com. I am going to introduce you with the garmin venue watch that is one of the best gps watch in the market. Before we get start our video details, we include the link in the description below please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon for more update. Let’S start. The video garmin venue is watch with a brilliant display, strong battery life and a full suite of fitness features. The garmin venue is one of the best all round activity trackers, while its app library and touch interface won’t trouble the apple watch. The venue is also a stellar smartwatch for those of a sporting disposition. The garmin venue aims to complete that evolution with the addition of an unmissable, a mold, touchscreen, sharp, vibrant and a first for garmin. The distinctive display tips the venue firmly into smartwatch territory and, as you would expect, it’s backed up by decent battery life and a full complement of fitness features, but with an app library, that’s, still pretty limited and a touch screen that can sometimes feel fiddly design. While this is very much garmin’s answer to the apple watch, it’s, not a huge design, departure from the forerunners and vivoactives of its range it’s, nowhere near as premium as the apple watch in terms of material and looks, it is essentially a refined, more premium version of The vivoactive 4, which it announced simultaneously that’s, not necessarily a bad thing, provided you want a sporty smartwatch that flies under the radar.

It makes less of a style statement than the apple watch, but it’s also subtler than the bold frontage of the sumto7. You could easily wear the loki venue from gym to office without raising eyebrows case measures. 43.2 x, 43.2 x, 12.4, millimeters 5 atm water resistance lightweight at 46.3 grams display. This is the best display garmin has offered on a fitness watch to date. The 1.2 inch 30. Four millimeters touchscreen offers a ‘0 x ‘0 pixel resolution, but the star of the show is the emul technology offering truly vibrant colors and deep blacks akin to those we’ve. Seen on the most recent apple watch releases, it’s a great display, easy to read and super clear sports and activity tracking. This is a garmin smartwatch. After all, so it’s all about sports tracking hit the top physical button and you get a list of sports to scroll through and this list can be customized. There are more than 20 preset activities from running treadmill, indoor and outdoor walking, running cycling, swimming cardio strength, golf skiing, snowboarding and even stand up. Paddle boarding, heart rate accuracy and gps tracking gps performance was solid across runs and cycles, as you would expect from garmin. No complaints there in terms of tracking heart rate, we measured the venue’s wrist based sensor against the polar h 10, widely regarded as the best consumer. Chest strap sleep tracking, as this is designed to be a 24 7 watch. The garmin venue offers sleep tracking while also monitoring sleep stages, respiration rate pulse ox and movement, hydration and body battery.

A new feature added since the vivo active 3 is the hydration logging tool, which makes it easy to add how much water you’re consuming with a single tap better still each activity. You log comes with an estimation of the fluids lost through sweat.