is still one of the most satisfying tactile experiences in any tech device that ive ever felt and, of course its also got ip68 water and dust resistance. So you can wash your hands or go swimming without anything. To worry about you, dont get a leather strap. This time, though, which seems kind of strange, given that this thing seems to be going for a more traditional look, but the rubber strap that it does come with. Is super soft and pliable very comfortable to wear all day the band switching system is pretty difficult to use, though you just have these pins that you need to push in, and especially, if you have very short nails like i do its pretty rough and its kind Of to the point that i would not want to change these on any kind of regular basis, but overall build quality is great in what you would expect from samsung, and the same goes for the specs as well on this 46 millimeter model that i have here.

The screen is a 450 by 450 circular super amoled display with gorilla, glax dx for a little bit of durability. You can make out individual pixels, depending on how close youre looking at it. But colors contrast and brightness are all great and you can use this in bright, sunlight with no problem. Its also got one and a half gigs of ram with 16 gigabytes of internal storage. So you can download songs and just connect your earbuds directly to the watch and listen to music without having your phone nearby, its powered by the exynos w920 chip, which does a really good job with keeping everything snappy. But you still will get the occasional slowdown here and there. The battery is 361 milliamps and performs pretty well usually ill end the day with around 65 battery left. And if you use the sleep tracking, then you can expect to burn through about another 20 during the night. Normally i charge it twice a day for about 20 minutes each time, while im showering once after my workout in the morning and then once before, bed, and that seems to be enough to keep it going. So i would say comfortably one day: a full use. But two days would be kind of pushing it, and, apart from that, this thing is just packed with sensors, with some of the more notable ones being ecg blood pressure and new to this watch. Body composition. And while all these sensors are pretty cool to just have available to you at all times, i would treat them as more of a just for fun type of thing than as an accurate tool for measurement cause.

They just really arent good enough. For that. I do want to talk a little bit about body composition, though, because it is new to this watch, but i still remember when i was in high school and i was on the wrestling team. They had us measured for body fat, the old fashioned way where basically, they would just take this huge pair of calipers and just pinch you in your folds, and it was such an unpleasant experience that i think its so cool that, even if its not accurate just To be able to get any kind of reading from your smart watch is really cool, so you basically just put your ring and middle finger on the two buttons and then it runs a current through your body, and it can tell the composition of your body based On how well that current travels and from what i can tell it just gets you kind of in the ballpark of what the real number is and then doing. Measurements back to back will often yield different results, so its definitely not reliable, but its just one of those cool little party tricks that you can show people when they ask about the watch. I always find it really funny, though, when companies make a big deal about all these new sensors in their watches, when theyre, just not that reliable, like can you imagine if someone handed you a ruler and said yeah its its about a foot like what would you Do with it like nothing, its useless anyways its fun to play around with, but once the novelty wears off im sure its just gon na be one of those things that you never really mess with again.

What i think is a little more useful, though, is all of the fitness tracking features. So every day you have these hearts to close out that work. Exactly like the circles on apple watches, i think it looks tacky, but i guess they were just trying to avoid any lawsuits and they do do a good job at motivating me to get up and move more often and itll even remind you every now and then To get up and move a little bit if youve been sitting down for too long, which i run into pretty often the automatic workout tracking works, but only really with walking or running. I do a ton of calisthenics in the morning and this really is never able to detect anything. The running tracking was pretty cool, though, because not only does it have gps to track where and how far you went, but it also collects data on more advanced running metrics. So you can see that ive got a couple of things to work on and if you tap any one of them, itll even give you some drills that you can work on to improve on those things again, not really sure how accurate all of this is, but Still very cool nonetheless, and promotes a healthier lifestyle which im all about other than that, though. This, of course also does all of the other smartwatch things like handling notifications, sending quick replies and that sort of thing. But one of the things that i dont really like about this watch for those sort of functions is the circular design.

I just feel like for such a small display. A circle is just not really the ideal shape. It just makes certain things feel really cramped, and you can only really view one or two full lines of text. At the same time, i mean i get why they did it because watches are traditionally circles and if they made a square theyd, probably get sued by apple, but still functionality wise. I think it does leave quite a bit to be desired. Also small complaint, the vibration motors in this watch are kind of unpleasant, like if youve ever played around with an apple watch anytime, you get a notification, you just feel like someones tapping your wrist and its really nice, but with this its quite a bit more aggressive, Like i dont know, if you guys remember these, but when i was a kid, we had these fake packs of gum and you would offer it to people and when they tried to pull a piece out, it would just give them like a little shock. This kind of feels like that, but at five percent intensity, so definitely not painful but still unpleasant anyways. I think if youre an android user who doesnt have a smart watch yet because youve tried them in the past and you dont like them. I dont think this is gon na change your mind. While it is nice, its not really doing anything to change the smartwatch game, but if youre somebody who knows they want a smartwatch and knows they could take advantage of all those features, i say yeah go for it because this is probably the best android smartwatch out There anyways those are my thoughts.

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