I want to thank you so much for joining my channel today, um and, as you can see, as i have promised, i am coming back to you with the full review of the ganley watch uh. What made this watch special is because i found it on amazon for like around 30 bucks at the time it had like a 30 off discount. Hopefully they um show that again, so that you guys can get it for the same price that i got. I got mine for around like 30 to 35 dollars. I can’t remember exactly but currently on amazon. You can see it’s usually retails for 55, but there is a 5 discount currently, so you can get it for close to 50 and i definitely believe that is a great price for this watch. So again, i’m gon na tell you why i got it. So this is one of the cheapest watches that i saw that had um inbuilt gps, so this watch does have an actual gps inside of it. So you can use this watch instead of, like your phone’s gps, to do a lot of the tracking um and tracking. Your route and things like that so most watches for around this price. They actually have. They actually use your phone’s gps. They don’t really have like gps built into the actual watch. They have. They use your phone’s gps to do all of that. Uh general tracking, so um that’s. What i found unique about this, it also does have an altimeter so that tracks the altitude and then a barometer which tracks the air pressure.

So i thought that was very unique as well, so it has a lot of really cool sensors at this very valuable price. It’S, not a really popular watch, um it’s, actually more popular in like other countries other than the us, so i believe that’s why um it’s? So cheap here, um, so yeah now i’m, just gon na go to the watch i’m gon na just start by talking about the build quality, so the build quality i’d say is about average at best um. I really like the feel of the band that it came with um, but in terms of the actual body of the watch, it does feel very plasticky like it almost like feels like a toy that’s, just like how much plastic is used. Um. The buttons on here are not very clicky, they actually spin around, so it just doesn’t feel firm and it is clicky it just doesn’t like feel firm when you push the buttons and then the buttons like spin around you could just like spin it like that. I do not like that about the buttons in terms of the screen. The screen i’d say is really good. It does get plenty of brightness just regular lcd screen and there is like a slight bezel around the edge of it, but i won’t complain, especially because a lot of the watch faces use like a black background i’m just going to show you a few watch faces. Okay, you got ta swipe, so yeah.

A lot of the watch faces, use a black background, so it will automatically like blend in with the bezel, so that’s nice um uh the sensors on the back and uh. They aren’t like the most comfortable in the world, but they do their job um. I do believe uh. They do a great job, but i’ll get back to that in terms of the uh fitness tracking, so uh yeah. That is the build quality of this watch. Okay, so now i’m going to talk about one of the most important things about this watch, and that is the app that comes with it. So uh this app is called the going fit app and, as you can see, the ui looks really really clean. I like how organized everything is it’s, pretty easy to find everything that you’re looking for so i’m just going to show you this really quickly. This is what it looks like when you track a workout okay. So this is like the workout data being tracked and again this does have gps, so um when you turn on the gps, you’ll be able to see like your route and everything, but this is just the last workout that i track and you see there’s a ton Of data, your altitude level, so you can check like the elevation that you’re at just so many useful things to track, and you do get to track your heart rate data here. You have plenty of charts to do that.

Let me just go back a few days. So you can see what your heart rate is like throughout the day. Um you do have a blood pressure sensor on this watch. I find that very helpful as well, but you do have to like manually do that it does not automatically track your blood pressure um. The sleep tracking, the sleep tracking was actually really good. In my opinion, i really felt that it was pretty accurate. Let me just go to a day where i actually slept so um yeah that’s uh. This is like the sleet data that displays. It shows your deep sleep, your light sleep and your weight time, so i definitely found that to be accurate, based on my sleep schedule, so i thought that was nice, so that’s, basically it in terms of the fitness data on the app everything looks really good. Okay, so now i’m just going to go over to a few settings. Okay, so here just like your system settings um, there is a button to like sync it to google fit, but i will tell you it did not sync at all so um. I did connect it to google fit, but the the data from my watch was not syncing to google fit at all, so it’s pretty much useless. I do prefer google fit over most fitness apps that are paired with these watches, so it did not sync at all. I don’t know if that was just an issue with my watch, but it did not sync at all.

So if you’re wanting compiled compatibility with google sync, just google fit i’m. Sorry just uh pay attention to that. Okay and you can set your goals that’s, just a spot where you can set like your fitness goals. Okay, now now to the device settings, so you can change your watch faces from your app as well. There are way more watch faces on the app than on the actual watch, and then you can create a custom dial as well. Okay, so notifications, notifications were a huge miss for me. So what i don’t like about it is that it tracks, like just so many extra things like on your phone, like literally every notification, that your phone will get for, like certain apps that you have marked it will like, give you a notification so, for example, gmail! So i use gmail and google gmail syncs itself a lot, so it like refreshes because it’s like hard to keep in the background um all the time because it takes so much battery. So every few minutes gmail will like automatically like sync itself every once in a while you’ll see like a notification at the top of your phone telling you that, but the watch would like grab it every single time. It will grab that notification every single time. So it will be like every two minutes, or so i get like a vibration. Um letting me know that just gmail was thinking. It wouldn’t be an actual message.

It was just telling me that gmail was thinking um. I didn’t have like that. So um the notifications, weren’t missed for me, you actu it’s, not really user friendly. You really got ta go into there and choose what you wan na receive notifications for. So yeah you do have a do not disturb mode as well. You have an alarm clock. Um. All of that, the vibration on the watch is actually pretty good. Um didn’t have any troubles missing notifications at all um. The automatically waking was pretty good. You can see okay now it doesn’t want to do it for me, um, but yeah. Overall, the automatic ready to wake was pretty good. Okay it’s, probably because i don’t have it connected to bluetooth now that’s. Why it’s not doing it um the music control? It does not show all the time. Let me see so yeah. It does not show all the time, so i didn’t like that um the camera. You do have like a remote camera option. I never use that, so i can’t really tell you um, so yeah that’s it about the app guys so now i’m, just gon na go over the user interface of the watch um. I do really like the ui and like the basic navigation of everything, but um they’re, just a few software quirks that i don’t like um. I will talk about that later, um, so uh yeah. So now here is just a few of the quick toggles when you swipe down that’s what you get so you have a do not disturb mode.

Here. Are your settings? You get language clock display, you can reset it and then you’re about your device and then you do get a battery saver. You can change the brightness on the screen and you can change the you can lock your device as well, and you also do get your battery, which is nice at the bottom and then the date and time. Okay. So here is your main screen and you can change the watch faces just by holding okay. Swiping up gives you all of your main menu options. So here’s, like your health options, you have your step counter your heart rate. You can track your heart rate from the screen and then your blood pressure. You can check your pressure. Your blood pressure can only be tracked manually um. So here are all of your settings. Okay, here’s your music control option. I do not like the music control a lot, because you can only use this when you go into the app manually, so most other smart devices. When you like play the music on your phone, it will display, like over the top of your home screen uh. You actually have to go into the app to control the music press, your play pause and all of that i don’t like that that’s one of the things i really don’t like about this watch, so you do have a calendar. You have your breathing help. You have your alarm um, you do have your uh sedentary reminder.

You can find your phone option remote capture, so you can use your uh watch as a camera. Shutter here’s, your air pressure altitude compass tools here are all the tools countdown stopwatch compass, calculator, altitude and air pressure again, that’s just for gestures. The motion themes: you could change like the color of this background of your main menu and then whether you have a very comprehensive weather app and that can be tracked in celsius or a fair height, not sure how it changed back to celsius. Okay, so now i’m going to talk about something really important. This is like the biggest downfall for me, the notification systems on this watch so um. I did not like the notification system, mainly because of things like this i’m, so glad this is here so um. You see that sinking, mail notification that will show up hundreds of times in a day and if you do not clear your uh notifications, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom say you have like 200 notifications. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to clear them. You can’t clear them one by one. When you click on them, you can only read them. You cannot clear them one by one. You can only do the delete all button uh so yeah. I really don’t like the uh notification system – it’s, not really user friendly at all. So now, let’s just swipe to the left and you swipe left.

You get your beats per minute. You swipe again! You get your barcode for the going fit app and then here are your other tools, like your altimeter and your barometer, a compass, and then you get your option to view like your status for the day. So you can see your steps, your distance and your calories. First, so yeah that’s about it on the software, okay guys so overall, i definitely think this is a great product, especially for the price um. The build quality is very average for the price um. The software is not the worst in the world, but there just are a few quirks that were pretty inconvenient for me, but there are workarounds for everything it’s, just not the most user friendly. So you will have to create some workarounds, which can take a little more time but it’s not really a deal breaker, so i did see that it did not connect to google fit properly so that’s. Just something to look into that. You need to look over if you use google fit a lot in terms of fitness tracking. I do believe everything is pretty accurate, it’s not going to be 100 accurate because there’s, just no technology today that is going to give you 100 accurate results, um, so yeah, even your apple watches or your samsung watches won’t be 100 accurate, but um. I definitely think this did a good job when i asked it to track something so um yeah.

I will say that again, this does have gps built in it that’s just the major selling point of this, and it does have a lot of cool features. A lot of different cool sensors like your blood pressure sensor and then your altitude sensor, um so yeah.