This is a lookback review. Here are my thoughts, Music Applause, Music. You know products are normally reviewed when they are brand brand new, so you’ll get watches like this. That cost hundreds of pounds and people will unbox and they’ll go through how to’s, and that is very valuable, and i love those, but not that many reviews are done after a prolonged period of use. Now this particular garmin fenix 3 is 5 years old, and i want to tell you just how it’s keeping up after 5 years of pretty much daily use, have a look at the video and right at the end i’m, going to tell you how this watch this Specific watch actually potentially saved my life have fun, have a look at this, so this is not a how to review, but rather a celebration of an excellent product that just keeps on going after 60 months of continuous daily use. It just does the job i’ve used. This watch for open water, ocean swimming, kayaking, mountain biking, running marathons, adventure, races, multiple daytime tricks and much much more and it just never fails. The versatility of the watch is fantastic and, throughout the years, have changed the wristbands. Every now and again, this black one is the original garment, strap that it came with it’s still in perfect working condition, you can buy genuine garment replacement straps for about 25 pounds of amazon. There are also cheaper products. These come in about 10 to 15 pounds, depending on where you buy it from every now and again, i’ve had a strap fail, but you know for 10 quid replacement, 15 quid it’s, not the end of the world.

This is currently my go to strap. I really love the dual tone: orange and black, as you can see, it’s about 15 pounds from amazon and it has the clasps that fits the five and the phoenix 6 series. So it is very easy to install on the watch. You don’t have to actually take the screws out, as you do with all the other older straps. What i love about it is that in all the time about the watch, these screws never failed, they’re robust strong. They did the job really well. Now i get bored rather quickly and i’ve enjoyed the ability to change the watch faces whenever i felt like it now. This is a feature on pretty much. Every smart watch out there nowadays just a few clicks into your menu and you can select between digital and analog watch, faces garmin, specific and third party there’s. So many to choose from here are just a few of my favorites. Now watch faces can be downloaded from the garmin connect or the garmin iq app and most of them are free. It’S been great fun to update the watch face every now and again, garmin allows you to choose what widgets you’d like to have on the watch. Quick, easy access, i’ll just cycle through some of my favorites that’s, your daily activity, that’s my abc altimeter barometer and compass. My daily steps, Music, there’s, a compass on its own that’s, the altimeter, and here you can have your gps location great for geocaching, use that all the time and then finally a calendar.

Now you can download widgets and choose exactly the configuration that suits you on your cycle. Alright, so it’s super easy to also access your sport mode and your fitness tracking, and once you get into this menu, you’ll see a host of choices again fully configurable through the goldman connect, app biking, swimming rowing, climbing walking, trail running, etc, etc. And then, once you finish your activity, it will update automatically to your garmin connect or your strava account. So all your details are recorded. Music bottom line is that this is a fantastic product. After five years of use, the buttons still feel robust. The casing is still holding up. The watch is still functioning as it should. The operating system is smooth there’s, some scrapes and knox, of course, it’s an adventure companion after all, but this watch is stood the test of time. The battery still charges the way it should. It keeps the charge beautifully. I charge this watch, maybe once every three to four weeks, depending on how often i use the gps and it just keeps on going and going and going no reason for not lost five years more so there you have it right. At the beginning, i said to you that i will share briefly how this particular garmin fenix 3, potentially saved my life. Some years ago i was in downtown sao paulo one of the biggest cities in the southern hemisphere. On arrival, in sao paulo, i logged my coordinates with the people i was staying with, but a few nights later i was in a restaurant, a sushi restaurant and after a great night out, got an uber to take me back to my home, while this uber drove In the wrong direction for about three miles i got out and i was completely completely lost in this mega city – it started raining.

I tried a phone, but my phone had no reception. I had no idea where i was it was so late at night. I was super scared and i didn’t know how to get home well step up the garment, phoenix 3.. I went to the coordinates punched in navigate home and it safely got me home within about an hour to direct me to where my hosts were. Hopefully that never happens to you but that’s, the humble phoenix 3 navigating me to safety anyway. This is the mountain bike rookie.