You will find the links to the products in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch till the end of the video to know our final verdict and whether this fitness tracker is worth the Purchase before we get started on the video i’d like to share a joke, why was the farmer arrested at the gym? He was destroying his calves now let’s get started on the video garment enduro overview. The garmin enduro cuts across the garmin 4runner series that focuses on triathletes or regular runners in the garmin finix series that is big on outdoor adventures by bringing something that targets ultra endurance athletes. The battery life that is solar charged is the best feature of the enduro lasting up to 65 days, while on smartwatch mode and 80 hours, while on standard gps mode. If you work out every day and have long training sessions, you might be required to charge it every three to four days. It also stands out with its large size, transfective mip display of 1.4 inches, which is as large as the fenix 6x, the largest fenix model. The other features in the enduro include a barometric altitude sensor, a gyroscope gps, thermometer, heart rate, sensor, blood, oxygen, saturation sensor and a three axis compass. What we liked the battery life is insane. It has a lot of ultra endurance focus features. The huge size stands out. The powerful glass contains a solar charging lens, what we didn’t like it: doesn’t have onboard maps and music expensive the garmin enduro specifications.

As for this table, you can see that the garmin enduro has a wide display with a high resolution and a long battery life. It also is compatible with both ios and android devices – things you should know before. Buying the garmin enduro to begin with the enduro doesn’t include a touch screen feature it also doesn’t come with any on board maps and music garmin enduro features, design and display the translactive mip technology enables one to see and read the contents of the watch in both Bright and dark surroundings, and as much as it doesn’t have a brightness sensor, the display can optimally be illuminated and one can also completely or partly deactivate the background. Illumination the case has a neon yellow accent and crown and bezel, and it comes available in stainless steel or titanium, with a titanium weighing 15 grams less and costs more. Both the stainless steel and titanium models have an ultrafit nylon watch band solar charge battery the power glass of the enduro has a solar charging lens that gives it a battery life of up to 80 hours in gps mode 300 hours in maximum battery mode and 65 Days in smart watch mode pace pro strategy. The pace pro strategy feature keeps you on pace with great adjusted guidance, as you run through a course. It combines your desired speed with route planning and can also orient a time goal for the specified route. This data enables the enduro to adapt the speed to the elevation profile and sections while the default setting enables the speed change to occur according to the distance.

If you know your endurance capability, you can increase your speed in the first or last kilometers fitness and health tracking. This feature measures, health parameters like the breathing and heart rate 24 7, and displays it together with the sleep protocol, analyze, fitness data and daily movement data. All in a daily protocol on the enduro, it can also measure the blood oxygen saturation and analyze the stress load in order to determine the maximum oxygen consumption. Additionally, it has a trail run. Vo2 max feature that estimates your cardiovascular fitness, while you run on a trail by making adjustments based on the terrain conditions that could affect your performance. It also features a step count that analyzes all climbed elevations into floors, climbed in order to compare with the daily goals. You have set extra features. The other features of the enduro include sleep protocol that records oxygen, saturation and heart and breathing rate. It also captures your sleep movements and phases recording of the training where various types of sports are pre installed in the watch, and you can also get other types of sports by downloading. Through the garmin connect iq app. It shows incoming phone calls and text notifications allowing you to accept or reject the call and even send an sms navigation sensors that include an altimeter that elevates data, a 3 axis compass and a barometer to monitor the weather final verdict. Should you get the garmin enduro? This fitness tracker is highly advanced and is meant for gps supported types of sports and competitions.

If your main priority is the battery life and power management – and you can do without the onboard maps and music, then the enduro is the best chance for you. Who is the garmin enduro best suited for it is best suited for ultra endurance athletes, including long course triathletes? Also it is suited for athletes who run very long distances. Are there any alternatives to the garmin enduro? The chorus vertex is a good alternative to the garmin enduro. Is this a fitness tracker you would like to buy? If you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel.