The most recently released garmin enduro versus the phoenix 6x titanium solar, so these sort of compare head to head. This is the titanium version, so we’re just going to look at a hands on. I really just want to show these two devices side by side up close and personal, looking at it with like actual measuring devices, to see what they actually measure out in the real world, but let’s just sort of bounce. Through the specifics. The enduro weighs 52 grams and you’re just looking at the watch, because the bands are going to be different. Obviously that would change the weight. 54 grams on the 6x titanium they’re, both 51 millimeters across they’re rated at something like 15 and a half millimeters in thickness and 26 millimeter uh quick, fit bands. You know the 6x is rated at 21 days or 24. If you get sunlight, the enduro is rated at 50 and 65.. You know you got differences in gps and slight difference in price of 6x originally was 9.50 and now it’s down to 900, which is what the titanium version of the enduro cost so we’re going to look at the size and weight. So if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. Please consider subscribing for more. We are on week, one of woop versus the open, and some interesting results are coming out and we’re doing just the week one it’s. Just on the optical, i mean the heart rate sensor on the wrist.

Then we’re going to look at on the forum we’re looking on the bicep, so we’re going to do one week at a time we’re going to do one open, workout and five other workouts and see how does it stack up, analytically, the accuracy level for the heart Rate to see is whoop really the appropriate device for crossfit to see how accurate or inaccurate it actually is. Turning out to be so let’s look at a hands on of these two watches side by side and come back and talk about some of the features all right. So what do we see here between these two? Obviously they are the same casing: 51 millimeters across 51. Millimeters across obviously this comes with the velcro band. This comes with the regular band um. You know the screen size 1.4 inches. When you look at the one of the things we’re gon na specifically look at is the quality of each of the screens. As far as brightness and colorization they’re pretty much spot on the same can’t tell if you can see it in the video but um everything is very much the same. There let’s just see if we can get to a page that looks somewhat more vibrant they’re, both set to 100 brightness um. I can’t tell much of a significant difference. So when i did the initial review, the enduro comes in at about 65 66 lumens um. Compare that with like a garmin 4runner 245 at 27, lumens or you know the suunto borrow 9 at 32 lumens or the chorus verdicts at 30 or something with around 30.

. So this is 65., this one actually clocks in at 78.79 right in there so it’s, actually about 17 brighter. You can sort of see it in real life when you’re here, so the screens are going to be basically the same you’re, not getting that bluish washed out screen that you got on some of the other phoenix variants, so everything’s the same there. So, even if you look at the same button design um, you can see you know there’s a little bit of nice little feature as far as the button design here same sort of venting on the side looks like the screen. I mean the bezel is just darker. They’Re supposed to both be carbon gray, and this is the carbon gray, phoenix 6x solar, pro or solar titanium, and this is obviously the enduro black and it just seems like it’s, more black, the rivets look more black, the accent colors obviously make it stand out. A little bit darker, but it for sure seems more black. I really like the color of the enduro. So far you can even see on the back um. You know the the circular area for the elevate 2.0 heart rate sensor. Somebody noted, is smaller. Actually, the size of the connectors is is actually the same as it is on all watches, but the width of it is the same on the enduro as it is on the 6x, and this is the 6x titanium. You can see that the backs are exactly the same, the overall layout and feel so everything about the watch is the same.

Obviously, the band is different, but it’s using the same type of spring bars and that’s. One of the unique things about the 6x is it uses spring bars, so you could actually spring pop that out and use another band. That’S 26 millimeters wide. So you can see that the width of the 6x pro solar 16.5 and the width of the enduro 16.5, the weight of just the watch 55 grams. I don’t know i have a screen protector on there, just because i don’t, like the power glass to get scratched 55 grams and the 6x 55 grams isn’t that funny so 54 grams. If i put it just in a slightly different place, 55 grams, so there’s about a one gram, difference for whatever reason, it’s a slight discrepancy on where i put it on the scale, but about a one gram difference. They both have screen protectors so it’s, probably about one and a half gram difference, but that’s screen protection. Now for the primary differences i mean this is just the running um the running profile. So obviously, if you scroll through the pages on one versus the other you’re going to get a different set of fields, the enduro is just going to go straight to the time, whereas it’s going to eventually get to the map. So you’re going to have this sort of pan and zoom map you can hold it down. You can click into greater detail on the area i’m, not sure if being in the house i’m in now, if it’s going to quite pop in on more granulated, you know more granular, but so you can see all of the map details versus here.

You just have the regular old click cycle of screens, so you know that’s the primary difference between the two just to get a visual of it. Oh look at that. Look at that the lag time i pushed the button a few different times so that’s one of the things you got it visually in the actual review itself, the lag time. So you can see here on the music controls. You can just sort of control what’s sawing here you can play whatever’s on your spotify playlist. So those are the primary differences. Let’S talk about what it’s like in real life. Okay. So what do i think in actually, using these watches, we look at the specs. We look and see the thickness a little bit, not like what the manufacturer has on the box. Everything else is basically the same. What do i think a real difference is now. The rating of the battery is totally not accurate if you’re using some of the higher settings. I like to turn the brightness up to 60 percent, which was a conversion to 70 or 80 percent on the enduro because of the dimness or it’s a slightly dimmer than the 6x titanium. I like to set the recording rate to every second and smart instead of smart recording and i like to have pulse ox on at night sleep. So, instead of 50 days on the enduro, i got 16 days now again i work with a suit on so i don’t get much sunlight on the 6x when i tested it a while back on the 6x solar, you know titanium, i got eight and a half Days so again, you’re getting about twice the battery life.

What are you losing on the enduro? You don’t get music, you don’t get maps and you don’t get wi fi. Now what do the maps do the maps if you’re a runner outdoor enthusiast? Obviously, the maps can actually build in those pre loaded features for climb pros. Are you about to hit a significant climb that you got to prepare for? Okay? This is a half mile uphill or a downhill and descent, so you prepare for okay. I got to pick up the pace. Let me keep my legs moving with the downhill. Whatever you know, runners do um. You know in the pace pro sort of tracking your pace over the course of a race based on inclines and declines over the course of a race, so it doesn’t have those in naturally built in unless you pre load them out and that’s what the maps do For the enduro, so if you’re like me in the crossfit community, those things don’t matter as much, although i do think the mapping feature is neat. So what did i think about actually wearing them? Some nuances? The this is a nuanced thing, but when i have a regular band on, i went back so i wore the endura for two weeks and then went back to a 6x titanium band. We saw it’s like a one and a half gram difference in the weight, but when you wear it with a regular rubber band, it all of a sudden feels like i’ve got something sort of sticky and hot.

On my wrist, i have somehow gotten addicted to the enduro band, so much so that i don’t know that i would want to wear the 6x titanium without a velcro band, so i’m like searching amazon high and low to find a velcro band. They don’t exist not at least the beauty and quality of what garmin has come out with so that’s an interesting issue, so it’s the same weight same size, but the 6x feels annoying in some ways with a regular rubber band versus the nylon band. So if you have sort of stayed away from the size of a 6x look at the band, because it might make a difference in how it actually feels on your wrist, the the band actually makes it feel softer. You know what are some of the other things about it. You know the battery life obviously is great. You know the accent colors. You know that slight difference in the blacks. You know the carbon gray is just darker on the enduro. I really like it. I, like the neon accents, i think, that’s great and obviously, if you’re, comparing it for retail price 950 on the 6x titanium solar versus 900 on the enduro titanium, you know 50 bucks difference. So if, if what would what would i do in this situation? Well, i happen to like having music on there. I like having maps on there because there have been times where we’ve been just hiking with my family or you know canoeing or you know, kayaking or whatever, and we can see our trail with the map and it’s.

Not something i use in our base, but it’s nice to have at least with the size of the screen. 1.4 inches um. So i think you know you could save 50 bucks and not get maps um and get like a cooler band. You could pay 50 more and get a band that might feel a little bit more sticky. You have to upgrade and get maps um, you could save 50 bucks and eat, you know and get twice the battery life and, but you know, pay extra 50 bucks and get music so it’s up to you. I personally i’m torn, i think, i’m just going to have to go with a 6x with an enduro band and just stick with it, because i think that’s.