They do employ pretty similar feature sets, so they can both do the basic tracking that you’d expect notifications, etc. They both have five buttons around the perimeter that you use to operate, but they, as you can see, look very different, so the 5s plus is designed for a slimmer, sleeker, look um, probably better suited for people with smaller wrists. Like myself, the 5x plus is a lot bigger and bulkier, but you do get a lot more with that in terms of battery life it’s twice as long as the 5 s plus, you also get pulse oximetry um data and measurement and it’s got something called pulse Ox acclimation, which is ideal for climbers and hikers, so if you’re a climber or a hiker, this is definitely a watch. That you’ll want to consider so i’m going to give you a closer up. Look at both of these watches in a second but just first in terms of setup um like most garmin, watches, really easy. You download the connect iq app, you pair the watch. It instantly recognizes it and you’re off to the races. Then you can in the app. So this is the app right here, but i’ll give you a closer look in in the video, as well as some close up screenshots. But you can see all the data that you can see pretty clear view and you can adjust this so that you can customize it to your own preference based on which device and what features you have.

So again, these two are pretty similar, but there are some minor differences um not only in look but in a couple of key features, sets that might sway your decision between one or the other. So again, i’ll give you a close up. Look now at the phoenix 5s plus and phoenix 5x plus from garmin, okay, so i’m, going to give you a closer up, look to of the phoenix 5x plus and the phoenix 5s plus so right off the bat. You can see that they look quite different from one another. The 5x plus is fairly large. It’S got some heft to it. It’S got a pretty big face wide band, while the 5s plus is a little bit more dainty i’d say it’s uh, aside from the the white and rose gold color, you can get different finishes for for either of them, but it’s. Also much smaller. The face is uh significantly smaller and it’s, also not as quite as thick and the band is thinner, so that’s, a key difference between these two devices both again were introduced in 2018, so they’re not brand new. The key difference between them is that the 5 x plus measures something called pulse acclimation, which is ideal for checking your spo2 levels when you are going uh at higher elevations, so it’s ideal for hikers and climbers for, for example, the 5x plus also boasts significantly higher Battery life, so it will last for up to 20 days per charge up to about 32 hours, with gps and 13 hours with gps and music, whereas with the 5s plus you’re only going to get about 7 days of battery life 11 hours with gps and 4 And a half with gps and music, so that is another significant difference.

Both of them operate using five function, buttons, so there’s, one, two, three four five and same with the 5s one: two, three four five. So these are the light which turns on the screen. Now you can adjust the watch faces. These are just two different examples, but you can download various watch faces to show whatever data you want from the connect iq store. They are not touch sensitive screens. So sorry there’s the light button there’s up and menu there’s down. This is a function, button for selecting various workouts and other other information and then the back lap button that’s a identical design for the the 5s plus, and so they can both store music. So you can play music directly from the devices they log, all the things that you typically expect in a smart watch like activity sports, extreme sports as well sleep heart rate. You can also track again sp02 with the 5x plus, but not with the 5s plus and it’s, also super easy to pair both of them, as as i mentioned, and i’ll just give you an idea of how how it works. I’Ll use the x5x plus since it’s got a larger screen. So if i were to want to start a workout, i would press the side button here. There’S two exercises here that i’ve preloaded so walk and cardio. So if i were to go on a walk, i just press this and press it again to start so you can see the gps is on it’s uh it’s it’s been able to acquire a signal, and that means, as i were, to walk it would track my Uh my route, which is really cool for runners, uh, hikers, etc, press it again to stop and again this is the same same way.

You would use the 5s plus. So then you can resume the workout. You can save it resume. It later do lap back to start or discard so i’m, going to select a scar just because this was not a real workout just for demonstrative purposes, so that’s at the very basic level how it works again. Both of these smart watches are pretty great for serious serious activities and sports enthusiasts someone who’s training, for you, know a race or something like that. So the big difference again is the battery life, the size and the look and the feel there are some other minor differences, um and sorry, and also the pulse ox acclimation feature in the 5x plus there are a few other differences. I will uh. You can read the full review on the best buy blog to get more details, and i will just quickly show you what the app looks like um for both devices, which is again the garmin iq app. So this is just uh daily details, for this is the a day that um i had done some workouts, so there’s a walk. I did some cardio workouts, but the main screen. When you go into my day and again, it can be customized to show the data that you want. That’S most important to you. It’Ll show heart rate body battery score again. This is only four compatible devices, stress, intensity, minutes, steps, floors, calories, sleep, respiration, etc, and then it’ll show you a summary of the previous day as well as the last seven days and again you can customize this as you like.

So if you want to get more details about these two smart watches and get some more details about the app and how it all works, you can read my full review on the best buy blog.