I am here at the triathlon world to give an in depth product review of the all new multi sport, gps smartwatch from garmin the forerunner 745 let’s take a deep look into this product Music. This watch is capable of recording all your sports and fitness activities from indoor bike, training to treadmill to running outdoors swimming triathlons, yoga, pilates breath work flow climbs and what not all right? Friends now let’s record an activity, you’re, nice and warmed up, and you want to start your activity. It’S very simple. With just two button clicks, you can start recording choose the activity you wish to do. I have kept run as my favorite activity by pressing the start. Button, the watch will start recording your activity. This is your running watch face. My live track. Feature has started, it is a safety feature wherein my connected contacts will be able to track my progress now suppose you want to see different parameters on the screen like temperature and your running cadence, then long press on the up button go in data screens edit now Here you can choose a layout now, depending upon which activity you’re doing whether intervals or track run, which watch face suits the best for you. You can choose that now. Individual data fields in the layout can also be edited now here i am changing the distance to the outside temperature. There are various fields available at your disposal temperature. Now i want to view my running cadence, so i scroll down and choose cadence.

Similarly, just as we spoke about running riding and swimming, all other types of activities can be recorded on this with their own characteristics. This watch is compatible customizable according to you, based on your needs, your activity and your data. All these data can be accessed from your phone, which can be reviewed by you. At the end of the day, you can do such customizations for any activity which you choose be track, run mtb bike, indoor, full swim, triathlon. You can also add new activities. There are several activities in the 745. You can also choose an activity and set it as favorite. Then it will move right on the top screen of your activity. Triathlons have become hugely popular. These days, it’s a blend of swimming cycling and running. We have the starting point of a race, select the triathlon feature and press the start button of your first leg. The watch is now recording your activity in transition press the button, and the watch will automatically go from your first leg to the second leg of biking. After completing your bike, ride again press the transition button and it will record your bike activity now on to the third leg of your race, the running after completing your run, press the transition button, and now you are a triathlete with the down button. You get instant glance at the widgets. There are many sensors in the watch which measure all your physiological parameters. For example, the vo2 max your last run swim or ride weekly training data, your training status, whether you’re, peaking deteriorating or maintaining the forerunner device, has a wrist based heart rate, monitor it measures your current beats per minute and shows your graph of your heartbeat.

In the last 4 hours another interesting feature you can set up heart rate zones on this watch. If you know your functional threshold power, you can also set up recycling power zones now, depending upon the maximum heart rate, you can set these zones. According to your data, the next feature is your current oxygen saturation in your blood. There is a pulse oximeter at the back. The pulse oximeter level gives you an indication of how well your body is adapting to the activity and the environment. It also measures your body battery. Now, a body battery is an indication of how much battery or juice is left in your body. It calculates based on your sleep, stress and activity data. Your current stress level. The watch will track your heart rate, while you’re inactive, and it will give you a number of what is your stress level. This is very useful abc which is altimeter barometer and compass, gaming, coach, health, stats intensity minutes, my day, respiration, stress, sunrise and sunset weather, and plenty more from here. You can edit this also change the priority of any of the widgets and download from the gaming iq store. Now let’s go to the home screen of my watch now, you’ll be wondering with so many features. How does my watch face? Look like. Let me tell you that the watch face is completely customizable. You can go in settings over here, select watch face and scroll down to select different watch faces.

You can also adjust which parameters you want to be seen on. The watch face like heartbeat steps, done your latest activity, etc. So, music, now the music yeah, it pumps, you right, it pumps you to push harder or it you just get going. Sometimes, when you’re not feeling like to have a workout, so you can connect the device to multiple apps like spotify, amazon, music, apple, music, put your headphones on, connect it with bluetooth and just get going assistance in assistance. Suppose you are stuck somewhere and you want help. Then you can just with the help of a button you can send messages to your near and dear ones, by long pressing on the top left button, you get access to control menu. Now the control menu has many options like do not disturb find my phone. So the watch has sent a signal to my phone over here to find it. This is very beneficial when your phone is in your bag or you don’t know where it is timers stopwatch, lock, keys, assistance, power off. In my opinion, this watch is a technological marvel. It is a blend of science, engineering, technology and sport. Whatever a lifestyle may be, it is sure to make you more active and put structure into your daily routine. I would say this is a watch of the 21st century. There are so many features in such a small case and garmin has kept the price very competitive, go ahead and grab one for you today.

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