How are we doing and welcome back to another video? So today i am going to be reviewing my garmin forerunner 45s smartwatch um it’s been a watch that i’ve been wearing quite a while i’ve had it for the last six or seven months and um it’s sort of to be honest, it’s. The watch i wear every day and night and i i really like it and so i’m going to be reviewing it talking about its functions, uh, how comfortable it is all sorts of added extras that you might not know about uh if you don’t already own one. So yeah, if you are new to the channel guys, please make sure you hit that subscribe button. If you enjoyed this video or found it at all useful, please hit the like button and, if there’s anything specifically about the watch that you want to know. Please comment down below all right: let’s get into it: okay, guys so i’m, going to start off by talking about the packaging. Now the garmin comes in a really nice compact, cardboard box. One thing that really frustrates me when you get a product is when there’s loads of excess packaging you’ve got a product. That’S, like this big and you’ve, got loads of plastic and cardboard to get rid of, but no the 4runner comes in a really nice compact, cardboard box, it’s, a really nice sleek design. It’S also got a several of the features of the watch on the side of the box, such as the battery life.

How long the gps will last for things like incident detection, smart notifications, things like that, so really nice. When you open the box inside, you have a charging cable. Now this watch doesn’t come with a wall plug. So if you don’t already have a usb plug, you’ll need to buy one, but you can get them cheaply enough on amazon, so it comes with a plug, and then it also comes with a couple of manuals as well. It comes with a warranty which is obviously really important. You then have a safety booklet which pretty much every technology based thing comes with, and then you also get a quick start guide now. The quick start guide is really important because if you’ve never owned a smart watch before there are lots of different functions on smartwatches now and the garmin forerunner 45s is no different. There are lots of different functions that this watch can can offer, but there are only a small selection of buttons and the last thing you want to do is be playing with all the buttons end up, starting the wrong timer off or or whatever so i’ve read This several times, it’s really useful and it’s a very clear, uh, quick, start manual that will help you get started with your garmin really quickly, so it’s a big thumbs up from me in terms of the comfort and the style of the watch, i will just take It off it is one of the smaller garment watches in terms of the clocks, uh sort of face it.

There are other larger interfaces on some of the garmin watches, but because this is a specific runner’s watch, runners don’t tend to want really big heavy watches. They want something that’s small that can track their runs and obviously, depending on the time of the year and where you live in the climate, you might be wearing long, sleeves, jumpers, gloves and so having something small like this on your wrist is just a lot better Than having a really big thick face, uh, it has nice sort of stretchy rubber, rubber straps to it. I believe you can change these. There are a couple of small screws on the back, but because of the style of this watch, it’s, not something that you’re necessarily going to want to wear to like a nice dinner. So you probably won’t want to change the straps, but no it’s a really comfortable watch. It fits really nicely and regardless of whether you’re you know, maybe a child, whether you’re you’ve got thin wrists or thick wrists. There are a number of different sort of slots on the wrist strap. That means that if you’ve got a really thin thin wrist or if you’ve got a thicker wrist, it will be able to fit to your comfort, so that’s, really nice and again, when it’s, when it’s on my wrist, unlike normal watches that have the the dial on The side, the buttons are small and they’re in a position that, even when you move your wrist around, you don’t get anything digging in which is really nice and obviously, when you’re running and you’re doing lots of exercise it’s important to have something comfortable on your wrist.

So uh yeah, really comfortable, it’s, nice and sleek got a really nice design and it fits really well. So, if you’re watching this review, it might be a case that you are a runner and you’re. Looking for a specific runner’s style of watch and the garmin forerunner might be something that you are interested in, or it might be a case that you’re just looking for a smartwatch in general and you’re, perhaps looking for one that will help you track things like your Calories, your foot, your step, count and stuff like that now i’m, going to break down the watch in sort of two ways: i’m going to look at it from a generic general smartwatch standpoint and then i’ll look more into the fitness side of things afterwards. So what can this watch offer you just as a smart watch, so there are a selection of buttons on the watch when you look at it, you’ve got a light button. So obviously, if you’re out in the evenings and it’s quite dark, you can press that and it lights up now, it’s, not a really bright light, it’s just enough that you can see it and it glows. So in the evening or if you’re you know you’re in bed, for instance and you’re wearing it, you can press it, it doesn’t blind. You you’ve got an up and down watch and that will allow you to flick through the settings. You’Ve got a back watch which basically takes you back to the standard, um interface and then you’ve got a start stopwatch, which is more specific for the timers and, if you’re going on a run, it allows you to track your runs.

Now, if you click on the down setting or the up setting, it depends on either button. It takes you through the health stats. Now the first screen tells you your heart rate and it measures in real time. So as you’re looking at that, it tells you what your heart rate is in the present. It tells you your sort of stress levels. I don’t know how it measures this, but it lets you know whether or not you’re stressed or not. So you can obviously um, depending on your day, i suppose, put certain things in place to lower your stress, and it also tells you your body is like energy level. Okay. So, if you’re having a relaxing day, it would say that you’ve got lots of energy because you’ve not done anything or, if you’re out and about you’re working, maybe whatever it will tell you that you might need a bit more rest, because you’re doing lots of extra Exercise the next function, it says my day and the my day setting tells you the number of steps you’ve done in that at that given time, and it also tells you your calorie count. So i find this really useful because if you’ve got certain dietary requirements or you’re trying to lose weight – or you just want to track those things, your activity levels, it shows you again in real time what your activity levels look like. It has a notification setting. So obviously, if you connect it to your phone, any text, messages or notifications that come through on your phone, you can have them come through on your watch.

It has the weather section. So again, if you’ve connected it to your phone um, it can tell you what the weather’s doing history. If you, if you’re a runner or you do any kind of fitness, it will tell you what what runs and stuff you’ve done within the last seven days and again it has a run specific function because it is a specific runner style watch that tells you what Your life run was the pace the time and so on and again it also then, at the end, has uh access to your diary, so any upcoming events that you’ve got going will come through on the watch, so it has a lot of sim similar settings to Many other smart, watches um, having had an apple watch before i would say that these settings are a lot more simplistic than the apple watch. The apple watch’s interface is obviously touch screen, whereas this one is not so you can’t, you know you could be there to happen all day. You won’t do anything, whereas the apple watch you can flick through. You can open it up. You can pull it down. You’Ve got lots of different things on there, so it really depends on what you’re looking at the watch for this is a nice simple design, it’s smart, and it has a lot of the things that you might be looking for health wise, but it might not be As techy per se as something like the apple watch, now, if you’re a runner or you’re, specifically looking at this f from a fitness standpoint, if you click on the start, stop button, it gives you the options for the fitness side of things.

So the first one that comes up is run. You then have treadmill as you go down. So if you’re in a gym and you’re not outside running you’ve, got treadmill you’ve then got bike, walk cardio in general. So if you’re doing a hit workout for instance and then you’ve got ad, so you can add other options to it as well. Now, once you’ve chosen your option, let’s say you’re going on a cycle ride or a run and you’ve selected that if you click start again, it opens up the the screen for that specific exercise and, if you’re out for a run, you’ll start it. When you just leave your your house or wherever it is you’re going for a run, and it will track a few things, it will track first of all, your gps so connect to the gps, and wherever you run it will track. You um that that’s really useful um. It then on the interface, depending on whether you select kilometers or miles you can choose either or it will tell you how how far you’ve run again in a given time. So if you look at it, it would say: you’ve run so far: 2.5 kilometers, for instance, it will tell you um your pace per kilometer. So if you are an avid runner and you’re wanting to improve the pace of your run, it will tell you what pace. You’Re at so you can speed up or slow down to meet a specific goal, and then it will tell you your time so your running time.

So if you’ve been running for 22 minutes, it will tell you you know: you’ve been running for 22 minutes and it’s a countdown clock, so it’ll tell you how fast you’re running and the time it’s taking you so that’s really useful and again it does the same Thing it will track your calories for that specific, run or cycle. You know your heart rate and all those kind of things, so it tracks everything and it stores it on the phone on the watch. Sorry and then, obviously you can connect to your phone and it transfers everything to your phone, and so you can then look at all of those stats a bit later on. So i have spoken about the comfort the packaging i’ve spoken about the generic and general watch settings i’ve also spoken about this fitness specific settings. What else does this watch come with? Well in terms of the watch itself, there are a whole variety of functions on it. So you can go through and look at the pace of your run and things like that on the watch but i’m not going to go too much into that, because there are loads of extra settings and that is all explained within the garmin sort of guide. But you can check everything on your watch, which i find really useful, but again from my perspective, i bought this or asked for this watch. It was a gift uh, because you can also connect it to your phone and you’ve got the garmin app and you can look at everything on your phone, which is probably easier than the watch.

So let’s say that you’ve gone for a run or you’re trying to track your health, so you want to know how well you’re sleeping at night – or you know what your average heart rate is things like that on the garmin app it has everything recorded now you Do obviously need to connect your watch to your phone via bluetooth and the pairing is pretty seamless it just automatically. Does it um, regardless of whether you turn your watch on or off as soon as you open it up, it connects and if it doesn’t connect, you go into the garmin app and it will automatically then try and search for your watch, which is really useful and Then you can track everything. So, if you’re looking at it from a health standpoint, it will show you what your average heart rate is over a given time. So, if you’re looking at it over a week, for instance, it will tell you what your lowest heart rate is each day, it will tell you what your max heart rate has been. So if you’ve done lots of exercise, it will obviously be higher than if you haven’t um what your stress level’s like, if you’re interested in using this to monitor your sleep as long as you wear it at night. Obviously, it will tell you how well you’re sleeping so, whether or not you’re getting good sleep rem, sleep, light sleep, whether you’re waking up throughout the night, and it tells you over the period of time of the evening, so it tracks when you sleep, when you wake Up and it gives you ideas of what parts of the night you’re sleeping, more deeply um and everything’s on your watch on your phone.

Sorry, if you are using this for runs for cycles for walks, you can look at the activity again on your phone and because it has gps, it will connect to the maps and you’ll be able to look at a map on your phone. Now. The map on the phone, it can be gps based, so you can even look um at the map like in real time and see where you’ve ran and it also which is really useful. It shows you if you’ve got like a let’s say you have a standard run that you normally do. It will show you on the map using like a colored chart, what parts of your run you are slowest at, and what parts of the run your quickest at, which is really useful. If you’re looking to improve your running times or your cycling times, because you can say well, i’m always slower at this point i’m going to actively try and run faster at that specific point in my run, so it is really useful and, like i say it, tracks All sorts of other things as well, such as your heart rate and, and you know your step count which, if you’re looking to just generally improve and um measure your your health it’s, a really really nice function of the watch and because it connects to your phone It’S, a really easy way of managing those things and uh i’ve found it really useful. Okay, everybody so i’ve spoken about a whole variety of different things, um.

But what about the price now, like? I say this was a gift but i’m aware that they range and they are around the 130 to 150 pound mark. You can obviously get more expensive, garmin watches that go up to 200 pounds plus um. I personally think that this watch is really good um. If you’re looking at this watch, regardless of whether you’re an avid runner or you’re just looking for a smart watch, i really really like it. If you want to know what i do with it, i have been using it to track my health, so i look at it from a calorie standpoint, so i can manage what i’m eating. I have recently been using a lot more for sleep, so i can improve my general sleep patterns that i find is really useful and i’m going to be doing some videos soon about sleep and how you can manage your sleep using one of these watches. I obviously do lots of fitness and sport i’ve got loads of home workout stuff in place so that i can use it to track my calories, and obviously i do things like runs and when the sort of the weather and the world opens up a bit more I’Ll be doing mountain biking a bit more, so i can track my mountain biking uh sessions when i, when i’m doing that too um as a general smartwatch, like i said, i’ve had an apple watch in the past and i’ve now got this.

I just i just find this a really smart watch i’m, not comparing it to the apple watch or any of the other smartwatches that are available, but for what this does the comfort of it? The size of the watch it’s a really neat little watch. That has lots of great functions at an affordable price, so um, if you are on an iron about this watch, um and money, is a concern. It is one of the cheaper options for a smart watch. Um it’s a nice little watch, it’s really comfortable, and it does everything that you could possibly want a smartwatch to do. Okay, everybody! So there we have it that is today’s review of the garmin forerunner 45 s. As with all technology. This will probably be out date soon, if not it possibly already. Is that update um, but if you are looking at buying one of these second hand, maybe or if you’re wanting to buy one new, i don’t know if they still do them new. But if you want to, i would definitely recommend buying one, especially if, like me, you’re looking at it from a health standpoint as well as a smartwatch standpoint. If you’re purely looking at this, because you want a bit of tech on your wrist um, it is not, as i don’t want to say, it’s not as techy, because it is as techies as an apple watch um. But an apple watch is a little bit more fun to play with, i would say, because of the interface and the fact that it’s touchscreen this is um a a very robust decent watch that still maintains watch light functions.

You know it’s not a touch screen um, but it still maintains functions so yeah. Oh one thing i will say in terms of waterproofing, because that’s obviously important this isn’t specifically designed for swimming, but there are um uh, garment watches that are so have a little look at the range. If you want one that you specifically contract swims with this isn’t one of those watches, but it is waterproof and um i’ve been wearing it in the bath in the shower. I would happily go swimming with it on um. It has a depth gauge of about 50 meters on it, i believe, um, and it has a pressure gauge on it, but as long as you’re not going scuba diving wearing this thing um, it should be fine. Don’T take my word for that because i don’t want you to jump in the sea with this and it break, but i have been showering with it and going on the bath with it and it’s been absolutely fine, so uh yeah all right. Everybody i’m! Going to end this video here, i hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. As i said at the beginning, if you did please subscribe hit that like button, if you enjoyed it or found this useful comment down below, if you’ve got any specific questions about the watch and i’ll happily get back to you and if you haven’t already, i will Pop a link for my instagram in the account below um in the account below in the description below even uh, go over and follow me over there and also do the same on twitter.

I am now tweeting i’m, one of those twitters so go and uh. Follow me down below and uh yeah. Thank you guys for checking back in with me and i’ll.