Welcome back to the channel, i know its been a little while and uh were returning with uh something that weve been really really excited about. From the moment we started hearing the teases its the galaxy watch. Four specifically, this is the galaxy watch for classic, but you guys know these are both official from samsung now and were excited because well, its samsungs return to where os its also a new version of where os we think googles caring about it, and so the two Are partnering up to relaunch android smart watches in a big way? You guys know we love smart watches, so anyways were diving in this is a first look and unboxing of the galaxy watch. 4.. First off quick, shout out to samsung for sending this out. This is a review unit really appreciate that uh tim has the regular watch for so expect. Some coverage there too well both be reviewing these and sharing those thoughts on the new wear os and both versions of the watch so anyway, uh galaxy watch for classic. This is the uh, well, its the classic version. This is the one with the rotating bezel um weve got guides up here were unboxing as im walking through this so uh. This is the one with the physical rotating bezel and uh, even though they all sort of have the same exact, specs um. This is kind of the the higher end of the two, its for sure, the most expensive of the two.

So anyway, you got some guides up here and down here. This is your standard. Samsung watch wireless charger. I i dont believe its fast uh, samsung watches are sort of notorious for being slow chargers, and this just looks like the one thats come with all the watches. So anyway, uh theres that and then here is the watch, so it comes in a couple of colors, black or silver. This is clearly the the black version, also a couple of sizes, 46 millimeter or 42 millimeter. I believe this is the 42 millimeter size and uh. Can you hear that you hear the clicky bezel, so this has the the physical rotating bezel um. The other version of the watch 4, which i dont have here, is sort of the replacement for the old watch. Active 2. You guys remember the watch active 2. My favorite smart watch was this guy right here, so the watch its the replacement for this, its just called the galaxy watch 4. um that comes in 44 and 40 millimeters. As far as pricing goes, the watch four and ill have it somewhere over here. The watch four starts at 249.. This guy the classic starts at 349.. So pricing im actually surprised. Remember the galaxy watch 3, which was last years high end watch from samsung started at 400 for the small one so were 50 bucks lower than that new processor wear os, more ram, more storage. All of that so theyve upgraded everything, and it also has this special new bioactive sensor that tracks all of the health stuff so uh again, this is the the black version.

There is also a silver version. The watch 4 comes in all sorts of different colors. We have interchangeable bands that sort of thing theres a theres, a lot going on here: um ill boot, it up, but just a couple more specs, so uh 1.2 inch on this 42 millimeter version um. That goes for the 40 mil of the watch 4 as well. The bigger versions of each watch have 1.4 inch displays its fully round its amoled, its super high res. In fact, the 46 millimeter version goes up to 450 by 450, so very, very high res for smart watch. Weve got always on displays, which ill show you in a second uh gorilla, grab: gorilla glass, dx on top of course, inside that exynos w920 chip, 1.5 gigabytes of ram 16 gigabytes of internal storage. It does wireless charging, which i mentioned probably fairly. Slow weve got a couple of pushers on each side. Rotating crown wear os one ui watch three, so samsungs, first version outside of its tizen, where os for wearables its got a one ui which is on their phone skinned on top of wear os. So that should be interesting to play with bioactive sensor, which does all sorts of stuff this guy right here. So it does heart rate. It does um blood pressure, monitoring, itll track sleep and snoring, but its sort of a three sensor in one chip in here so optical heart rate, electrical heart and uh bioelectrical impedance analysis.

I mentioned blood pressure. It can detect your inner, regular, heartbeat, irregular heartbeat blood oxygen levels and even calculate your body composition, which is kind of wild bluetooth, 5.0 wi, fi, nfc, gps. All that good stuff, 5 atm water resistance. Also ip68. You kind of uh its kind of got it all. So uh anyway lets lets boot. It up and clean up a little bit. Shall we all right so turning this thing on im guessing its the the red outlined button, that would make the most sense. Should we get a little bit closer lets? Go there we go uh, so the the thing to note here is this is a wear os watch. However, apparently my understanding is that this is going to be set up in the galaxy wearable app, which youve set up all of galaxy galaxy buds. Tizen watches. All of that stuff, so that actually makes a lot of sense. Just youre not setting it up in the wear. Os app is a wear os watch, but its one ui on top. My assumption here is that this is going to be very similar to other samsung watches. It just happens to have wear os, underneath the new wear os and basically thats just giving samsung access to the google play store and all of those apps. And since the ties in place or the tizen app store was always lacking it, it makes a lot of sense whatever we, we still are just happy that, where os 3 is here and theres, some improvements anyway, so uh welcome weve got that.

If i swipe up there, it is galaxy, wearable, app, so uh i just had to find a samsung phone and boot it up so lets. Uh lets see if we can get in. Oh there we go galaxy watch for classic. Yeah lets. Add that now so galaxy wearable and remember – i normally wouldnt – do this, but uh were gon na walk through this process. Just to show you uh everything ill try to speed up where i can. Okay bear a little vibration action going over here. Paired love that were downloading, so oh plugins, here we go lets get the plugins rolling love those thats sarcasm, im sure you could tell okay, send diagnostic data, no link, yes, uh, plugin, sure usage, whatever location, sure were doing a percentage thing lets just set those down. Oh, were making progress fell asleep there for a second uh google, getting google account info so im assuming its gon na. Let me sign in with a google account all right, so you didnt see that, but it asked me which google account i picked one and now were copying and yes well confirm so were copying accounts now this is probably where the sort of where os ish stuff Comes from uh restore what your your watch from a backup uh sure it probably wont find any unless its going to pull from a you know, like a galaxy watch, 3 setup i had, which should be fine, although new operating system.

Well, i have no idea how theyre going to do that sure enough its pulling from a watch active tube sure lets. Just do that were restoring cool, we restored things and boom. It says, youre all set galaxy watch for classic here we go. Uh looks like a slight revamp here to the uh, the galaxy wearable. No, i dont need your tips right now. If you lose it. No definitely dont want to use smart things. Okay, so uh. The watch is starting. Lets set this guy down for a second take. A tour of your watch would love to please: okay, theres watch it. I dont, i dont, think its taking a tour anyway. So, oh here we go swipe down. Things are loading, so maybe were a little slow at the moment. Okay, we swipe down to bring that swipe back up now what we swipe from the bottom to to get into our apps. Oh thats, new okay, so our app drawer is down here at the bottom notifications are over here. I promise this wont be that leggy once things happen. Oh, we tap notifications, okay, that goes back. This takes us back here, whats over here, probably widgets. Oh, were calling them tiles. Okay, thats, good thats, wear os press this to go home, and that is it so, okay, so that thats interesting. So our apps are down here. Oh geez yeah. I dont want to reorder okay, so our apps are down here, thats different, you know well at least different with wear os yeah.

I know my notifications over here i get so in wear os. You know your notifications used to live down here again. This is one ui on top of it, so were customizing a little bit here, but notifications here, thats thats normal for samsung. This swipe down area makes sense um. This is where all yeah no lets not do that. This is where a lot of your shortcuts are for, like wi, fi and theater mode and airplane mode, and all that stuff. Okay, and if i just press this, you can see its doing nothing. But if i swipe over here, we get into tiles. So this is where youre gon na find all of your fun stuff. Okay, what does this button do must be a shortcut, nothing, absolutely nothing. Press and hold. Does anything. Oh there we go that opens samsung pay cool. What, if i press and hold this one? Its probably going to try to power off isnt it its not do that. Okay, so lets go back here so uh, that is the setup process and how it looks now um. Obviously you can long press should be a little long press there we go and that gets us into watch faces and customization another big reason. You know i think samsung made this switch was to well to get access to where oss watches watch faces, while tizen had a decent watch face. Selection and facer was on there and that sort of thing this is a big deal.

Um well play with that. Well, show you all those at some point um, but again this does have like always on display and all that stuff. I know that just went black there uh. Let me put it on the wrist just to show you guys: okay, so 42 millimeter wow. We got that a little tight geez, let your wrist breathe. Okay, there we go okay, so this is the 42 millimeter version, so there it is on wrist. Actually, a really nice uh, a really nice size. The 46 would have been probably too big for my little wrists um that we got a little flex going so not a not a great fit. The watch sits very, very tall and proud kind of like the watch. Three did um and so weve got a gap. I mean i could fit a whole finger under there, not loving that and it doesnt feel like theres a lot of flex here. So the watch bands are a standard size and theyre quick swappable, but you can see from the design theyve kind of made them cut. In so it should be interesting when we put maybe a third party band on here, what that might look like um, but so far yeah. That is, why is that not flexing? I know im just talking through this as we do this, but uh interesting, so uh you can swap them its a 20 millimeter band on this guy, but theres just not much movement there.

Okay, so were gon na have to swap the band right away, because that is not comfortable. It does not look good um so anyway that is uh. I dont know too much more to say until they start really testing. Obviously, those health features and things like that. Um but again, a lot of the stuff is supposed to only work with samsung watches, which is a little bit unfortunate, um first impressions. It feels like a galaxy watch, three sort of um and i didnt love that watch. I thought it was too heavy and not great uh. Looking the battery life was horrible, so cant wait to test this. This feels a little bit lighter. I will say it feels lighter um. I think personally and ive already ordered my own regular watch. Four. I think the watch four is more of my style again. You guys remember. I liked the watch active two, a lot um. It seems like itll. That watch will probably lay a little bit flatter on the wrist and it doesnt. You know im im, not a big user of the uh of the rotating bezel. I just dont really need that physical rotating thing id rather have a rotating crown im trying not to be too critical here. Im just sharing my thoughts, all right so um but well test this guy again. Tim has the regular one, but i ordered the regular watch for and i will have one of those as well, but should be interesting, um to uh, to play with this guy to see whether its very much wear, os or very much samsungs experience.

Uh well find out soon so anyways.