The watchforce still has a really polished software, but now benefits from the app ecosystem on googles. Wear os now ive got the bluetooth version of the galaxy watch. 4. theres, also an lte variant, and there are two sizes: samsung also launched the galaxy watch, 4 classic, which comes in better build materials and its got a physical rotating bezel. All links in the description, starting from the basics, the unboxing was fairly quick. You just get the watch and youve got a magnetic charger, so the watch magnetically attaches itself to the charger which you can then hook it up to a usb port. There are no additional sized straps in the box and also theres no screen protector on the display, but its a pretty strong display to begin with, and well talk more about that later, the watch itself. It looks incredible. I personally love circular dials on watches and i think they look very classy and that display is a clear standout. It looks so good. The colors look really nice. Its an amoled screen and ive got the 44 mm dial, so its nice and big. The strap feels amazing on your skin, its soft lightweight, flexible and sweat resistant, and so, when youre moving, the strap doesnt push hard against your skin and because its got that belt, like mechanism for locking it doesnt, come off at all. Even if youre having a rough workout, youll, also notice that theres a bit of gap where the belt bends and if youve got smaller wrists, it may end up looking big but hey.

These are replaceable straps, so you can take any 20mm strap. You know one that bends all the way, and that way your watch is not going to look as big look at that now it looks smaller. The watch 4 is also ip68 water resistant. So you can take this for a swim run out in the rain and definitely not be worried about excessive sweating, ruining your watch. The setup was very smooth you power on the watch and if youve got a galaxy phone, it will simply show up to connect. If youre not on a galaxy phone, then youll have to get the variable app from the play, store and optionally, the samsung health app. The watch 4 probably has one of the best displays ive ever seen its a spacious display with super crisp text and visuals colors. Look, absolutely amazing. The touch is flawless and performance is fast because i dont have the classic, and this is the regular watch for its got a touch, enabled rotating bezel but yeah. The experience of using a physical rotating bezel like on the watch 4 classic, is something else, and youll only get that with that variant. Also, the display is protected, using gorilla, glass, dx plus, which is one of the toughest in the industry for variables so everyday knocks. But thats not going to break this display, but you are going to gather micro scratches over a period of time. The glass will lose its shine so having a layer of film to protect.

It is actually a good idea. The watch for this time brings new features, not seen in previous watches. Of course, you can still pick up calls and make calls you can speak using the watch and even replied notifications from the watch, and then there are various ways to respond. You can doodle your letters, send in voice notes, dictate text or use the inbuilt keyboard. But, as i said, there are new things to talk about. The watchful can now measure body composition like fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body, water, bmr and so on. They do this using a bioactive sensor, and all you have to do is tap measure place your fingers on the buttons and wait for a few seconds and thats it. You get info thats, otherwise very hard to get and track, and you can track all of this. On your s, health app as well, you also get deeper sleep insights as it now captures blood, oxygen levels and snoring patterns. While you sleep that is, if and when you do snore but yeah, you do get all the other data that you did with previous watches. Like you know your rem data, how long were you awake? Your light, sleep information? And how long were you in deep sleep state 4., the device can detect physical activities to track routines and supports more than 90 exercises. You name an exercise and its here in the list and thanks to inbuilt gps. It also maps your running location or your workout area.

So if youre going to samsung health, there you go, it tells you everything, you know your steps and calories burnt and where you were working out and depending on the kind of exercise you pick, you can change the targets that are set. So if its a running exercise, you can set the duration as a target distance as a target or calories point. You can also have auto pause. You can ensure that the screen is always on and you can have an audio guide from within the samsung health app. You can get all historical information and track improvements or deterioration. Uh samsung health app is quite comprehensive. In my opinion, it looks great and it works very intuitively and as long as youre signed in with your samsung account its synced across all your devices as well, and because fitness tends to work better when youve got fitness buddies. Samsung health also has this together tab wherein you can add friends already on samsung health or invite them and work out together, keeping track of whos doing better and talking about new features. The watch for now has rare, os and not tizen os, so you get access to a really rich library of apps that are watch compatible, for example, google maps. So you get turn by turn directions to wherever youre heading, so feed in the destination. Choose your mode of transport and youll get turn by turn directions on your watch display, including the ability to see the complete map or the route.

You also get companion apps automatically. So lets say: ive got to do list which does have aware os compatible companion app, and i can look at all my tasks and, of course, in addition to all that, you do get your usual heart rate, monitor which you can change to either monitor continuously or Every 10 minutes, or only when you wanted to so up to you a word of caution, though all this data thats presented by the sensors in the watch is not supposed to be used for diagnostic measures, theyre good indicators and can be used as baseline to improve Upon but but just take them with a grain of salt, keep that in mind the ui hasnt changed much. You can swipe from left to access notifications swipe from top to access your quick settings and swipe from bottom to access all the apps installed. You can swipe from write to access styles, which you can then customize and reorder basis usage. I love the fact that samsung now puts the music tile automatically upfront when youre listening to music, so its easier for you to play, pause, skip tracks and change volume and by the way you can connect your wireless earphones or headphones directly with the watch and play Songs not having your phone around now, although the internal storage in the watch is 16 gigs, but you get only seven gigs free, so you can just download songs, load them onto your watch.

Connect them to your earphones, leave your phone at home and you can just go for a run and you can listen to music and track your runs just with the watch and your earphones lets also talk about watch faces now. The watch 4 comes with some new ones which are not available on previous generation galaxy watches. Also, if you purchased one in the past, they wont migrate here because well they were built for tizen os, and this is googles, wear os. But having said that, the in built watch faces are amazing, they look great, and some of them are really super useful. For example, this one you can set four complications and, depending on the kind of info that you want to see on your watch, you can set it up that way and, like previous watches, depending on the context, you can put your watch either on bedtime mode, theater Mode or power saving mode and now lets talk about battery and its such a subjective topic, because it can vary so much person to person depending upon their use, so im, just gon na share my stats with you so day, one i had always on display turned On throughout gps was turned on and there was two hours of non stop activity tracking by the watch gave me 30 hours day. Two. I just turned off always on display and i got pretty much 34 hours with one hour of activity tracking and day three, no activity, no aod, but gps was on and i did turn on bedtime mode and i got close to 40 hours and so typically youll Get 24 hours plus a few more extra hours, depending on your use right.

So if you use your watch a lot for accepting phone calls on the speaker, if you have your heart rate, monitor set to continuously monitor your heart rate. If you track a lot of exercise in a given day, all of that is going to drain your battery faster. So you can get typically anywhere between 28 to 36 hours depending on usage, and i think thats pretty good for a smartwatch that offers so much. That has so many sensors working together sure i would have loved to have a couple of days together. But again, charging is not a big deal, so i dont mind overall. I really think that the galaxy watch 4 and the watch 4 classic are the only wear os compatible watches that one should get at this point in time. Of course, if the budget permits i mean there arent any wear os watches that can really compete with these watches. At the moment, the only temporary downside could be that there arent enough third party apps at the watch integrates with at a very deep level, except for maybe strava and samsung health app so but that can all be fixed in time with updates. And hopefully that happens for all of us. Having said that, if youre already a samsung galaxy phone user – and you dont mind using samsung health – which i think is a pretty good app for casual fitness and health enthusiasts, the galaxy watch 4 and the watch 4 classic are a no brainer.

Theyre good.