Upcoming features are impressive battery lasts a long time, lots and lots of capabilities. Garmin makes some incredible watches in a wide range of prices and capabilities due to several models supporting pilots sailors. This falls somewhere in between, but more toward the more affordable side still expensive, though, while staying very classy and fashionable spend some time to hunt down a matching black and real gold band, and it looks even better now fooled some pros. They didn’t think it was a smart watch very, very happy camper, great watch. The strap does not look so great. With this watch i have already ordered some replacements replaced. My fitbit alta wish the garmin had some stylish band options. I have small wrists and it isn’t massive on me. Although i’d, like smaller, does all the basic functions i wanted just fine. I was looking for a classic looking watch that still had features such as heart rate, sleep, tracker alarms and fitness tracking, such as running or walking. This watch does all of the above and has exceeded my expectations by going beyond those needs, it seamlessly moves. The watch face so you see us and view the widgets without looking on the app it tracks. Water intake steps, body, battery stress levels, the weather and menstrual cycles. All extras that i appreciate the body battery had become so helpful to remind me to slow down. If i’m draining fast over a stressful day, i was surprised all the fitness tracking it can do, including yoga weights, cardio, etc.

It has a button to find your phone, which i misplace often so that has come in handy a lot. You can also set it to receive incoming calls and text messaging, very nice watch. The only con is the battery lasts about four days, which seems to come up quick but otherwise, i’m very happy with this life, a fan of garmin always doing a top notch Music. What a great looking watch i’m glad i went with the lux the style looks great too. I had a hybrid watch before and it’s more useful than i expected to get notifications, but my watch only let me know i got a notification and only limited fitness. I was considering a smart watch, but really like a bit more style. The hr seemed a good compromise while investigating i found the new move was due for a release. So i waited then, once it was available on amazon. I checked the garmin website. It wasn’t available. Still isn’t available, so i bought it through amazon. It beautiful the blue leather will soften over time i’m. Sure the stainless steel and gray watch is gorgeous Music, no buttons, since you don’t need them. The hands are thin but readable. As a watch. It’S perfect smart features set up pretty easy. I installed the app and it easily connected to the watch. The app is really two apps in one half is for the fitness functions and the other is for watch functions, display, alerts, etc.

Once you think of it like that, it makes more sense to me. The display is very readable, not so much in bright sun, but not a deal breaker. It will wake up when you look at it or you get a notification. Double tap also wakes it up by default. It goes to a couple of widgets. You can chose a lot of different widgets pairs. I have steps and a slash date, but it’s easy to change, double tap and it wakes up.