Today we are going to do an unboxing of my new garmin fenix 6 pro so i’ve had a garmin fenix 3 hr for about three years and it’s an amazing watch, but i decided with all the running i do and all the workouts i do and then Daily wearing of the watch to go ahead and upgrade, and i decided to go with the phoenix 6, mainly because of the upgraded you can download music onto the watch and then sync your headphones with your watch. So you can actually run without your phone, which is really really cool, so definitely going to try that out, but first we’re going to unbox. It see our first impression of it and play with it a little bit and then we will take it out for a run and we will see how it performs in real life, not just a review, so we will go ahead and open. The box here cut myself all right, so the back of the box shows uh 14 days watch mode 36 hours, gps mode, and this is the 47 millimeter uh case size, so it’s about the same as the phoenix 3 that i have right now. So not a big difference with that, so very nice box, nice display – and that was the one thing that i was really looking forward to with this watch over mine – is the pixel size, because i believe the phoenix 3 was at around is like the upper hundreds Of the pixel size – and this one is at 260.

– so should be a lot better and it’s also supposed to be brighter in the daylight, which is really nice. So we’re going to pull the watch out here, nice little rubber keeper thing, so it doesn’t get damaged. They’Re a lot more careful with it than i’m gon na be, and it comes with a nice rubber strap, which is really nice but i’m, probably going to upgrade it. So this one is actually just a little bit smaller than my phoenix 3, which i thought it was the same size, but i must have miss, read the size, a little bit and it’s actually well. Actually, the case size is a little bit smaller. So this is my phoenix 3 hr and this is the phoenix 6.. So when you line them up, it is just a little bit smaller. But when you line up the screen, the screen is actually the same size which is kind of cool because it it’s not near of a clunky large watch on your wrist, which is really nice. And so the comparison for the thickness is just a little bit thinner, which is really nice too, and it has a better battery. So i’m really excited about that. So we are going to get this powered up and sync to the phone and then go test it out on a run and we’ll see how it performs. We just made it to the trail. We are going to test out the watch and see how it performs.

I did upgrade the band. I have my gray band on it now, and this is what it looks like in the daylight with no light on it, and i do have the really cool rolex face on it right now. So so far, really like it really good battery life, so let’s take it for a run and see how it performs uh Music, oh Music, Applause, Music. So i hope you guys enjoyed that epic scenery footage on the run. I just did a short little mile run. Just to see how the watch would work and perform – and i was really really happy with it – they have a heart rate monitor so, while you’re running it’ll try to keep you in your optimum heart rate range, so it’s actually really cool. So once i got done and the face was really nice, i tried to get it while i was running, but i just really couldn’t, but the face is really nice because it gives you a lot more stats on your face than my old phoenix 3.. So when you get done – and you finish your run – it comes up. It rotates through your time, your distance and it just kind of like keeps rotating through. So then, when you get done, you hit, you can go down and you can hit save and it buzzes says saved one new record because it’s a new watch fastest mile 10 33 a little bit slow.

Just because um i stopped a few times to record and reset my camera, but it shows you a cool little map, um your training, tempo and then your um let’s see. Then it shows you like your your heart rate and stuff like that throughout and then it keeps cycling through until you can clear it out so there’s. The little map shows you the distance and then training effect, your tempo, all that cool stuff performance, so really cool. Watch i really like it and so far i i really enjoy it and it’s. Like i said before, you can download music um pair your headphones to it, so you can run without your phone, which i love. I will definitely be doing that and then you can also track like your maps. It has like topo maps if you are going to go out hiking and you can also download a lot of different apps for like running biking. Trail runs, um, hiking a whole bunch of different things. So i really really suggest that you pick this up. It is a little higher on the price point, but if you’re outdoors and you’re active definitely definitely worth it, so i hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you can take something from it and leave me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the scenery and hashtag outdoors. If you like, the scenery and i’ll be doing a few more of these reviews. Let me know what you would like to see me review and i will see you guys next time.